We all dream to travel to our favourite places but there are some amazing hotels in the world where you might want to stay or spend some quality time. These hotels are the most extraordinary and unique hotels in the world where tourist visit just to see them as everyone cannot afford them but the visitors visit at these most beautiful hotels in the world to explore. When you read this article know about these top 10 best hotels in the world you will surely love to visit them.

The world is a cluster of strange and beautiful things and many of them do not come with five-star ratings at all. Here are some of the hotels which you need to see to believe it.

1: Inntel Hotels – Amsterdam

Inntel hotels are a modern successful and friendly hotel groups with hotels in Rotterdam, Zaandam, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. These hotels are very well known for their warmth and professional charisma with the main focus on atmosphere, experience, and high quality.

As a guest, you will definitely get a personal attention and pleasant stay. Inntel hotels provide its clients with the various rooms which have the beautiful and rich interiors at reasonable rates.

They offer the restaurant with adjoining bar and provide an extensive breakfast buffet with a delicious lunch and intimate dinner. Its terrace with water edge is a perfect spot to calm down with a mug of coffee.

2: Faralda Crane Hotels – Amsterdam

Faralda crane hotel is a secret and private hang out and is mainly known by VIP’s, CEO’s and Royals. There is a single entry and which is also monitories. The faralda crane hotel is located on the banks of river Ij and is directly opposite the center of Amsterdam.

It is a secret and hidden place in a sky of Amsterdam and is also nominated for three prestigious European hospitality awards. It is a wide and very beautiful monumental crane comprising of a sky high panoramic lounge and three overgenerous high-end suites in pinnacle of the crane.

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Crane hotel is an enclosed and confidential domain with two elevators which offer access to panoramic Lounge and three spacious and lovely suites in crest of crane.

3: Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort – China

With more than 80 destinations all over the world Sheraton resorts allow you to reboot, renew and get the most to stay with full play, relaxation and lovely experience to gain. Since 1937 Sheraton resorts remain the vanguard of the industry.

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These aim to provide the best in travel and an array of amenities perks and will also create your time with free from stress. It provides restaurants with bar facilities and its foods and beverages will offer to satisfy its clients fully. It also comprises of Sheraton club which let you stay linked in comfort with benefits like complimentary breakfast, all day snack and variety of beverages.

4: Hotels Jested – Czechia

Hotel jested is awarded the Perret prize for its exclusive and unique architecture and also is as symbol of national cultural monument. It offers its customers a unique and relaxed seating in the restaurant above the clouds.

The hotels accommodation is a memorable experience. This is a three star hotel with the total capacity of 1 suite and 12 double rooms with one family room and five double rooms.

5: Sun Cruise Resort – South Korea

Sun cruise resort is a hotel resort and is designed in the image of cruise ship and is build at the top of a large cliff and gives impression that a cruise ship has run aground. It is a hotel with 211 rooms and comprises of six restaurants serving mainly Korean and European food with a rotating bar on the top floor offering its visitors a panoramic vision of horizon.

It also offers a golf range, a fitness club and volleyball court to be visitors. The hotel also has a park which is contiguous to the hotel.

6: Spitbank Forts – Portsmouth

Spitbank is the luxury hotel delimited by spectacular architecture from the fort’s accessible history. Spitbank is one of the three spectacular man-made forts which is build as a line of defense against enemy attack on Solent and Portsmouth.

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It comprises of nine luxury suites and provides itself completely too intimate and private events. It is an island in the middle of Solent, it boosts eight luxuriously furnished bedroom suites and three bars and three restaurants areas with roof top hot pool, firepit, sauna. It is most exclusive venue on south coast and own private island for hire.

7: Free Spirit Spheres – Canada

This hotel is not less than a fantasy as it’s a tree house hotel in a rain forest on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island as you can see them in trees with three large wooden globes hovering about the meters off the ground level.

Each sphere is weighing about a tonne and is carried out by three poly steel ropes to surrounding trees. Inside each sphere visitor will get a basket full of granola bars, bread and pastries with purified water.

There is a nearby pond with blue dragonflies and occasional bench to rest. These free spirit spheres have uses trees a sphere foundation and which reflect our love towards nature and is created with a concept of oneness in mind.

8: The Aurora Express – Alaska

The aurora express is a bed and breakfast in Alaska and is renovated railroad carriages and these are set to become a museum until the Wilson family decided to turn it into a bed and breakfast. It is a mountainside railway with many amazing locations and with rolling stockman handled up hairpin bends.

It offers many unique and delightful accommodations in Alaska and numerous railroad car rooms has been decorated with historical themes and many other cars have restored the romance of trains utilizing well-appointed sleeper cars.

This hotel offers a unique and magnificent chance to see the beauty of Alaska from windows of this luxury hotel which should not be missed at all.

9: Hotels Costa Verde – Portugal

Costa Verde is a vacation adventure tropical wedding or a honeymoon experience above your imagination. It is three miles from Quepos and is an ideal destination for a short stay or for an adventure travel, ecotourism, sports fishing, and surfing. It features three cliff side pools with sundecks and wide space rooms and studios.

All rooms provide balconies with a bird’s eye view. It has been developed, constructed, designed and refined so that visitors can enjoy to its fullest and can feel the brand of tropical luxury. It is very rich in environmental diversity and magnificent landscapes and warm tic hospitality.

10: La Balade Des Gnomes – Durbuy

La balade des gnomes

It is an unusual hotel with many crazy rooms and which guarantees to captivate the imagination and the main motto of the hotel is to make your imagination into reality. The inspiration for every hotel room comes from fairy tales and gives you an impression like a perfect Tim Burton Movie.

There is a Trojan horse a where you can stay in a giant wooden horse. Many other rooms comprise of the Macquarie island room where you can easily stay and which appear to float on water and a real beach with real sand in your room. This suite is totally filled with wooden toadstools and crooked windows.


Visiting a good hotel can also make your trip awesome. The best hotel in the bad place is also something an oasis. The unique quality of these amazing hotels made them a tourists place. These most beautiful hotels in the world can be expensive and everyone can not afford but you can see them as there is no fee for watching and exploring the extraordinary quality.

The way they are made and their beauty made them so popular that they become top 10 best hotels in the world. To know what the name of these hotels is and where they are situated, read this blog. If you ever visited at this list of top 10 hotels in the world then do share your experience with us by commenting below.