Dreaming of abundant sunshine and warm weather as you give yourself a break? You’ll easily get both in Dubai. And those aren’t all — when it comes to luxurious resorts and other accommodation, the City of Gold is also rich in those.

As such, finding a place to stay for your holiday that fits your budget and other requirements will certainly not be a problem.

However, the problem with having a lot of options laid out before you is that choosing the best one can be a challenge. You need to sit down and compare your options to see which actually wins at providing you the best bang for your budget.

Likewise, you have to take the time to learn what the different provisions truly cover, because services often come in layers and you want to make sure that all those layers have value to you.


For your holiday in Dubai, the logical choice would be to book accommodation at JA Resorts & Hotels. Why? Listed below are the most important factors to consider that will guide you toward this excellent decision.

1. Location

The hotel’s location can make a huge difference in the kind of convenience you want for your stay in Dubai. If you don’t intend to spend all your days at the beach, think about how close the hotel is to the other sights you want to see.

This is important because for a short stay, you don’t want to spend several hours in the car getting from your hotel to the other places you want to explore. Likewise, if you’re on a budget, it would be better to avoid spend so much on transportation because there are better experiences you can use that money for, other than sitting in a car.

2. Rating

This is the tricky part because ratings do not always mean quality of service. In the hospitality industry, it has somehow become all about the number of services, amenities and features provided by the hotel. Often, the difference between a 3-star hotel and a 4-star hotel is simply that the latter has events halls and a gym.

If you wish to learn about the hotel’s quality of service, check the testimonials page or guest reviews on their website.

3. Deals

Discounts and promotional specials are musts if you want to get more out of your getaway budget. If you can get a really good hotel for a much lower price, why not, right?

Take advantage of special provisions such as group offers on accommodation and activities that will allow you to save some money yet still have access to an impressive set of services. Check them out to see which packages include the particular experiences you want for your stay.

4. Full-service Menu

It will always be to your benefit to find a hotel that has a well-designed service menu, especially if you’re holidaying alone. Think about how committed the hotel is to delivering great service to its guests.

Is there Wi-Fi service throughout the property? This is vital for a lot of guests who want to stay connected to their families abroad, or who want to create their own personal tour. Are daily wake-up calls included so you can stick to the schedule you have created for your trip? Is there a currency exchange service to make it easier for you to procure cash to use for your trip?

Look into all these because the services that the hotel provides always have a direct impact on the overall experience.

5. Ways To Make Your Hotel Booking

There are many options for this as well. You can go directly to the hotel’s website (there is a higher success rate with this one since you’re dealing directly with the hotel) or you can use the different booking websites.

If you’re more inclined to use a booking website, do study the terms and conditions before actually booking. Booking mishaps are always a risk with such services and cancellation often proves to be a problem. Make the calls and send the emails to confirm the booking and payment.

There you have it — five important factors to consider when booking a resort hotel in Dubai. With these, you’ll be able to organize your trip better to ensure a pleasant getaway.