Toronto is the most exciting lap of modern human civilization to visit. It’s the lay of the land to crystallize the awe of human architecture and its development in all spheres.

It is the most energetic, enjoyable, gorgeous place on the planet. A flavourful feast of combined experience and colorful connotations, ethics, urban classics is absorbed in the catalog of Toronto traveling.

The curated selection of things and activities to do in Torontian affairs is carved and this article. The crafted beauty of Toronto is in activities like

“Show me the City, Walking tour!”
“International bites for experiencing the Toronto food scene”,
“Bike bites blooms – to roll in the discovery of Toronto hidden gem games”
“Nature-tasting the wine of fall and Ice”

Canada’s largest and most exciting city, Toronto, is a vibrant and energetic place to visit on this planet, which is also a home to a dynamic mix of tourist attractions.

In fact, it is the country’s most exciting urban center with amazing galleries, historical museums, world-class theatres and annual festivals that can give a good run for money to any tourist destination in the world.

So here we present you some of the unique activities which would make your Toronto experience more lovely and vibrant.

1: Art Gallery of Ontario

Art Gallery of Ontario

Established in the year 1900 by a group of private citizens as the Art Museum of Toronto, the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), is one of the biggest art museums in the North American continent.

Today, the gallery occupies an exceptional looking modern building in a 583,000 square feet area, where millions of tourists come every year to witness a multitude of art forms.

2: Chocolate Tour of the Fashion District

chocolate tour of the fashion district

It’s a bright sunny day and you want to leisurely walk down the lanes, but not sure about where to go? Chocolate Tour of the Fashion District is your destination.

It is one of the most popular walking tours taken by both tourists and local folks of the country. The street will take you to some of the most artistic bakeries and luxurious chocolate boutiques of the country.

So, the next time you visit the country; don’t forget to taste the delightful chocolates that will rejuvenate your taste buds.

3: Toronto Islands

toronto islands

Apart from the busy streets and ever eventful markets, the largest and one the most beautiful cities of Canada, Toronto, offers a collection of islands and islets to visit.

These places offer a good breather from the city life and give you a chance to experience nature at its best.

The three islands:  Centre, Wards and Algonquin, are all connected with each other and you can travel on the same boat to all these places.

4: Distillery District

distillery district toronto

Shopping is always on the list when you travel to a new place, and distillery district, Toronto is the place to go if you want to shop anything from clothes, jewelry, and homeware to antique items.

And, you can do all the shopping amidst the picturesque Victoria-era buildings. A scene straight out of a Hollywood flick, isn’t it?

What’s more, if you a foodie, you are sure to love the place even more! From beer stores to a variety of eateries and wine boutiques, the place has it all.

5: CN Tower

cn tower canada

Opened in October 1796, an engineering marvel and the most iconic tourists’ attractions of the city is CN tower, which stands tall at 553 meters.

You won’t be surprised to know that in the year 1995, the tower was considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. 

Besides the marvelous view, the tower has a 3-D theatre, shopping center and much more to offer. So, visit CN towers to add some adventure to your city tour, and get birds-eye views of the whole city. Enjoy Toronto!

6. High Park

high park toronto

A great enormous amount of green space, beautiful llamas, little squirrels, green pines, featuring bold ponds, boasting gorgeous gardens, pet zones, wooden castle playground.

The Grolier restaurant and cafe is there to make food babies happy and healthy. A great and good place to watch intense wildlife, migrating life, natural pond ducks, Carolinian forests and Oak Savannah.

It has tennis courts and bike paths too. It’s the historical home of John and Jemima Howard. Grab a coffee and get early bird brunch to get lost in green Paradise.

7. Museum



There is everything for everyone who visits in this big majestically canvas of history and is a tempting and true culture of Canadian institutions.

The beloved dinosaur exhibit, temple tomb replicas, Egyptians and Asian exhibit tempt, bat cave and eco galleries are among the love and buffs.

The museum is much representation of diverse collections of world culture and natural history contribution to the international reputation of Canadian flavor.

