India is a country of diverse culture as well as climate. Both of it changes from one state to another. Sometimes it is intolerably hot, and sometimes it is bone-chilling cold. Some of the places have bone-dry weather while some places are dripping wet. Some places are packed with people while some places are remote. The weather in India is hard to predict, but overall, it is incredible.

But touring India could be challenging based on its different weather, language barriers but all it comes with an experience that you will never forget. So, to make your tour a memorable one, let us have a look at some of the essential things that you should pack during your India tour.


1. Luggage

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The choice of luggage that you are planning to bring for your India tour solely depends on your needs. If you are planning to tour the country more on vehicles rather than the foot, the going for a trolley or suitcase will do fine. But if you are planning to explore the cities on foot, then going for backpacks and rucksacks are good choices of luggage for you. Moreover, most of the road in India is not ideal for dragging your trolley as the conditions on most of the streets are dirty and in poor shape. And for sightseeing during the day, carrying a daypack would do fine. Pick a sturdy bag that would be hard to pick by the pickpockets.

2. Valid passport and Visas

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The essential items while visiting any other country is a valid passport and visa. The passport must be at least ten years old which should be valid for at least six months and a valid visa of course.

3. Clothes

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The style of clothes you would be wearing solely depends on the place that you would be visiting. Though most of the people choose to go for the local dress as that will help them much more to adapt with the culture of India, but you can even go for short or jumpsuit shorts if you are in a metropolitan city such as Kolkata, Delhi or Mumbai. If you are planning to visit the smaller cities or the villages, then choose a dress that covers that doesn’t show off much off your skin as those places are still many conservatives towards western outfits.

Moreover, you should choose your dress according to the weather condition of the place that you would be visiting. So, unless you are planning to go to Goa or hitting the nightclubs, avoiding a skimpy dress would be a good choice for you. Carry light jackets and cardigans come handy during the mornings or chilly nights. If you are planning to visit during the monsoon, don’t forget to bring waterproof outerwear. And to brace yourself from the midday sun, bring a fancy shawl. Moreover, you will also need them while during your visit to the religious places.

4. Shoes

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A shoe is another essential thing that you need to pack carefully for your India tour. Though you will get lots of local cheap shoes in the Indian market in a variety of color and designs, they aren’t much sturdy and comfortable mainly for the westerners. So, bringing your comfortable pair of sandals, walking shoes and sneaker would be a wise choice for you. You can also bring a pair of dress shoes for strolling the cities in the evenings. Going barefooted in India must be avoided if you don’t want to get harmed. Bring a pair of flip-flops as a part of beachwear or for casual walks inside your hotel or other places.

5. A Camera

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India is filled with historical places to monuments, Jungles to beaches, snowcapped mountains to teeming cities, name it and India have got it all. India is one of the most photogenic destinations that you could have. Though you bail has your smartphone with yourself which have a decent camera nothing can bring out the detail and quality of photo that is clicked through a DSLR. Don’t forget to pack a mirrorless and interchangeable camera lenses as well as a wide lens and fisheye lenses for getting the perfect shot of the places.

6. Medication

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Medication is a vital part of your packaging list while visiting India. Though you will get medicine with the same ingredients, figuring out the brand names would be difficult. Therefore, bringing your adequate supply of medication is a wise choice. Items such as acetaminophen, better known as paracetamol and sanitary pads would be easy to grab from the Indian medicine store, but if you are looking for tampons, you need to visit the metropolitan cities.

You won’t get them in the smaller cities as the people of India are not yet well aware of it. Also, carry a sanitizer and wet wipes with yourself. And the public toilets of India don’t have toilet papers as people of India prefer using their hand. So, carry your travel toilet papers.

7. Voltage Converter

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If you are planning to use any electronic devices that you have bought from the UK or US, then you should bring a voltage converter and a plug adapter for yourself.

8. Books

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In most of the India places, you will need to wait a lot. So, if you want to avoid waiting for long-long time, then carrying a couple of book with yourself would be a good choice. Be it your favorite novel or a travel guidebook, it will help you to pass the time easily while waiting.

9. Insect repellent

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Indian cities are infested with Dengue, Malaria and other similar diseases. So, if you don’t want to suffer from any, bring your mosquito repellent. The Indian brands are not that effective being compared to the western repellents.