While it would be fun to travel overseas and fish exotic species everywhere I go, someone just couldn’t have the money to make that happen. That’s okay! The country is filled with beautiful destinations ideal for a fishing trip. Here are the top 5 USA Places to take your next fishing trip

1: Alaska

Many anglers will tell you that Alaska has been a dream location when it comes to finding beauty and a variety of fish. Head for a trip in the late spring and you’ll find yourself on the hunt for big king salmon.

If you want more of a summer excursion, you’ll be able to spend time with the sockeyes. But in early fall, the world’s greatest salmon fishing will be found in Alaska.

That’s not all! You might even find 30-inch leopard spotted rainbow trout. There is also no shortage on northern pike fishing either.

Here’s a quick guide on where you can find your favorite fish in Alaska:

  • Arctic Char – North Slope
  • Arctic Grayling – Denali Highway
  • King Salmon – Kenai River
  • Lake Trout – Brooks Range
  • Northern Pike – Innoko River
  • Rainbow Trout – Bristol Bay
  • Saltwater Fishing – Afognak Wilderness Lodge

This isn’t an extensive list by any means. Alaska is filled with so many species of fish, you could spend a lifetime finding them all. Your best bet would be to spend time with a local and get the inside scoop.

2: Florida Keys

It isn’t just a breathtaking ride from the mainland of Florida down the keys, but it is also filled with islands abounding with saltwater fishing destinations. There are countless miles to explore filled with the clearest water you will find in the states.

One of the best fishing trips you can take to the Keys is for tarpon. There are plenty of charters and guides that will offer you a great trip or you can take your boat out for a ride on your own.

While tarpon is found in the Florida Keys all year, there is a best time of year to experience phenomenal fishing. When the warming water temperatures follow winter, usually in March, you will want to start preparing your trip.

Historically, the months of April, May and June have been the most successful for Keys tarpon fishing.

3: Texas

While bass is prevalent in many states, it is hard to argue that great bass fishing comes from Texas. Maybe it’s because everything is bigger in Texas, but it is possible to snag that double-digit fish you’ve been waiting for.

You don’t have to go far in the state before you find good bass fishing waters. In the west, you have Amistad and Alan Henry. In the east, you’ll want to fish at Sam Rayburn or Toledo Bend.

“Big Sam” is the biggest impoundment to be found within Texas and has become a favorite for tournament stops. You don’t have to be a professional fisherman to catch your big one. Just remember to have your equipment ready and the best fish finder available.

4: Wisconsin

If you want a real challenge, head to Wisconsin. There you’ll find the mean muskellunge. Proclaimed the official state fish in 1955, muskies will give you the fight you’ve been desiring.

While difficult to get your hands on one, there are plenty to try your skills on. They are found in 660 lakes and 48 of the rivers, flowages and streams. More world records have been set in Wisconsin that anywhere else. Maybe you’ll be next!

The current record for the state and world is 69 pounds and 11 ounces. That was found from the Chippewa Flowage and beating that would make for an amazing trip.

best fishing trips in the us

5: North East States

The Northeast is filled with towns where they live, eat and breathe striped bass fishing. You can enjoy many weeks of visiting different towns for the trip of a lifetime. Here are a few you might want to check out.

  • Montauk, New York
    The craziness of the Montauk Fall Run is something every fisherman should have the chance to enjoy. Launch your boat at the Gone Fishing Marina as it is one of the only that will allow non-residents to use.
  • Newport, Rhode Island
    You can enjoy fishing in Narragansett Bay or Block Island for some extreme bass fishing excitement. Launch your boat from Fort Adams State Park for a short trip to either.
  • Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts
    Hardcore fisherman tend to take over the town every year beginning in May. When not fishing, maybe you want to join the other locals in using their favorite form of transportation, the bicycle.
  • Cape May, New Jersey
    During spring and fall, striped bass is all that everyone can talk about in this town. It is one of the busiest fishing ports found in New Jersey and a spot for many fishing tournaments. Spicer’s Creek Boat Access will offer you an easy route to the Delaware Bay and the Cape May Inlet.


Whether you are hoping for a fun weekend with the guys or a fun, family excursion, there is a fishing trip that is right for you. Make a list of all the places you want to visit and then set out to accomplish them all. What a great journey full of amazing memories you will find.