Singapore is a great travel destination thanks to its high level of cleanliness, almost zero crime incidents and insecurity and significantly advanced infrastructure not forgetting the friendly people.

However, some holidaymakers avoid Singapore due to the high costs of living and other reasons.

If you are a business person, the island state offers countless business opportunities, and you should consider exploring the possibility of becoming a Singapore entrepreneur due to the great rewards.

While planning to venture into Singapore, you will need to have your travel documents ready to gain entry into the country.

Here are some top reasons you should have Singapore in your travel bucket list for 2019:

1: Rich and Diverse Culture

The country enjoys a high ranking among the nations with great religion and cultural diversity differentiating it from its neighbouring states.

Singapore boasts of four official languages English, Mandarin, Malay and, Tamil. Also, the nation commemorates many national holidays of the several religions.

The food is as diverse as the cultures, and you stand to enjoy the impressive culinary skills from different backgrounds as well as get to visit various worship places.

2. Entertainment

You should not doubt that you will have no single dull moment during your visit to the Garden City. There are many entertainment places –bars, clubs, restaurants and even garden activities which may not need you to break the bank to enjoy.

Although there are strict rules on sale and consumption of alcohol, you can familiarize yourself with them and have a great time as you sample some of the world’s most celebrated liquors and cocktails.

There are also many fun activities like a visit to the cultural villages, beaches and passing the time in rooftop restaurants and bars enjoying great views and riding on cable cars.

Also for food, there are many hawker centres where you can eat great meals at amazingly low prices.

3. Wildlife Venues and Outdoor Attractions

Two of the greatest outdoors attractions are Gardens by the Bay and Haw Par Villa which are of no close comparison all the world.

Gardens by the Bay is well known for its Super-trees a collection of large metal vertical gardens that are home to a wide variety of species of flora and fauna. It offers an atmosphere of a welcoming, pleasant and futuristic alien setting.

For you to have a time of your lifetime, visit the Garden at night. Haw Par Villa used to be an amusement park. The park is packed with life-sized sculptures and dioramas representing Chinese mythology.

The creators of the park-Haw Brothers-intended the park to be a place where parents can impart lessons on morality to their children through the traditional stories. You also get to see wildlife in the Singapore Zoo, or you take the Night Safari.

4. Great Shopping Experience

You can pick some rare gems to add to your collection while touring the City State. There are some great shopping belts like Orchard Road and Haji Lane where you can find everything and anything ranging from hand-crafted homeware to luxury accessories to fine threads.

You should also check out the flea markets like Public Gardens and Boutiques for an entirely different retail shopping experience from what you are used to in the polished malls.

5. The architecture

Singapore’s architecture is awe-inspiring as it takes the observer through a journey of the evolution of the country from colonial times to what it is a today-a cosmopolitan city.

Some tremendous architectural pieces include Marina Bay Sands, the National Gallery Singapore that is a product of conversion of two-colonial era buildings and the Chinatown shop houses that depicts the rich heritage of the country.

There are also other countless architectural designs thanks to the diverse cultures, religion, and modernisation.


To savour the best of world’s cuisines, have great fun as you enjoy shopping, entertainment, and visiting wildlife centres and outdoor attractions, and get to see some great architectural designs, plan to tour Singapore in 2019.

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