We all need a break from our everyday lives and we all have our own ways to cope with that. When you’re on vacation, you can gain a lot more by travelling, exploring, and truly experiencing the places you visit.

But if you’re 420-friendly, that doesn’t have to mean completely giving up on your lifestyle or even compromising it at all. Here are 7 gadgets to use when you’re on-the-go.

1: Weed Grinder

On-the-go or at home, having your best grinder for weed on hand is definitely convenient. They usually come in portable sizes and barely takes space so it’s never a worry where you can slip this in your baggage. There are different kinds of weed grinders out there that may be more convenient for you. Whether you pick electric, or hand cranked, you’ll be sure to be able to roll one with better ease.

2: Travel Cigar Humidor

You need not leave your bomber at home; keep your blunt fresh in a travel cigar humidor when you’re travelling. These come in handy to store your joints as you travel from city to city, experiencing travel in a new way. There are different sizes and different kinds you can choose from that will fit your need and your budget.

3: Pen Pipe

If you want to smoke on the down low, this baby is what you’ll need to slip in your bag. Your bong disguised as a pen. How ingenious! No one really gives a second glance at pens. Put it along with your other pens and pencils and no one would bat an eye. Just make sure you don’t give it out when someone has to borrow a pen!

4: Smoker’s Survival Kit

Just in case the apocalypse happens when you’re travelling, or even if the world will live to see another day, it’s convenient to have this nifty gadget with you. It has a large storage compartment, two one-hitters, and a brass poker for cleaning. This item is water-tight and impact resistant, too. You’re sure to keep your stash safe from virtually anything.

5: Lighter Bro Multi-tool

This one serves as a Swiss-knife and a lighter at the same time. And definitely will come in handy when you’re travelling. I mean a tool kit and a torch? It features a knife, a screwdriver, a bottle opener, a key ring attachment, spring action scissors. It’s also coated with a sleeve of titanium steel.

6: Key-Chain Pipe

Now what’s more portable than a key-chain? You’ll have this pipe on-the-go, literally everywhere you go with this baby attached to your car and house keys. This little metal piece has air pockets to keep the pipe from getting hot. Easy to store, easy to smoke, easy to hide your stash, and easy to clean.

7: “Inhaler” Vaporizer

The perfect disguise, if you ask me. This vaporizer is made to look like an inhaler so no one would question your need to medicate yourself. The Inhaler vaporizer is a rechargeable, portable, bad ass vaporizer with an advanced temperature control system, USB charger, carrying case and a bunch of accessories.