Are you planning a family trip to Europe? Do you want to have some kids-friendly places to make a visit? Then let me tell you that you have a number of options in your hand. Europe is full of attractions and amazing places that choosing the best one is really impossible.

So, you can go through the below-mentioned options as they will serve as some of the best holiday destinations for you to travel with your family.

1: Sweden

sweden tourist places

If you are travelling with kids, it should be definitely on your list. They have many attractions for kids which make it a kid-friendly destination. The museums which are child-focused too have something for the kids. Moreover, the native people speak in English, which makes the communication easier.

2: Croatia

Croatia tourist places

Croatia is filled with amazing people and they are very much welcoming in nature. The staff at the hotels and restaurants are very helpful and may turn out to be a boon to you when you have kids with you.

Here you will find a number of activities to get involved like have fun rides at the waterparks, swimming under the waterfalls and playing with your kids on the sandy beaches.

3: Netherlands

Netherlands tourist places

If you have kids with you, then this place is a must visit. The people usually speak in English which makes it easy to communicate with them. Moreover, they cater the kids wherever you go and so is a kid friendly place. They come with good public transport system, so you can easily visit different places.

You have many places to visit here like the windmills, pancake houses, zoos, castles, canal tours, etc. Apart from that, in the centre of the city, you will find a magical theme park, which is equally enjoyable to the people of all age group.

4: Spain

spain tourist places

Spain comes with a number of buildings with architectural importance like Isabella’s Alcazar – Segovia, Alhambra – Grenada, biggest Cathedral – Seville and Sagrada Familia – Barcelona. Your kids will love to explore the castle, visit the gardens, and get to the bell tower and view the city. There are a number of parks and beaches which can even be visited.

Moreover, you can take your kids to the restaurants and let them savour on the tortilla, bread, patata bravas, cheese and other dishes. The best part is that Spain is not that expensive and so can be definitely on your list.

5: England

england tourist places

If you are on your first travel with kids to Europe, you must for sure visit England. The language is easy to follow and the locals are friendly. England comes with a rich heritage and so you and your families has a lot to explore.

You will find here a number of castles, monuments and buildings which define the culture of the country. Don’t forget to visit the land of Shakespeare – Stratford-upon-Avon and the British museum. Your kids will be amazed by the country.

6: Italy

italy tourist places

Take your kids to the Colosseum and show them the architecture. Let them understand the architecture of the past. You can take them to the fountain of Bernini and make them drink from it. You can even take your kids to the north and enjoy the countryside views.

Take kids to the beaches and swim in the water during the daytime. After a good swim, enjoy the sunset from the beach.

There are many more places to visit but these are enough to make a start. So, I hope you have found some amazing destinations in Europe that you can consider when you will be planning a vacation to the continent.