Summer is around the corner and it is the perfect time to escape to a new and amazing destination. During the summers, Europe is one of the sought-after continents to visit and it’s beautiful colorful cities transform into vibrant tourist hotspots.

With a long list of European cities, it is understandably quite an arduous task to decide which one you should visit.

With a rich cultural history, exotic food, and great history, you will surely enjoy an influx of information and get an opportunity to live the adventure of a lifetime.

Are you still wondering as to where should you start? You don’t need to take the pain as I will discuss the top 7 European cities you should definitely visit this summer.

1: Rome

Topping the list is the beautiful capital city of Rome. Millions of tourists, from different parts of the world, visit the city to witness the best of Roman art & architecture. You will not only get to explore the best of artwork, but you also get to enjoy the unique culinary delights of Italy.

You will find some exclusive foods that you will find only in Rome such as – Pizza Bianca, Fritti, Carbonara, Quinto Quarto, and Italian Gelato. Enhance your eating experience by eating at some of the popular restaurants in Rome including – Osteria Bonelli, Farine la Pizza, and Capo Boi.

Make sure you have ditched the map and strolled aimlessly on the romantic streets of Rome. If you are traveling with your beloved, then I am sure you will cherish this experience forever.

rome travel

2: Paris

Securing the second position is Paris, this city needs no introduction. When you are in this beautiful French city, you can literally feel the love in the air. The city has everything for everyone, from swanky restaurants & hotels, an endless list of tourist attractions, lots & lots of shopping malls.

Yes, the fact cannot be denied that the attractions that this beautiful city has to offer should not be missed at any cost, but exploring this city like a local has a charm of its own. Go visit a local family-run restaurant, this is where you get to enjoy authentic French food, purchase wine & cheese from a local market.

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When it comes to food, you will be spoilt for choice. Enjoy French croissant in the morning, have a lovely time tasting varied types of cheese in the lunch, and indulge yourself in some of the world’s best cakes in the evening along with some of the best wines.

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3: London

Everyone wants to come to London. Being a cultural, financial, & fashion capital, every year, millions of tourists visit this captivating city. London has so much to offer to the tourists that you will surely want to come here again and again.

Although fish and chips are a must-have while you are wandering around the streets of London, make sure you have visited one of the many British Pubs as well. Enjoy a steak pie with a glass of ale or go for a British Sunday dinner.

There is something for every age group here – Buckingham Palace, various museums, Borough Market, London Zoo, Coca-Cola London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, Camden Market, Madame Tussauds, Churchill War Rooms, Trafalgar Square, and much more.

4: Budapest

If you ask me one of the coolest cities in the whole of Europe, then my reply will be Budapest. Not many people are aware of the fact that until 1873, Buda and Pest were two different cities where Buda has old & ancient architecture and Pest has a metropolitan look. But, this European city packs in myriad charms making it one of the most visited cities in Europe.

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While you are in Budapest, make sure you have tried custard slice (Hungarian Kremes) and plum dumplings (Hungarian Szilvas Gomboc).

Although both of them are sweet desserts, they have a heavenly taste and quite popular amongst the tourists. In addition, there are so many other attractions to make your visit worthwhile such as – Gellert Hill, St Stephen’s Square, Kossuth Square, and Downtown Budapest.


5: Copenhagen

This capital city of Denmark is popular for its rich history, cobbled streets, and breathtaking architecture. You will see the beautiful smiling faces that add on to the overall charm of the city. The beautiful classic architecture and canals are apposed by the contemporary infrastructure, advanced transit system, and new buildings. The city has so much for the tourists, but Copenhagen is an ideal place for the foodies.

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Start your day with an organic coffee along with a Danish pastry, in the lunch you can have Smorrebrod (open sandwich) and you can enjoy dinner at some of the best Michelin-starred restaurants.

Head over to the city’s colorful neighborhood – Nyhavn. Around the canal, you will find plenty of bars & restaurants.

6: Nice

This is a beautiful capital city of French Riviera and an enchanting seaside city. The city is known to enjoy the Mediterranean climate and its close proximity to Alpes Maritimes makes it perfect to spend your summer holidays here. You can unwind at the picturesque Nicean seaside or you can embark on a hiking adventure around its surrounding mountains.

Since the city is located by the seaside, you get to enjoy the best of seafood. Some of the finest restaurants you can visit here include – Le Grand Café de Turin, La Reserve de Nice, La Baie d’ Amalfi, and La Route du Miam. Cours de Saleya is a beautiful morning and fruit market in the Old Town.

Various other places you can visit here are – Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Palais Lascaris, and Musee de la Castre.

7: Barcelona

This is a perfect city to visit during the summer months. Enjoy strolling, under the beautiful sun, and exploring the outdoor attractions like Gaudi’s Park Guell. Take shelter from the sun at various indoor attractions such as The Cathedral (Pla de la Seu), Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (Placa dels Angels), and Sagrada Familia Church (Carrer de Mallorca).

Enjoy a relaxing time with your friends and family members at some of the gorgeous beaches in Barcelona – La Mar Bella, Playa del Bogatell, La Nova Mar Bella, La Nova Icaria, La Barceloneta.