The idea of planning a family vacation is always exciting. If we talk about a middle class man, he gets only a handful of chances to create some indelible memories with his kids and family. But, inspite of this emotional touch, there is a bitter reality to it, which says that planning a family tour is not that easy, as it appears to be. You need to be very cautious at every step – right from deciding the tour destination to finally getting there and making a return to your home. One of the most important that you must be concerned about is ‘saving your money’ from any unnecessary expenses and ‘saving your money’ from the pickpockets.

So, scroll down to know about unique ways to save your hard-earned money –

Save Money to Avoid Extra Expenses

Everyone has a budget and while planning a trip, one must look for some smart ways to avoid any extra expenses –

1. Use Smart Mobile Apps

Combining travel with technology, you can save a lot in your pocket. The travel apps let you locate the top hotels near you, help you with exact route for a place, keep you in touch with all the popular food places and so on. Thus, you save your time and money that would otherwise be used in searching or travelling to places not suitable for a family.

2. Fly When Airfares Are Low

The day you choose to travel has a direct impact on the money spent on travelling. This implies that there are days when the airfares are the lowest, viz. Tuesdays, Wednesday and Saturdays. Hence, flying to your desired destination on these days, can be a great benefit in terms of money.

3. Rent a House

The hotel rooms are very costly these days. Even the 2 or 3 star hotels will cost you huge, during the peak seasons. In such cases, it is ideal to rent a house, i.e. look for a homestay. Homestays are basically the homes of the locals, who provide you a part of their home on rent.

Save Money from Pickpockets

Your family is the biggest asset and you cannot afford any harm during the trip that puts you and your family at risk. If you keep your money protected from the pickpockets, you can make sure that your family is safe and can use that money in case of emergency.

4. Carry Bags with Multiple Hidden Pockets

One of the best ways to protect your money is to hide it. Always choose a bag that has atleast 2 to 3 hidden pockets inside. This way, you can be rest assured that your money is at a safe place. Along with the bags, you can also buy clothes which have hidden pockets. Some of the t-shirts and pants are easily available in the market, which gave secret pockets in them.

5. Look Like A Local

Look like a local, here, means to dress up like the local people, as you would not want to appear like a fat cat tourist, loaded with a good amount of valuables. This will help you stay away from the unnecessary attention.

6. Don’t Carry Expensive Valuables

Although it is difficult, yet it is not impossible. Try not to carry too expensive valuables, like jewelry, expensive video cameras and others. In case, you carry a camera, make sure you strap it around your neck, instead of putting it in your bag.

7. Try to Disguise the Valuables

If you think that your tour would be a waste, if you do not carry your precious gadgets and other tech stuff, you can try to disguise them. Cover or pack your valuables in such a way that it looks very unattractive or less valuable to the pickpocketer, for example, you can carry your laptop or Mac Airbook in a rugged-looking padded envelope.

Ready For The Trip?

Following all these tricks, you can actually save/ protect your money and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Family trips are rarely organized every weekend or every month. So, whenever you get time out from your busy schedule, plan a trip, get some fresh air outside and yes, remember to keep an eye on your pocket. Make sure that the trip doesn’t cost you a lot and see to it that you learn all the techniques to save your money from the filthy minds.

Author Bio:

Shruti Mahour is a travel junkie and a professional travel blogger, with more than six years of commendable experience in writing about travel tips, travel ideas, top destinations and so on. At present, she works as a dedicated blogger for TourBite. She is extremely passionate about spreading awareness among the people who love to travel around the world, with a strict eye on their pocket.