From the prehistoric digs to modern art tattoos showcases fine arts design and beauty degree

8. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada


Toronto’s most must-see tourist attraction is featuring jellyfish, stingrays, horseshoe crab, and great lakes exhibit.

It has walked through a tank, with marine and freshwater habitats from across the international Valley of Seas. The rich fish life is well experienced in this Toronto aquarium.

9. St.Lawrence Market

St.Lawrence Market

The most rated best and largest market. A package of fresh fruit, fish, meat, bakery, and a lot more is in the arms of the indoor Market.

Get confectionery products from here and enjoy self-cooking and Toronto bites in its raw appeal of the multi-layered Torontian market.

Try buying anything you love from jewelry to food whatever you desire and catches your eyes. All signature items over different Continents are accumulated in this market.

10. Rogers Center

Rogers Center

Previously called as pretty Skydome but now situated next to CN tower. The Toronto Blue Jays league of baseball and Football is the stone key features of Toronto. It is the multi-purpose stadium that wraps good chillout and relaxing activities for a healthy body.

11. Harbourfront Centre

Harbourfront Centre

It is a beautiful and romantic package of cultural organizations on the waterfront of Toronto. Such bold intimacy and innovative features of Canada culture scene in form of gorgeous winter and summer programs.

The audience gets mesmerizing performance, orchestra, and concerts. The crafted specialization is woven in festivals celebrations in the eclectic and hued selection of music, sights, and flavors.

It promises vibrancy and brilliance in rich nightshades. The rich cultural and festival show is transpired through this Canadian program.

12. CF Toronto Eaton Centre

CF Toronto Eaton Centre

The super duper malls and stores are chained in this building. You will get everything, whatever you find here. The Eaton Centre has a huge collection of retailers, restaurants services.

You will never regret after shopping in this premier destination and never forget the Canadian shopping. Those investment and choices will be a matter of pride for you. It is a fond spot to hang out with friends and spend weekends.

The food court presents rich itineraries and diverse tastes in Toronto style. A good cardio workout is possibly done after you finish your shopping list.

13. Canadian Flavor Scene

Canadian Food

The cafes and flavourful realms of very casual and have hipster flame and a rich infusion of night glamour.

The Canadian food scene presents you with a fantastic menu, view, awesome food, lively atmosphere, musical wrap up is sure to steam off your senses classically.

Mind blown tacos, bourbon bars, pizza crusts, grilled octopus, olive tapenade, polipo dish is a good protein and spicy kick.

14. Breweries


Belkswood is the best brew pot of Canada. Some awesome Salami, Cheese boards, French fries with Rosemary wafts with warm weather, cozy breeze, great views of the brewpub, and a special blend of brews add intoxicated beauty to enrich nightlife.

The brewery pubs in Toronto would take you to the unique experiences of brewery tasting and you could have a perfect brewery tour.

15. Winter Garden Theatre

Winter Garden Theatre

In the veil of flora, the aromatic cascade of leafy plants and beautiful flowers flowing along the ceiling of the Theatre makes this theatre a package of fresh beauty and boutique of loveliness.

It feels like the cozy lap of nature, making each performance garden adventure and weaving the fabric of charm and speaks blushed stories of beauty. It was built in 1913, a flagship theatre, Marcus Lowe’s chain, in the downtown of Toronto.

It has two stages with golden and red shades of classical reference. It has mural paintings, trellises, and the old lamp post covered with red dried leaves. It was built for plays but slowly decayed due to the rise of the film industry.

It promises vibrancy and beauty in all respects. Presently, it’s the working Theatre once again, and the only example of double-decker Edwardian theatre still in operation.


These listed activities are must -do’s in Toronto. Escape to the wild and raw life only with Torontonian tour. The rich glamour of nature, markets, activity centers, brewery, food, etc are sure to impress anybody who decides to romance with Toronto.

Read this blog if you ever wanted to visit Toronto or planning to visit with your friends and tell us your views about this blog in the below comment section.