Stuck in a rut doing mundane things day by day? Maybe it’s time to get geared up and have a little change of pace. No, I’m not talking about changing careers, silly! I’m talking about embarking on a camping adventure and braving the inevitability of the wilderness! Yes, you heard me – wilderness, as in the jungle, forest, the outback, are you ready for it?

Whether you’re pumped up to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of daily routine work or just wanting to up your camping game, you must – and I shall reiterate this – you MUST get ahold of these top 10 coolest camping gadgets that’ll make your adventures epic!

1. Collapsible Cooking Set

Packing is one of the most challenging things about camping. You have to bring the essentials but make sure to fit them in onefunctional backpack.

And if you’re plunging into a 3-day camping trip then cooking food should be the first on your list. Collapsible cooking sets and cups which are made of silicone aren’t only practical but they’re also ultra-lightweight!

2. Cocoon Hammock

A cocoon hammock with a mosquito net is a great way to sleep in the outback. It’s comfortable and fends off those annoying mosquitos or any insects you can think of, ensuring a sound slumber all night long.

I have one of these and I tell you, it’s by far, the best investment I paid for!

3. Fire Starter

What do you do when you’re freezing cold in the wee hours of the night during your camping trip? Start a fire! But starting a fire from scratch using indigenous materials only can hold minor setbacks in times of crisis.

Make sure you bring a fire starter to quickly create that much-needed fire for survival!

4. Heated Sleeping Blanket

This is a really great tool to carry in your upcoming camping adventure. Some heated sleeping blankets only take 30 seconds to heat but give up to 10 hours of warmth.

Sometimes you’ll forget you’re sleeping in the middle of a jungle, a 5-star accommodation with a natural backdrop!

5. Handheld Espresso Maker

What better way to start your morning than waking up to a good coffee while enjoying the breathtaking view of Mother Nature? Handheld Espresso Makers will definitely give you a better camping experience by just adding hot water and ground coffee, and using human abilities to produce good coffee in the outback! This should definitely go into your best camping gear collection!

6. Solar Panel

These are, without a doubt, winners in the camping gear repertoire! You just can’t simply get off the grid during your camping trip without taking that amazing Instagram selfie with a beautiful wilderness backdrop!

7. Inflatable Solar Light

I stayed on an island with no electricity whatsoever and all we used for light when the sun starts to sleep were inflatable solar lights. All we had to do was leave it out in the open during the daytime to charge it and it gave us a dim lighting effect that lasted all night long!

8. Water Filter

We all know that water is life and drinking enough of it is vital when you’re in the outdoors. But how can you quench yourself when there’s not even enough supply of water around you?

This amazing cutting-edge device can make you drink water out of any water body! Now you no longer have to search high and low for that consequential H20. It’s right in your hands!

9. Portable Fire Pit

Whether you want to use this in your patio or in the seam of a vast primeval forest, a portable fire pit should be a camping gear to carry around with. It ensures a quick and easy way to start a fire by using wood or propane, and it keeps Mother Nature safe from forest fires too!

10. Personal Locator Beacon

This is a must-have in the camping division! Also known as “PLB” for short; this makes you breathe a sigh of relief when you’re lost in the thickness of the jungle, not knowing how to call for rescue.

By using your PLB, it sends the monitoring company your exact coordinates and in turn, alerts local authorities for search and rescue. An absolute bang for your buck!