Have you been dying to take a trip to the UK but worried about costs? Well, it’s possible to have a pleasant time in the UK without spending a fortune.

This is possible only if you can get some handy tips from experts. Britain is a wonderful travel destination with many attractions. Perhaps you have always wanted to see Big Ben or the London Eye.

These 6 tips for planning a budget tour in the UK will help to make your dream come true.

1. Sign up for Regular Updates

Many wonderful websites offer regular updates when you sign up when planning a UK tour. Some of these websites include Holiday Pirates, Hot UK Deals, Groupon, and Secret Escapes.

There’s a high chance to get some amazing discounts that can make your trip more budget-friendlier. Additionally, you can sign up for sites including vouchercode.co.uk, and discount codes.co.uk for some amazing offers.

2. Book in Advance

Booking in advance is a wonderful idea. Regardless of whether it’s a plane ticket or accommodation booking early might turn out cheaper. This is because there’re some discounts available when booking online.

Many companies sell a number of tickets for the cheapest price before demand grows. Therefore, ensure to book your slot before the price increases.

3. Buy A Prepaid SIM card

You’ll need to stay in touch with family, friends, and work colleagues. It’s not a great idea to think that you’ll use your local SIM. This comes with a risk of paying exorbitant charges in roaming fees.

The best idea is to buy a UK prepaid SIM card. By acquiring such a SIM card, you can make sure that you don’t have to spend a large sum on your phone bill.

4. Travel in The Off-season

There’s always a large number of people who travel during the holiday season. This makes everything to be expensive. However, you might spend less when you travel in the off-season.

January to March is cold and wet in the UK. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to save money when you travel to the UK. Flights, buses, hotels, and trains are cheaper during this period than in the summer.

5. Grab Some Last Minute Deals

You can grab some amazing last minute deals on accommodation and other amenities across the UK. Sign up on Holiday Pirates for such amazing deals.

Here you’ll enjoy getting some great trips and hotel accommodation. Additionally, there’s a chance to get some cheap tickets to attraction sites. This will significantly lower your budget for the trip.

6. Be flexible

Keep an open mind to whatever happens around. Perhaps you planned to take the train but a bus is cheaper. There’re various ways to save on costs around the UK.

Therefore, ensure to keep an open mind so that you can make use of some more saving ideas on your trip.

Bottom Line

Taking a trip to the UK will give you a much-needed break from work. It doesn’t mean that you’ll have to save many months’ worth of earnings to save enough for the trip. Ideas such as traveling with a prepaid SIM card will significantly lower your travel budget.