Everyone travels on trains all the time. Some people travel occasionally while others travel on a daily basis. But no matter the reason most people are looking for ways to upgrade their train tickets and train experience. If that’s the aim then here are some ways to do it:

1. Book your tickets early

How early? The earlier the better honestly. This is because you will be able to get the tickets for a cheaper rate. Ticket prices get racked up to insane amounts for people who book a week or so before traveling.

2. Be on the lookout for ticket up-gradation opportunities

If you find the train compartment empty upon getting on the train then you can indeed ask for an upgrade. You can get a better seat or if the train is empty then a better compartment as well.

If you want to transfer from a second class compartment to a first-class one then you will have to pay some but that’s it. It’s all worth it if you just had a very long and tiring day and want to relax on your way home.

3. Don’t stand near the gates

If you are a daily commuter then make sure that you don’t stand near the gates of the compartment. People will be in a hurry to get down or up and you will be badly jostled.

Also, it’s really annoying if someone is taking up valuable space right where others will be getting up or down. It’s better if you go inside and get a space to stand there. It will be way more comfortable for you.

4. Don’t travel during peak hours

This is very commonly given advice. If you have to commute during peak hours then it’s advisable that you either go after that time slot or before it. Peak hours generally mean when office goers clamber into trains to reach their workplace at the designated time.

During this time the trains will be jam-packed and you will have trouble getting on the train, getting down or even finding a place to stand. Your whole journey will be nothing short of hell. You will find the same crowd during the evening peak hours too. So keep the morning and evening peak hours while commuting in mind.

5. Buy food before getting on the train

There will be plenty of options when it comes to food when you get on the train. But it’s advisable that you get your food and drinks before getting on. This will ensure that you have something to eat with you at all times without waiting to purchase it. Also sometimes this will be cheaper as well.

6. Pack lightly

Avoid taking large luggage if possible. Try to take bags which will fit in the overhead compartment. This will be easier for you to manage and you won’t have to leave your bag at the very end of the carriage especially if there are precious things to look after.

But if you have to carry large luggage then make sure to carry the necessary things in a little bag which will fit in the overhead compartment. This includes things like your medicines, specially packaged water if you need it, sanitizers, small towels and such. The bag should hold things you need in an emergency and what you commonly use. Having a small bag will certainly help you retrieve these better.

7. Roll your clothes

The best way to utilize space in your suitcase and bag is by rolling up your t-shirts. If having neatly folded clothes isn’t a must for you then rolling your clothes will allow you to fit in more in the nooks and crannies which go empty.

8. Don’t get seats near the toilet door

This is another unspoken rule when it comes to trains. You should never book seats near the compartment entrance or the toilet door. You will be constantly bombarded with the noise of people getting out and down and also by people who will need to use the bathroom. This will make it really difficult for you to concentrate on something or to drift off.

9. Carry headphones

If you would like some peace and quiet then it’s always advisable that you bring a pair of headphones with you. In a train compartment, people will talk, play games and generally have fun.

You might not want to hear it all the time. Also, all these noises will not let you sleep or let you get any work done. But headphones will help you focus if you have any work or just let you relax to your favorite beat.

10. Test your space

When you find your seat check to see if the table, seat, electric plugs, and footrest are working or not. This is important so that you can avail of the proper services for which you have paid money.

If your journey is long and if your seat or footrest isn’t working properly then it will be a long and cumbersome journey for you. Also if you have devices to charge and if the plugs aren’t working well then you will be in trouble throughout the journey. So it’s better to change the seat in such cases.

11. Face the direction the train is traveling in

If you are prone to getting sick in a train then one way to avoid it is to face the way your train is going. So when you are booking your seats then try to get those specific seats. Also, you can carry orange peels and keep on smelling them throughout the journey if you are prone to motion sickness.

12. Keep one hand free

This might seem a little sudden to you, but keeping one hand free will allow you to react if something suddenly happens. A train is after all public transportation and anything can happen in it.

So it’s better to be a little prepared for anything in this way. Also having one hand free will allow you to swipe your ticket or open doors more smoothly.

With air tickets becoming cheaper, people don’t travel by trains as much as they used to. But there are people for whom trains are still a major mainstay. If you are one of them then by following these hacks you will be able to travel more comfortably.