No matter what time of the year it is, camping is an all year round activity that can be enjoyed preferably when the weather is favourable. It is important however, to know the essentials for when you are down and dirty.

It will prove to be beneficial to be well prepared for anything that can happen beforehand to avoid being stuck in an unfortunate situation.

Camping can be fun when you have all the right tools with you. As an outdoor person, the priority lies in having an experience, which is built on maximising the ability to enjoy.

Tents are not just good for going on a camping trip, but for an overnight trip to the beach or if you’re camping out in a music festival. Shelter is an important asset to keep with you especially if you are planning an overnight trip.

Here are five reasons how just a tent can make your camping trip more exciting.

1. Create your own space in the wilderness

If you are heading out alone or on a camping trip with a loved one, you will need a place that is covered from all angles in case you need to change clothes or need limited exposure from the environment.

Solo trips are a great way to get to know yourself better and a tent allows you to enjoy staying up late to read with a nightlight inside your tent, or share an intimate space with a loved one to increase your emotional bonds.

If you’re camping at a beach and you cannot build a fire, having a tent as a cozy space to stay warm. A tent will allow you to explore yourself as well as experience the joy of solitude in the bubble of your tent you can experience.

There are several benefits of camping and you should experience all of them.

2. Weather Shield

Find the right tent to accommodate to the weather you will be expecting at your pre-determined camping site. Always remember to check the weather forecast before heading out so that you’re prepared.

Being stuck with strong winds or foretasted heavy rainfall with nothing to keep things dry in can ruin an otherwise excellent experience with nature.

Make sure when you purchase a suitable tent you put it up in the direction of the wind to avoid an influx of mosquito.

A cool camping tent that is big enough to accommodate every single person will make the experience even more comfortable for the whole family!

3. Camping Essential

A tent is an absolute camping essential, which is necessary have for any camping trip. They have the ability to be used in multiple ways and aspects but most importantly, they have to be able to allow you to have a place to rest and stay comfortable.

Setting up a campsite can be just as exhausting as the other outdoor activities like hiking associated to it. When you are done setting up the tent, campfire to cook food or stay warm, it is very likely the very first thing you want to do when exhausted, is rest! It is important to stay well rested on a camping trip for the arduous exercises one has to go throughout their routine.

Get a tent, which is big enough to accommodate everyone so you can snuggle up and sleep soundly to be healthy and ready for the day ahead.

You should also know how to manage a tent. Other than resting, there are many activities you can do in your tent, such as play board games or cards.

4. Storage

If you get unexpected rain or need space which is covered, a tent will come in handy to store all your extra bags, equipment (technical or otherwise), and other camping essentials.

You can leave baggage in the tents safely so it can stay secured from the weather. No need to worry about it being stolen or receive unexpected visitors from the wilderness, you can just safely conceal it within your tent while you go for a refreshing walk or a more adventurous hike.

Make sure your tent can be camouflaged easily to not attract too much attention from unsavoury visitors. There are many ways you can minimise your storage problem on a camping trip as they help you in selecting the essentials for this trip.

5. Save Money

An excellent way to save money while you are travelling is to make sure you have your tent with you. Save money by not spending on accommodation, and pitch up your tent anywhere on your journey to exploring nature and experiencing living in its roughest and realest way.

While most people plan holidays and spend large sums of money on finding places to stay, the smarter way to travel is to maximise the places you can visit and fully enrich your experience without draining your pocket.

Travel far and travel for long should be the motto. In addition, the way to do that is to make sure you have your accommodation with you at all times! Do not miss the opportunity to immerse in nature because you can never plan to come across a breathtaking view, and feel the urge to set up camp now.

This story definitely inspires us to save money by living in a tent whilst enjoying life to the fullest.


A tent is essential to a great travelling experience if you want the experience to be focused on enjoying building the relationship with nature and want to gain quality of experience and expanding on the quantity of places you visit.

The right tent to build your temporary make shift home will allow you the flexibility to enjoy a multitude of experiences while making sure you stay lighter on the pockets.

A good sturdy, multi-efficient tent will make it easier to plan more travelling in the future, as it is a good one-time investment for your recreational activities.