Have you ever thought Google can be a fun place to be? Yes, with Google Gravity, it is possible! For those who need to be made aware of what Google Gravity is, this article will significantly help. In this web experiment, something is different from the traditional Google search engine; if you ask what, each element on the landing page falls to the bottom of the screen.

In this guide post, we will provide you with a clear understanding of Google Gravity. Here, you’ll learn how this so-called ‘gravity’ works, how to access it, and some fun tricks to try. So, let’s begin!

What is Google Gravity?

A fun game or an entertaining trick where everything on Google’s home page – search bar, links, buttons, etc. falls to the bottom of the screen is called Google Gravity. Like Gravity pulls every object toward the earth’s center, Google gravity similarly attracts and pulls every element toward the bottom.

Google Gravity is a feature that looks as if the Gravity is in action. You can play this fun game if you are a smartphone, iOS, or laptop user.

Users using web browsers on their mobiles or laptops can play this fun game.

It was first developed in 2009. Richardo Cabello was the person who developed the Google Gravity trick. Google Gravity can be accessed in many web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Safari, etc.

How does Google Gravity Work?

Google Gravity works with a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. The code is executed when a user tries to access a Google Gravity page. Due to this code, the position and movement of the page elements get manipulated. Hence, the effect of Gravity is achieved.

Under the Google Gravity effect, the elements on the Google Home Page fall downward. One can interact with these elements by dragging and tossing them around the screen.

What is Google Gravity Trick?

Google Gravity Trick is a creative and entertaining way to interact with the Search Engine. This trick is about dragging, spinning, or rotating elements on Google’s home page as if they were under Gravity’s effect. It’s much like a web application controlling Google’s home page. This trick doesn’t have to do anything with the functionality of Google’s search engine.

How do I activate Google Gravity?

Follow the given steps to activate Google Gravity –

  1. Open Google or some alternative JavaScript-enabled desktop web browser.
  2. Go to the ‘Search’ Bar.
  3. Once inside the search bar, type’ Google Gravity’.
  4. Tap on ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’.
  5. You will automatically navigate to the Google Gravity page.
  6. Use the mouse pointer over the white part of the page.
  7. All elements of Google Homepage start falling.

How to do Google Gravity Trick?

It would help to have a web browser with JavaScript code for a Google gravity trick. Open the browser—for example, Google. Go to the search page at google.com. Type Google Gravity and press on the icon that reads “I’m Feeling Lucky.” Make use of the mouse cursor to play with the icons and words. These icons will fall in pieces, creating a fun game.

Does Google Gravity go Underwater?

Google Gravity go Underwater

“Google Underwater” is not an official Google service. It appears to be a playful web experiment or prank where the Google homepage is depicted as if it’s underwater. Elements like the search bar and logo may appear to float or move as if submerged. This is not affiliated with Google and is just a creative online trick for entertainment, with no actual underwater search functionality. It’s important to note that it’s not an official Google product or feature.

How do I get Google Gravity?

Getting a Google Gravity is a simple and quick procedure. It’s just like getting a gravity-defying magic trick.

  • Launch a web browser that you trust. (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  • Your portal to this gravity-defying journey begins with ‘Google Home Page.’
  • Move to the search bar. Don’t search for any information. Instead, type “Google Gravity.”
  • Don’t press the enter key. Locate the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button in place of entry.
  • Press the message that reads – “I’m Feeling Lucky.”
  • And it’s done. In the blink of a digital eye, you’ll get Google Gravity.

How to make Google Zero Gravity?

In Google Zero Gravity, the elements on Google’s home page appear opposite, like in a mirror. These elements will also start falling. To create Google Zero Gravity, follow the given steps –

  • Open the link google.com.
  • Google Home Page opens.
  • Go to the ‘Search Bar’
  • Here, write “Google Zero Gravity.”
  • Tap on “I’m Feeling Lucky”.
  • And it’s done – you have landed on the “Google Zero Gravity” page.

NOTE – Click Google Gravity – elgooG to make Google Zero Gravity.

How to use Google Gravity?

Using the Google Gravity tool is very fun. It’s a simple concept that entertains users. When you enter the Google gravity, the letters and images of the Google logo fall off the screen. These elements loosely remain at the bottom.

If you want to use the search bar, take it up with the mouse pointer. It’s also possible to explore all the different pages on Google by clicking on the links attached to the top of the page.

Does Google Gravity feel Lucky?

You can feel lucky when using the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on Google to activate Google Gravity. Getting this playful and gravity-defying Google trick is feeling lucky!

“I’m Feeling Lucky” is a button that, when clicked, takes you directly to the first search result without displaying the search results page. It’s essentially a shortcut for quickly accessing what Google thinks is the most relevant result for your search query.

How to make Google Fall Gravity?

You can make Google Fall Gravity with complex coding. , use a search bar to create an HTML document. You can style it with the help of CSS. Next, use JavaScript code to manipulate every element on the home page. The next step is to apply a downward animation so the elements on the Google Home Page fall upon user interaction. Make the animation trigger only when users click or interact with the home page. And it’s done!

How to make Google Gravity Effect?

You can make the Google Gravity Effect with the help of JavaScript. Below, we have mentioned some of the steps for the same –

  • Create an HTML webpage like Google’s homepage.
  • Insert a ‘Search Bar’ in this HTML webpage.
  • Use Cascading Style Sheet for styling elements and flipping Google’s home page upside down.
  • For triggering a gravity-like animation, use JavaScript.
  • Before finalizing, test the Google Gravity Effect page in a web browser.
  • Click anywhere on the white area to see if elements fall.

How to play Google Gravity?

You can play Google Gravity with a smartphone as well as a PC. Playing Google Gravity in a web browser is simple, regardless of your OS. Users need not download anything to access Google Gravity.

Just use the mouse to click and interact with Google’s falling elements. Take an element and drag it around. Throw them up and down. When these elements react to your actions, you will have fun. Also, when the search bar (or other elements on the Google page) hits the ground, an animation is created, which is so satisfying to watch!


So, that is all about Google Gravity. You must have known a lot about this unique game/feature. Whether you are a tech enthusiast or a simple user who wants to have some online amusement, try Google Gravity Trick.

Taking about the safety of this Google trick, it is 100% safe to use. No single faulty ads or unwanted content popped up while using Google Gravity. This guide post helped you answer all the mysteries of Google Gravity. Unlock the fun at its full potential.