The exquisite locales of South India would be an ideal destination for a romantic retreat for any newlywed couple. From the serenity of lush forests, the charm of vibrant beaches, the beauty of sparkling backwaters to the magnificence of quaint hill stations, South India serves as an absolute paradise for newlyweds who are looking for some privacy and peace.

The states of South India include Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala. Each of these regions house beautiful beaches and elegant hill stations, and boast of high-class hospitality and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

There are a number of places in South India which would be perfect for a romantic getaway for newlyweds. Some of the best honeymoon destinations in south India are as follows:

1. Kovalam, Kerala

Kovalam, Kerala

Stretched over a coastline of 17km, Kovalam essentially comprises of three beaches, Hawah, Samudra, and Lighthouse, which share the same coast. Together these beaches form a glorious crescent shape. Out of them, the Lighthouse is the most popular one among honeymooners, boasting of gentle sea breeze, swaying palm trees, and thrashing waves. Here couples can enjoy the tranquility of pristine beaches and spend some quality time together.

2. Munnar, Kerala

Munnar Kerala

With its enchanting tea plantations, awe-inspiring valleys, vibrant winding roads, and comfortable climate, Munnar has become one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in south India. Here you can enjoy an exciting trek in the lush green tea estates with your partner, and experience the calming fragrance of tea and the melodious chirpings of birds at dawn. You can also visit the mesmerizing Kundala Dam and take a tour of the lake in Kashmiri Shikaras, row boats, or pedal boats.

3. Kabini, Karnataka

Kabini, Karnataka

This is a peaceful retreat, where you can get ample opportunity to spend time with your beloved amidst enchanting natural beauties. During the colonial rule, this place used to be a hunting ground for the British, but now Kabini has been transformed into a beautiful wildlife reserve.

4. Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Coonoor Tamil Nadu

If you are looking forward to spend some peaceful time with your partner while being surrounded by lush greenery, then Coonoor would be the best honeymoon destination in South India for you. This hilly retreat is surrounded by charming tea-estates, picturesque landscapes, and narrow winding paths.

5. Puducherry


There is no better way to express your love to your beloved than in French, the language of love itself. Puducherry, popularly known as Pondicherry is a union territory located in South India that was once colonized by the French. In here, you can find certain French influences even today, with quaint little French bakeries and cafes, as well as classic far stretched promenades along the beach.

6. Bekal, Kerala

bekal fort kerala

Being away from the typical hustle and bustle of the city life, this place can offer you a perfect sanctuary of serenity and tranquility during your honeymoon days. Popular for the prominent Bekal Fort, this town comprises of several small beaches where you can enjoy long walks with your partner and experience the cool waves thrashing at your feet.

7. Ooty, Tamil Nadu

ooty tamil nadu

Located amidst the charming Nilgiri Hills, Ooty is an ideal honeymoon spot for the newlyweds. With its mesmerizing views and cool climate, this is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations of South India. Here you can spend quality time with your better half while gazing at the magnificent Nilgiris, with a cup of filter coffee or tea to keep you warm.

8. Wayanad, Kerala

wayanad kerala

Unspoiled and pristine, this place is an absolute paradise for nature lovers. Here you can find a unique heart-shaped lake on Chembra Peak, which is a must-visit spot for any honeymooner. Spread over the vibrant Western Ghats, Wayanad comprises the intriguing Edakkal Caves, spice plantation strolls, river trails, and thick rainforests.

In order to book your honeymoon tour in South India, you can easily contact one of the renowned travel and tourism agencies of the country.