A good cycling route adds more dimension and excitement to the ride The U.S, with all its scenic beauty, varied geography, and climate is never short of breathtaking biking trails.

There’s a route for each of the four seasons of cycling. Better still, there’s a route to accommodate every level of cyclist. It’s no surprise that the U.S happens to be one of the top destination and lifestyle center for many cyclists around the world.

But before you pack and hit the road, make sure you’re well-equipped for the ride.

Get the right gear

Whether you look forward to road biking or mountain biking, it’s good to ensure you have the right gear. It all starts with a reliable bike that improves your experience and comfort.

Make a wise selection by considering your biking experience, physical stature, and the type of terrain you’re going to explore. In doing so, getting the best road bike or best mountain bike won’t be that difficult.

Additional preparations

There are some other extras you need to improve your cycling experience. To start with, you expend energy and burn calories during a ride, right? That means you need a backup to restore lost energy, prevent dehydration, and fuel you through the trip. That’s where water and snacks come in handy.

The last, but also most important consideration is clothing. Get the right clothes and dress well for the season. Consider wearing clothes in layers since it’s easy to switch to accommodate both cold and warm weather.

cycling routes

Top 5 cycling routes in the USA

Already have everything in check? I guess you’re now itching to find out which are the best cycling routes to go for a spin. So, without further ado, I give you the top 5 US cycling spots worth giving a try.

1. Chesapeake & Ohio Canal and Towpath

Ohio Canal

C&O Canal creates a bike trail that stretches from Washington DC to Cumberland, Maryland. You get 184.5 miles of towpath, one of the longest biking routes in the continental U.S.

The sections of the canal make perfect 2-day, 60-mile round trips. The trail connects further to Allegheny Passage, Montour trail, and Pittsburgh providing a whopping 330 miles of traffic-free rides. That surely gives long-distance die-hards something to look forward to.

2. Denali Highway, Alaska

denali highway

Denali Highway makes a prime destination for cyclists who want to have some off-saddle exploration along the way. It’s a 135-mile route stretching from Paxson to Cantwell.

Make a stop and get stunning views of Alaska Range and Maclaren Glacier. There are numerous lakes along the eastern portion making this route even more breathtaking.

3. The Fort Morgan Ride, Alabama

Fort Morgan

Fort Morgan Ride sits flat with paved shoulders. The route stretches for at least 40 miles. Traffic is not much, except during the special coastal events. There’s a ferry that connects you to Fort Gaines for a mere $5 round-trip.

Once in the Fort, you can ride for several miles and enjoy the scenic beauty of Dauphin Island. Riders can take refuge in several motels or dine in some restaurants along the way.

4. Black Canyon Mountain Bike Trail, Arizona

black canyon trail

Black Canyon Trail offers stunning views and thrilling exposure to mountain bikers. It rolls for 62 miles crossing desert landscapes, rugged canyons, and the Saguaro forest.

To the west are Bradshaw mountains that add a dramatic scenery. Black Canyon Trail runs parallel to Interstate 17 providing easy car access. It’s a fat-tire style route you don’t want to miss out.

5. Mt. Evans Climb, Colorado

mt. evans climb

At 14,265 feet, Mt. Evans Climb is the highest paved road in the entire United States. It’s a complete classic route with a rider-friendly profile. The mountains, wildlife, and the scenery are beyond compare.

The roads are open from early June to Labor Day when the snow clears. The climb starts immediate, making this route a lot more physically demanding. It stretches for 27.6 miles. To find the best mountain bike and road bike for your needs, try reading reviews and tips at a site such as BestBikePicks.com.

As you can see, the U.S boasts one of the most scenic biking routes. These trails are the gateway to a fun and adventurous ride with different challenges. So which one do you want to hit first? Well, take time to make your selection and get a riding experience like no other.