Most of the people like to travel to new places and experience new things, languages, & cultures. Such people have to go through a tough time choosing a destination that offers the kind of experience they are looking for. When you are looking to have a fun-filled holiday with your family members or friends, make sure you have chosen Cambridge as your next holiday destination.

This county town of Cambridgeshire, England is not only known for its renowned University but while you are here, you can explore a number of parks, museums, quirky rituals, historic pubs and lots of other attractions. Sounds interesting? So, allow me to share top 7 fun things you can do while you are in this beautiful county town.

1: University Of Cambridge

Start your itinerary by visiting one of the key attractions of this county, University of Cambridge. Being one of the oldest and the largest universities in the UK, visitors come here from different parts of the world to know more about its rich history, colleges, and university buildings. Founded in 1209, the university has a museum having lots of collections and treasures which certainly gives you a chance to explore the scholarly activities of both the past and present.

Students at the university hail from over 100 different nations. The university is split into 31 independent colleges where the students receive small group teaching sessions also known as “college supervisions”.

2: Cambridge Escape Rooms

If you are looking for something different then this is it. This is the first live escape room in Cambridge. With a team of 2-6 people, you get to play some of the exciting games. Your team will be given 60 minutes to escape a locked room using common sense and logic. These escape rooms are ideal for gamers & enthusiasts, companies, friends & family members, and tourists.

You will surely have an unforgettable experience and it is great for all those who are looking for fun group activity. As far as the intricacy of the games is concerned, then all you need is a basic level of English and numbers. The rooms are reasonably sized and you won’t feel like you are trapped in some enclosed space while playing the games.

3: Flight Studio

If flying an aircraft is one your dreams, then you can turn your dream into reality by visiting Flight Studio in Cambridge. Whether you are looking to build your career in aviation or you just want to enjoy the thrill of flying, a trip to Flight Studio will make all your wishes come true. You will be provided pre-flight briefing and afterward, you will have the control of Boeing 737.

The moment you enter Flight Studio; you leave your ordinary life behind. Once the door is closed, you will be the pilot and will have the charge of the plane. You will be provided cockpit familiarisation sessions along with procedural training in the exact replica of Boeing 737-800. Following are the systems that are simulated –

● Flight Management Computer (FMC)

● Hydraulic System

● Nav, Com, and ADF radios

● Bleed Air System

● Auxiliary Power Unit (APU system)

● Oxygen and pressurisation system

● Mode Control Panel (MCP)

● Electrical System

● Autopilot and Flight Director

You will have the choice of an airport from where you will take off, the time of your flight, the route, weather conditions, and the destination you are flying to. The flight packages vary as per the duration, let us say for 30 minutes you will have to pay £99.00.

4: Clip N Climb

With 20 unique climbing challenges, this place really offers a chance for your kids to indulge in exciting physical activities. It is ideal for the kids aging between 9-12 and teenagers between 13-18 years of age. This place is certainly a must-visit if you are looking for serious fun. The kids will be provided a 90-minute session of climbing 20 unique climbing challenges, but before that the kids are provided half an hour of induction.

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All the climbing challenges are quite easy and the safety of the kids is also ensured. This is one place in Cambridge that has really revolutionised the indoor climbing.

5: Funky Fun House

This is an exciting indoor activity centre for the kids. This is a great place where the kids can be a part of various physical activities while also getting a chance of developing various other skills related to risk taking, social, judgemental, creative, and educational. Various play facilities help in encouraging investigation & exploration skills and also develops knowledge & understanding of the world.

Sports Area, Toddler Play Frame, and Main Play Frame are designed in a way to help the physical development of the kids. Using varied equipment really is a fun way for the kids to develop their movement and space co-ordination. Different levels allow the kids to develop their own pace.

6: Cherry Hinton Hall Park

Situated on Cherry Hinton Road, this is a beautiful house and the park is owned by Cambridge City Council. During summers, this park hosts Cambridge Folk Festival, you also get to enjoy lush green open spaces and there is also a small lake with wildfowl. There is a small area for the kids, a tennis court, and table tennis tables.

7: Market Square

It won’t be wrong to say Cambridge a market city. Make sure you have visited General Market from Monday to Saturday, here you can purchase an extensive range of goods, films, clothes, books, music, fresh food, jewellery, mobile phones & accessories, plants, and second-hand bikes.

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In addition, you will also find lots of local market selling local produce from the local farmer’s, arts & craft market where you can purchase work from some of the talented sculptors, photographers, artists, and potters.

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