A trip to Sri Lanka isn’t just going to get you up and close with a country that was once threatened by a two-year civil war but also a place whose people have been known to depend on rice a staple food since time immemorial. The padded and terraced tea farms are another picturesque sighting that those who have been to this part of the world often talk about back at home.

That is not to mention that the island country located in South East Asia has long been known as a champion in the cricket gaming world. And for a student looking forward to finding a dependable essay helper, crafting something about horse racing in this part of the world would add jest to a must-read composition.

This post will explore things to do in Sri Lanka on a budget, but, before taking a nosedive into the details, let’s take a look at a few preliminaries.

Visiting Sri Lanka on Budget


While there is plenty to see in Sri Lanka’s legislative capital namely Jayewardenepura Kotte, and the largest city, Colombo, the countryside also has plenty to offer, not just for those who are visiting for the first time but also repeat tourists and students on a summer holiday trip. The question is; is it possible to tour the country on a budget and still reap maximum fun and with plenty of memories to take home?

Well, apart from places such as national game reserves and other restricted areas that will force you to cough a little more money when visiting Sri Lanka’s top attraction sites, spending a little less like say $10 or below in a day is very possible. If you have a friend who resides in Colombo for example, he or she could help you work on budget cuts that will leave you with a few backs to save for niceties you can buy before leaving the country such as tea, spices, and rice.

However, for those who do not have links to locals, travel companies would come in handy when budgeting for cheap packages in parts of Sri Lanka you are planning to visit. What more? Well, choosing a cheap means of transport such as a train for long tours or tuk-tuk for short distances is going to help you sustain a budget vacation during your stay in the country.

Awesome Things to Do for Cheap

Sri Lanka village

There are many other reasons to visit Sri Lanka, not to mention a dozen plus other things you can do for cheap once you land in the capital. And even if you be making trips inland, budgeting for cheap stay in the country isn’t going to be overbearing provided you take the tips this post explores hereafter into consideration.

  • Bargain at Pettah Market

Bargaining is part of a business and if you are the kind of a person who fishes out cash without a second thought, a stay in Sri Lanka could prove very costly until you stop by Pettah Market. From shops tucked against each other to people selling in the open, the best deals are found here, and you will be amazed by how you can save on a pricey jewelry.

  • While Away the Day at Viharamahadevi Park

Of what good will be a trip to a foreign land like Sri Lanka if you cannot get a taste of its beautiful landscapes, artifacts, and breathe fresh air in cool places like Viharamahadevi Park, originally known as Victoria Park? From feeling droplets of water fountains on your skin, watching animals at a small zoo, and a picturesque sight of a Buddha statue, how else would you cut on costs?

The part is the largest in Colombo city and stems from a wealth of history that anyone visiting will be yearning to find out.

  • A visit to Adam’s Peak

As you wind your way up the Sri Lanka Pada, otherwise known as Adam’s peak, well-lit manmade staircases will be motivating enough to keep going up to the peak in about two or three hours. It is one of the cheapest places to spend your holiday, exploring the wonders of nature.

  • Tour Galle Fort

Wanting to see as much as possible is every tourist’s wish. At the Southwest coast of Sri Lanka, Galle Fort is not only a domineering tourist attraction site but also rich in history. Today, it is a UNESCO heritage site, and you do not have to spend a lot of money to be here. A trip around Fort Galle’s markets, coffee shops, restaurants, national maritime museum, streets, mosque and fishing villages is not only going to be a rich experience but also worth taking down the memory lane.

In summary, there are lots of awesome things to do in Sri Lanka. Take pictures, visit Hindu temples, eat local food, and tour the countryside at an incredibly low cost. In fact, a student visiting will have plenty to put down on essay paper about summer vacation when school reopens for a new term or semester.