Travelling alone is not less than an adventure. It is a skill that everyone should try it once if possible. Solo travel gives you the chance to indulge yourself fully with the world. Travelling alone is little bit risky and disadvantageous but a little preparation and smarter work can make your trip memorable and save your money too.

When you travel alone there is not any type of boundation, you are the king of your journey. This solo trip will help you to open up yourself, remove your fear of travelling alone and you’ll meet the world in your own style and also get to learn many new things like how to interact with new surrounding when you are all alone.

Sometime you have to travel alone like for business purpose or office purpose work but never fear of it make your heart stronger then you will get to know travelling alone is also a much fun and entirely different experience.

Here will tell you some tips to travel alone in which you’ll travel alone but won’t feel lonely.

Stay Safe while Travelling Alone

staying safe when travelling alone

Safety is one of the major concerns while travelling alone. As there is no companion with you on your trip so you have to take care of yourself of your health. Few aspects that you must have knowledge about are:

  • Always know your limits if you drink alcohol on trip.
  • Don’t draw attention of people by wearing jewellery and flashy clothes.
  • Never let others know that you are alone on a trip.
  • Always carry your identity everywhere.
  • Book your hotel earlier before arriving at the place because you never know if you got stuck somewhere and reach your destination in night then you may not get a hotel. If you’ll book earlier then you do not have to spend your night in car which may be unsafe for you at new place.
  • Try to be in open and public places especially in nights.
  • Avoid being like tourist and enjoy your trip confidently.
  • Stay in touch with your family member and friend on phone call, Whatsaap, Skype on trip and always leave a copy of itinerary in home or to a friend.

Tips for Solo Dinning

Eating alone

Eating alone is not a bad idea. Many people don’t like going out solo for dinning purpose, well there is nothing to fell shy in it. Try to follow these steps whenever you are alone at dinner or lunch, these steps may help you to overcome your loneliness:

  • Chat with service people, try to interact with the waiter or waitress and know about hotel nearby local surroundings.
  • Cafe, hotel and restaurants are no less attractive but you can make them more often attractive by sitting and reading a book at the corner table, this is not unusual as a table for one.
  • Try to choose the restaurants which offer privacy and has booths.
  • Chose a single seat table or a counter seat for you, vacant seat beside you make you feel which when people watch you at the restaurant.
  • You can also prefer room service meal instead of going to the nearby restaurant for, breakfast, lunch or dining.
  • Eat well don’t feel shy that you are eating alone. Have good meal or cup of coffee or dessert whatever you want, this may take time consume but don’t feel awkward for it that if you are alone you are taking a lot time finish meal. Try to enjoy your food.

Try to Interact with People but Don’t Trust Everyone

Interact with People

When you travel you will meet new people on your trip, try to interact with others,

  • Talk with them,
  • Share your experience,
  • Hang out with them etc.

But your safety is in your hand; don’t trust much on them that you ask to hold your money. The scam people try to behave like the best companion but don’t become so open minded with them and don’t tell about your secrets, ensure your safety on your own.

Plan Before Going on Trip

Before going to trip plan everything that where to stay in 1st night, places that you wish to visit, book your hotels 24 hours before. Preplans are always best.

Carry few Books with You

At the time of travelling you can read these books as doing such you will not feel alone & bored and your travelling time will pass soon.

Forget Everything, Enjoy your Trip and Live the Moment

There is nothing wrong in travelling alone, don’t listen to any others words. Do whatever you want to do on your trip don’t do what others want you to do or what other expect you to do. Make it memorable trip.

Always Keep More Cash than you’ll Need

Never keep the money in same place as per safety purpose. Carry more cash with you because at some only cash is accepted instead of card and digital money.

Carry Important Phone Numbers and Addresses

In a Diary note down the important phone numbers and addresses because in long journey your phone might get discharge and then you cannot make important phone call from outside calling booth if needed but if you have already written down the important number somewhere with you then you can easily make calls.

These important phone and addresses can be of hotel or hostel where you are staying and your relatives if they stay at that place or etc.

Don’t Pack Much that you can’t Carry Yourself

As this is solo trip so one is going to carry your bag, you have to carry yourself only. Pack the thing that you need in the trip, don’t pack the useless and unwanted things. Don’t pack many things in single bag, bag should be of light weight that you can carry easily on whole trip, can walk easily and climb the stairs easily carrying that bag.

If your bag is of heavy weight then you will get tired soon carrying that bag on trip.

How does it Feel to Travel Alone?

Feel to Travel Alone

Travelling alone is always a good experience, it may be risky but if you do smart work then it is no more risky and disadvantageous. When you’ll experience it once then you would like to spend money on making memories and experience that will last forever not on clothes and gadgets which you will throw in few years.

Feeling that you may experience while travelling alone:

  • You get to see the life closely in your own way
  • You will be the king of your own journey
  • Sharing your experience and meeting with new people is also a fun.
  • You will find the places more fascinating than you being told others.
  • Sometimes you feel insecure or lonely but in this case you can call & talk to your friends and family members else you can also make a video call.
  • You will learn how to handle things when you are alone at trip.
  • This journey will teach you being alone is not bad at all; you can easily enjoy your company in your own way.
  • Your confidence will be built and weakness will diminish.
  • New experience will be added into your life.