North Korea is increasingly becoming a hotspot. Armed with less known “communist theory of forces”, the country has a unique lifestyle and mysterious stories to wrap you up in its raw colors.

The amazing facts about this land would leave your mouth gaping and eyes popped in “Ooos”. These little things would help you to know the land and its people to a deeper level.
So let’s jump into the mysterious caves of North Korea.

1. Contemporary North Korea

The political map of Korea is divided into two parts North Korea and south South Korea. The demarcation of the two countries is sharp and marked by one of the world ‘s strong military forces. The line of defense is well crafted and armed to maintain their status statement.

Unification of two countries is a dream affair and hence are apart from each other in all thorns. Most people think that the country believes in Marxism and Leninism traditional lines of doctrine, entitling it as communist but it has been screwed away and sway off the land in the 1950s already.

Now the Juche ideology is constantly blooming in its far lands. The policy of Juche is a very good method of belief in self-reliance and making the country economically and diplomatically independent from the rest of the world.

It was found and propounded by the founder of the country Kim II Sung. North Korea has been confirmed that the country has unique historical stories where the country was ruled by the brutal people of three generations of the same family in the seventh decades.

2. Wanna a Korean Haircut?

In the lifetime of the people living there must abide by the law of having 28 hairstyles in their lifespan. The unmarried women are spotted by the ones that slay in short hair and the married ones have other options to put together in hair cutting affairs.

It is popularly believed that the males must keep their hair length shorter than 2.5 inches. The senior citizens are relaxed for keeping 2.75 inches of hair length.

3. Free Tax

The solo nation of the world where the citizens are free from taxation of any kind in North Korea. The tax system was wiped off and abolishes in the year of 1974.

Only those citizens who are making money outside the country are not relaxed from it and are legally bound to pay the verified taxation.

4. International isolation and 3 Broadcasting channels tuned

Television programmer if North Korea shows only its homely news, domestic soap operas, and domestic affairs. They are totally and absolutely cut off from the rest world and the international drive.

5. Expert Exporter

The name of North Korea shines on the top list of exporting awesome sea-foodies and goodies. It shares a quarter profit with its neighboring country and its trading partner “China”.

6. Hardcore military grill

The country has another surprising fact of hardcore military services. Both men and women are demanded mandatory and obligatory to serve their motherland as a culture and country tradition.

Many other countries have it too. But North Koreans have lengthiest and longest term of military services. The man is demanded to work for 10 years which was earlier 13 years and now women are too included just after high school and serving till 23.

7. Stories behind Ki Jung dong

The tallest flagpole of the world, till 2010, is one of the best antique pieces for the North and south Koreans almost proved that they are opposite poles as they fought on the contradictory accounts and context of who is louder.

This flagpole known to as Ki jong dong has a unique story hugging it. It hosted the happiness and delights of North Koreans as a loudspeaker. The southerners too responded in all forces of bombarding rock of music. At last, this was resolved at the consent of both sides and peace blossomed.

There’s a peace village at the border of North Korea and South Korea called ki jong . To appraise and show off the halo of their development and the best living of North Koreans, this was done. The village had all the heaven luxuries, posh buildings, fantastic amenities, clean roads, making it a renowned and attractive place to wish for spending life in comforts.

But later, it was investigated and uncovered the secret that the buildings were fake. There were no buildings, no ceilings etc. They were actually boxes and the women had been washing them off for more than 15 years and the police squad patrolling the streets strictly.

8. Arirang festive colors

The Arirang festival is one of the best festivals in the world. Its authenticity and beauty are also counted and recorded in World’s Guinness book. Every year 100,000 people take part. This is the celebration of the leader’s birth anniversary in full pomp and show. It is held in the largest stadium in the world.

9. Prison camps

One of the best possessors of the worst prison camps is North Korea. The people who have committed crimes and political violence of laws are kept in cells surrounded by electric fences all around. Sounds dangerous, right??. Dare not to go against North Korea constitution and rules.

10. Some more of the good notes of North Korea facts:

  • Marijuana is legal in North Korea as it’s not segregated to be illegal and lethal to life.
  • It’s a malnourished country with the poor percentile of healthy children.
  • The consistency of 100% literacy rate
  • Rooms have no electricity at nights and the issue of power cuts is continuously digging deeper.
  • Every family in North Korea tries to grow the best and the most beautiful flowers of Kimilsungia and kimiljongillias which are the hybrids of arched and begonia, in the annual exhibition.
  • This is not the symbolism of North Korea but people do it again and over again every year.
  • No child in North Korea can have the name of the leader. This is a law and people ought to abide this.
  • They recognize Americans as the people who have Big noses.
  • Distribution and viral of pornography are offensive.
  • Women are especially held as sex toys for higher officials and personnel.


We have discussed some surprising facts about North Korea that you may not know. It is always interesting to about who is on the other side of the bomb and has the regime power.

Read these fascinating facts, this will help you to know about this country deeply. After reading this blog tell us your views by commenting below and stay updated with us to know more amazing facts.