Bringing along the right things can be the difference between a memorable experience and a disaster. Making a list of what to pack for a road trip is certainly a practical way of ensuring that you have everything covered.


It is advisable to carry duffel bags as it is convenient to stack and squeeze soft bags into any car. In case, you are stopping overnight, make sure you have carried one bag along with all the sleep essentials and also the next day clothes, so it is not too bulky. A soft and wheeled suitcase will be of great help. Finally, having a backpack will help you stock snacks.


bring snacks

Speaking of snacks, don’t forget to bring snacks from home, it is cheaper than purchasing them from a gas station. Freezed dried fruit and veggies are the best options and above all, they are lightweight as well. Seeds and nuts will provide you much-needed protein and salt. Mixing your items is much easier in ziplock bags to make your own trail mix.

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In case you will be travelling in an area with less dining options, then make sure you have taken sandwiches along with you. Packing a picnic lunch to enjoy at a roadside park is not a bad idea.

Travel Apps

If you have a smartphone, you will find plenty of travel applications. These apps will help you in finding the best places to eat, places to stay, and the best places to visit as well. Make sure you have installed weather applications so that you can stay updated about the weather conditions. Some of the best travel apps are – citymapper, tripit, skiplagged, chatnbook, and various others.

A Camera


When you are on a road trip, you will come across beaches, mountains, lush green parks. I am sure you want to capture the nature at its best, so make sure you keep a camera with you. If you are travelling with your friends, carrying a camera will give you an opportunity to get snapped along with friends, while you enjoy the gorgeous surroundings. Even if you are not a professional photographer, you can keep a point and shoot camera. If you are keeping a camera, then don’t forget to keep the battery charger or you can even carry spare batteries.

Travel Pillow

Make sure you are carrying a travel pillow, just make sure it is compact so that it won’t take much space. While shopping for a travel pillow, go for the one that can easily expand whenever you need it and also take the shape of a neck/shoulder pillow when necessary.

There are pillows that can offer support to your neck while you are driving. Make sure they are ergonomic and comfortable. Most importantly they should fit your car headrest. It should have soft microfiber fleece exterior and must provide you right lumbar support while driving.

Walkie Talkies

Let us assume you are driving with other cars, then having walkie talkies will definitely come handy. At times, you will be driving through areas where you won’t find mobile phone network, so these walkie talkies will be a great alternative in that situation. Moreover, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use them, all you need is to pick up the gadget and start talking with the person, instead of redialling the number of the person and waiting.

First-Aid Kit

If you are headed on a road trip, you should have a first-aid kit in case of any emergency. Make sure your first-aid has all the necessities including – latex gloves for enhanced protection, gauze rolls & band-aids for cuts & bruises, safety pins, portable flashlight, Ibuprofen, antibiotic ointment, sunscreen, and a hand sanitiser.

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