There are several reasons why you need to pack light when you are on a trip. For one, it can save you money because when you have less baggage, your baggage fee will also be less or free. It is also an excellent way to save time since there will be fewer things that you should attend to in your trip.

Another reason is that you will enjoy your travel more because you will have less burden to carry on your back. It is also environment-friendly because when you have fewer things to carry, you will encourage yourself to walk than use vehicles while you are exploring your destination.

Now, if you want to unburden yourself from traveling with too much baggage, you can take some cues of these tips on how to pack light on your travel.

Pack Up a Few Days Before Your Travel Schedule

For sure, packing your things up requires a considerable amount of time and effort on your part. Since packing involves time and effort, some travelers are less serious about it.

For example, they would do their packing the night before their flight, or they would do it at the last minute. In this case, these travelers would overlook the necessity and benefits of traveling with less stuff to carry.

Therefore, it will be to your advantage if you prepare and pack the things that you need on your trip a few days before your travel schedule.

Avoid (If Necessary) The Roll-Your-Clothes Rule

Perhaps you have heard about rolling your clothes to pack more of your travel stuff inside your bag. This tip is indeed an excellent way to pack more things in it. However, if you want to bring less stuff on your trip and get the advantages of packing lightly, you need to avoid this roll-your-clothes rule.

Rolling your clothes will maximize the space on your bag, and it will only entice you to pack more things in it. As such, you will break your plan to pack fewer things on your travel, and you will have to carry extra weight on your baggage.

Put on Your Bag the Things That are Multi-Functional

There are a lot of things that you can find nowadays that are multi-functional. One way to travel light is to bring things that can serve beyond their original function. For example, your smartphone. Your smartphone is not only used to contact your loved ones, but you can also use it as map and camera. You can also bring a towel can double as a blanket.

Buy Souvenirs Wisely

It is likely that you will find things that you want to buy and bring home in the place of your travel. Souvenirs are excellent reminders of your experience in that place. However, you should keep in mind that you avoid buying too many things on your travel.

Buying too many souvenirs along the way can break your plan to travel light. As a tip, you should buy stuff on the last day of your travel, and keep it at the minimum. Or, if you like, you can simply take photos of your experience as a souvenir.

Go for Backpacks

Luggage with wheels is one of the things that you should avoid bringing with you on your travel. Not only that they are not ideal for pulling off the travel style that you want, but they will also entice you to pack more things than what is necessary.

Thus, instead of choosing luggage with wheels, you can opt for a backpack to put your travel stuff. Your backpack is sufficient to store your travel essentials such as jeans, t-shirts, underwears, beach shorts, and your hygiene kit.


There are a lot of advantages that you can get when you bring less stuff in your travel. That is why you should know about the various tips that can help you for that purpose. For you to travel light, you should prepare your travel essentials a few days before your travel, get wise in buying souvenirs, and bring items that are multi-functional.

It will also do you good if you choose backpacks instead of luggage with wheels. You can check high-quality travel backpacks at Deal Wiki.