Summer is the ideal time for travel and relaxing activities. At this time, countries with famous tourist destinations will be the first choice of many tourists. Therefore, the cost of a travel ticket or entertainment activity is higher than normal days.

That how to have saving summer travel is the common question of many people. For self-sufficient travel, most travelers expect to be able to enjoy as many services as possible but still save money.

With the real experience of traveling, we want to share with you all tips to have summer travel at a low cost.

Prepare a specific schedule for a saving trip

The first thing you should do to minimize the unnecessary expenses is to carefully prepare for your trip. As soon as you have the intention of traveling, you should plan for a visa and schedule the most perfect details before you go.

This will help you have a clear plan before the trip to avoid missing famous places or wasting time and money on unnecessary things.

Compare prices between vehicles as well as compare costs between schedules

Comparing prices between transportation and schedules is essential for you to have saving travel. For example, if you plan to travel from one country to another, you should compare the prices of air tickets, trains,…to know the travel time and the price from which to make decisions accordingly.

Or traveling in the city will also have many options such as public transport, travel card, welcome card … You should find out and list them all to know which one is right for you.

In addition, comparing the travel schedule will also save you a lot of money. According to experienced travelers, usually, if they go long (over 7 days), they will learn about 3 different schedules and write down which schedule is the cost-saving and optimal time.


Travel car rental tips

If you need to rent a car, you should travel places near you first and avoid renting cars that day. Normally, having a specific travel car will be more suitable than taking public transport because of the remote terrain, rugged, less populated… You should also consider how to rent a car properly. It is not necessary to rent for all the days you are there.

In addition, you should refer to the rental car on the travel websites carefully to compare whether to book online at that time or not. Typically, in places crowded with tourists during the peak season, it will be difficult to find a car while the price is quite expensive.

Choose a day to visit many free travel destinations

Many museums and tourist places apply the free open policy to tourists on certain days of the week.

You will be free to visit famous places for free. This will save you a quite big amount of money because, on regular days, admission to museums or attractions infamous places is not cheap.

Tips to buy and use travel cards in cities

For tips on saving when traveling, you should note that if you use travel cards in the city, you should find out if the ticket can be applied to travel from the airport to the hotel.

In addition, you should find out whether you should buy tickets in advance or at the airport and learn the opening and closing times of ticket offices.

Flight booking tips

When considering airfares, it is recommended to leave private browsing/incognito mode to avoid the increase of fares after returning to the site. You should also delete all cookies on the browser to limit the ability to identify users of the airline website.

When you constantly look up the price of a certain flight, the website understands that this is a potential customer and it can push the price higher. This must be an extremely necessary saving tip for anyone.

Prepare personal belongings

You should arrange your luggage in a smart way. You only should bring really necessary items for traveling. You need to find out the weather and characteristics of the destination to be able to prepare the most suitable luggage. In addition, if you travel alone, you need to learn more about the things to bring to ensure a fun and safe trip.

Refer to the price when shopping

This is also one of the saving tips for traveling you need to note down. You can be easily overwhelmed by specialties, lovely souvenirs … but you should consult in advance to find the best price and not rush to buy as soon as you find something interesting.

Additionally, you also remember not to buy a lot while the number of luggage is limited. For crowded places, prices are often higher than in other places. Therefore, you should find out the cheap supermarket system as well as the markets that locals often visit. Limit shopping at grocery stores in tourist areas.

Read about the weather before you go

You should find out about the weather when traveling there. Not only is the temperature check, but you should search Facebook groups to ask for accurate information about the weather there. A small umbrella, the compact raincoat will save you unnecessary expenses if suddenly the weather changes.
Pocket tips

  • If you are still a student, bring your student ID card to buy train tickets or bus tickets, maybe some places can also discount student objects.
  • Invite a few more close friends to travel because traveling in groups will have incentives that help reduce costs better than traveling alone.
  • Walk everywhere or go to free entertainment spots to help you experience again for free.
  • Make some snacks at home for traveling on the road to save costs.
  • Talk to your country friends, they will help you know how to avoid expensive travel traps and eat in delicious places, much cheaper than restaurants.

Hopefully, with the above ways to save money when traveling, you can minimize travel expenses and unnecessary services. If you are planning to explore new lands, visit famous places, refer to travel articles to get more useful information.