“Vacation,” Whenever this term erupts, there a shy smile on everyone’s face, a feeling of internal happiness due to the secretion of the “Happy Hormones”. Everyone wants a break from his (or her) life, whether he or she is a billionaire or a salaried worker.

Life is not a synonym of routine, life means ones will to discover and explore. God has not sent us to just make money and come back; they made us to enjoy being a human for certain years.

Don’t get deviate, come back to the vacation, Do you ever thought what abstains you from a luxury vacation? In most cases, the money will come first in mind, but last on our mouth. 

Yes, it’s understandable that affording a luxury holiday is not easy. But, if your plans are clear, then good things are bound to happen- Unlock the secrets to a luxury vacation with the below-listed tips.

1: Plan yourself

steps to planning a vacation

Most of us become a Muppet of travel agents while choosing for a vacation destination, holiday packages, ticketing, hotel booking, etc. in the era of the internet, you don’t have to go that way, yes before the internet it was understandable, but now there are no reasons to it. Plan your vacation by self or after consulting with your family members and friends.
However, take the recommendations and the advices, but follow your heart.  You will be amazed to know that the guy, who calls himself a travel agent, has put just one or two holiday’s options in front saying “within your budget” on the contrary, the online vacation planning sites has thousands options to choose from. Remember, a travel agent packages are impulsive and the internet ones are not.

2: Opt for Shoulder Months

Visiting, Paris in the month of festivals, the December can be expensive- right from the hotel rooms cost to the other expenses which are bound to occur during your stay.

If money matters! Let money make the final call- opt for shoulder months. Moreover, it is also great to avoid peak time rush, those hassles of getting a room in the town.

3: The internet

planning a family vacation

There are several one-stop vacation sites that offer anything to everything, right from a casual wish to success “a happy vacation”. These sites also offer numerous discounts and deals on holiday packages, better than your local brick and mortar travel agents.

4: Fly Indirectly

For all the money considers, this tip is for you. A direct flight to your destination costs more than a flight with a stopover.

5: Private Rooms are Cheaper than Hotel Rooms


Over the last few years, the concept of private rooms has gained in popularity, and it was advent during the football world cup in Brazil.  You don’t have to run to the destination to book private rooms, the travel sites also cover these ultra luxury rooms at prices lower than the top hotel around. And add to that, these private rooms are more spacious and have all the facilities you need.

6: Never Change Currency At The Airport

You may hundreds of excuses; but, there is none to explain that, why at the time of departure you are exchanging currency?  You know that the price that the money exchanger will offer you is not the best in the market (or even anywhere near to it), but still!

Final Words of Advice

Follow the above tips to make significant savings on your holiday. The choice is yours!

Author Bio:
Janice Cook is a travel blogger who loves to explore new places, cultures, people and food. Janice says, “Travelling and writing about my travel experiences is my passion and I love to add new destinations to my travel book”. She knows to get amazing deals and offers on tour packages which reflect in her articles.