As we all know grapes that are used for the best wines are grown in some of the most magnificent places. Because of that, there is nothing more dreamy and romantic than having a winery wedding.

With so many amazing wine regions, your options for a perfect place to say “I do” are endless. So, here are our top stunning wine regions where you can plan to have your dreamy wedding.

Fairytale Wedding in La Verrière at Chêne Bleu, France

It can be tough not to feel like you are in a real-life fairytale when you are walking around Chêne Bleu in Crestet. This magical village is located on a peak along with a breathtaking mountain array. A lovely couple has spent over 13 years restoring and renewing this amazing place.

They have also created a glass blowing workshop. There are so many places you can pick where you will say “I do”. From winery rooftop gardens to breathtaking lavender fields, whichever you choose to go with you will feel like royalty.

Or if you are interested in having your wedding indoor, there is an amazing hall Salle des Voûtes where you can hire a private chef to cook your wedding meals.

A Countryside Wedding in Charlottesville, Virginia

The American father of wine tasting, Thomas Jefferson, attempted for many years to produce tasty wine at Monticello. Unfortunately, he didn’t do it, but his heritage is used as the foundation for Virginia’s lively wine industry.

A quick drive outside of the popular historic downtown offers miles and miles of rustic farmland, amazing rolling hills with cute white picket fences, horses and let’s not forget the breathtaking vineyards.

Some of the most magical wineries where you can have your dreamy wedding are the King Family, Early Mountain, and Veritas.

Because it is a college town, you can find many historic inns, resorts, and hotels to host your guests. Wines range from Chardonnay and Viognier for whites and the famous Pinot Noir for reds. Even though it’s super easy to spend your wedding weekend in the countryside.

Romantic Wedding at the Masciarelli Castello di Semivicoli, Italy

This romantic place was initially a wedding gift to his love, Gianna Masciarelli. The baronial palace from the 17th-century was restored in 2004. That move added a modern feel to some of the antique designs.

Rested on a hill facing Abruzzo, the palace is environed by luscious green lawns, breathtaking olive plantations and magical vineyards, which can all be observed from the palaces 11 romantic suites. They offer a room that is perfect to be used as the perfect bridal suite.

That is because this romantic suite is a retired barn that is lined with amazing 18 windows that make a 360-degree view from the Majella peak to the open sea. The location is versatile, you can host a really elegant or a farm-style wedding, and there is no rule to what theme you can have when it comes to having your wedding in the vineyard.

A Wine Tasting Wedding in Hunter Valley, New South Wales

Hunter Valley was founded in the late 19th century by James Busby, a well-known father of Australian wine. He brought over 20,000 vine clippings, all the way from Europe to Australia. Hunter Valley is best known for its amazing earthy Shiraz and Semillon, full-flavored Chardonnay which produce their complex flavor over time.

Because this amazing location is so popular for events like weddings, concerts, and festivals you need to book your wedding date way in advance. Amongst the great wine, beautiful vineyards and festivals, Hunter Valley accommodation are truly pristine.

A Private and Luxurious Wedding at Meadowood, St. Helena

Meadowood is considered to be one of America’s most pampering luxury resorts because it is tucked off in a crease of Napa Valley’s hills.

For those who are lucky enough to afford to have the wedding there, the resort provides an all-inclusive destination retreat, with amazing things from spa programs to fun sports activities and access to private event venues. The scenic leafy grounds provide you with many lovely places for the reception and ceremony.

A Classy Cavas Codorníu Wedding, Spain

Champagne is usually used for celebrations, but the amazing Spanish bubbly is unquestionably just as congratulatory, especially when you’re drinking it in the origin place.

If you want to drink something that is really special on the big day, go to the best Cava family business in the countryside, Canvas Dodorníu, and it’s only a 30 minutes’ drive from Barcelona. The Above mentioned impressive historic cellars are where the first bottles of Spanish bubbly wine have been produced.

It has been made in the same way as French Champagne. You can exchange your vows under the egotistic arches and vintage chandeliers dangling from the ceiling of the amazing Sala Puig before making your way to space that is evenly spectacular, the Cellar Gran.

A Multi-Optional Wedding at Santa Barbara, California

If you don’t really have a clear idea of what you would want, Santa Barbara is perfect for you as it offers a great mix of options. There are so many places from amazing wine country towns, Spanish Colonial architecture, the Funk Zone. From Bohemian chic to upscale elegance, there is a place for every wedding style you can imagine.

No matter if you want a large or small wedding the magical Santa Maria Valley is perfect for anybody’s needs as it holds up to 200 guests. If you would like a more intimate wedding then you can go with the Margerum Wine Company.

And if you like more vintage ambiance you can have your wedding at the Sunstone Vineyards & Winery. If you are rolling on the budget you don’t have to worry because you don’t need a lot of money to enjoy the magical Santa Barbara’s wine country ambiance.

This region is most famous for its Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah. You can find them at almost every bar and restaurant.

The Scenic Wedding at Arista Winery, California

Arista Winery is a family-run winery located in California’s Russian River Valley. And if you want a scenic wedding this is the one for you because there is no bad view when it comes to this location.

You can start your pre-ceremony toast in the tasting room so all the wedding day restlessness goes away, or simply take cute pictures with your drinks. The ceremony itself can be hosted in the Pavilion that can hold 200 people.

The Pavilion then opens up to a mulberry-tree lined lawn that has a fun fire pit where you can cozy up and have fun with your guests roasting mores and telling fun stories. Nearby there is the Oak Grove where you can have your magical dance under the stars.

A Food and Wine Wedding at Viñamar de Casablanca, Chile

A great way to have fun is to combine a wine country and weddings. That is why Santiago has the best place where you can cozy up. It is the best stop before you head out to the county’s scenic vineyard valleys, and if you want to take your party indoors, you can go into the winery and toast with some of the best sparkling wine before you start celebrating with Chiles famous sour cocktails.

But if you don’t really like the chaotic fun way of celebrating, you can simply tour wine country with all of your guests and explore some of the most amazing wine and foods.

You can also try the Chilean barbecue that can usually be found at the Viña San Pedro’s open-air hut. All that while you are enjoying some of the most breathtaking views of the mountains and the famous Cachapoal Valley below you.

Because there are so many amazing places where you can have your dreamy wedding, finding the perfect location for such a big day can be tough. In the end, all that is important is that you are marrying the love of your life and that you and your husband are pleased with the location that you have chosen for your big day.