Sofia Ansari – one of the hottest and most fashionable net stars who performs lip-sync in TikTok and Instagram. Sophia Anzari is popularly known as the Tiktok queen, considered as the most famous Tiktok star. However, she gained popularity by sharing videos on TikTok. Currently Sofia has as much as 98 million likes and a following of 5 million people. She has shared videos through her YouTube channel since Tiktok was banned in 2020. On her YouTube channel, she has got 6.82 lakh subscribers.

Sofia Ansari Wiki

A musician, blogger, popular social network user – Sophia Ansari. She is a Bengali girl from West Bengal and she was born on April 30th 1996. Her excellent dance videos go viral on instagram and attract millions of views. This is due to her charms as she dances seductively which attracts followers. At a later age of life she ended up in Vadodara of Gujarat province, completed her schooling and then went to Mumbai to turn her dream into reality. She turned 27 in 2023—a young and ambitious young lady.

Unsurprisingly, most fans saw Sofia Ansari as outstanding in the sense of looks, presence, character traits, and personality. She is an intelligent and diligent lady with many supporters on her social networking platforms. The 9.5 million people following her on Instagram were simply amazing. Through social branding, Sofia Ansari creates awareness about different companies’ brands, thereby accumulating wealth from such ventures.

She was chosen by Ravneet Singh, the director of the Punjabi song “Billo’s Town”. She earned money by endorsing a hit song.

Real Name Sofia Ansari
Age 27 Years
Date of Birth 30-Apr-96
Profession TikTok Artist, Model, Social Media Influencer
Annual income Rs. 70-90 Lakhs per year
Career Start and End 2018 to Present
Hometown Gujarat, India
Current City Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Religion Muslim
Nationality Indian

Personal Life

Surprisingly, she is still an unmarried girl, even though she is sweet, beautiful, charming, seductive and attractive. Nevertheless, no evidence proves she has relations with some star or popular male.

Although she often works with beautiful co-stars, there was no news about her romantic relationships with any of them.

Sofia Ansari is a very upcoming lady who has never got married and bore children before. This is a very vibrant, active lady whose aim is to pursue a career path. She wants to see the world, especially some of the most beautiful locations.

Due to her work as an endorsement for several reputable business firms, Sofia Ansari earns a good living for herself through her acting. However, her income, or perhaps we should say the source of income, comes from YouTube videos and other social media channels.

Sofia Ansari’s Net Worth, Salary, Car and Career

Sofia Ansari Cars

She has 9.7 million Instagram followers and a YouTube account that uploads dance, YTShorts, and comedy videos. In total, 6.82 million people subscribe to her YouTube account. Sofia is famous because of her charming smile and chic sense of style.

Sofia Ansari’s Net Worth

Sofia Ansari receives money from several platforms, including YouTube and Instagram Paid Sponsorship. Although Sofia Ansari withheld information about her pay, many sources estimate her net worth of Rs. 2 crore. She makes between 80 and 90 lakhs every year.

Net worth Rs. 2 crore approx.
Annual income Rs 70-90 lakhs annually
Assets She owns an Audi Q2, a Toyota Fortuner and a second-hand Mercedes Benz

Sofia Ansari Salary

Sofia Ansari receives a salary from various sources, including YouTube and Instagram Paid Sponsorship. Sofia Ansari withheld the specifics of her remuneration from the public, but according to several sources, her total annual income is about Rs. 80 lakh each year. She immediately became well-known for her comic skits, dance moves, and lip-syncing videos.

Sofia Ansari Cars

Sofia Ansari owns a few expensive cars. Here are the cars she and her family owns:-

  • Audi Q2: Rs 35 lakhs.
  • Toyota Fortuner: Rs 52 lakhs.
  • Maruti Suzuki Baleno: Rs 6-9 lakhs.
  • Mercedes Benz: Rs 45 lakhs.

Sofia Ansari’s Career

It was Sofia Ansari who became the first female model in a Punjabi music video. In 2017, she also uploaded on her YouTube channel. At the end of 2017 she moved to TikTok and published her video clips with the dances and acting.

Therefore, she acquired popularity. She made various funky and vibrant videos that involved communication with her multitude of followers on different social networks. In other words, she made public appearances for the first time to many people in the world as from the beginning of January 2017 through the internet using Instagram which led to many fans and they followed her activities especially in the Tiktok and youtube video sharing websites.

She starred in many Punjabis’ and her business venture had a shareholding in it. She released two songs as her debut: Billo’s Town and Love Story.

In 2020 Sofia also was in such a popular show like fame house to express her true self.

Her Family

An Indian TikTok star who is a Muslim, hails from a middle class background in the state of West Bengal. Having roots from Bengal, her family moved to Vadodara city, which is located in Gujarat. However, she occasionally posts beautiful photos of her on Instagram with insufficient information about her childhood.

While she has sufficient online visibility, one can hardly consider her to speak much about her upbringing and family. Unless they are patient enough to wait for the future, Ansari’s fans cannot afford to wait any longer for details regarding his parents.

Sofia Ansari’s Educational Background

She completed her education at the Ryan International School in Gujarat and received her diploma. She also obtained her bachelor’s degree from a college in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Later, she developed a keen interest in creating material and videos, leading her to start making quick movies for the internet using the TikTok app. She gained a lot of popularity and notoriety from these videos, which are mostly to blame for her fame.

Sofia Ansari controversy

Of late, some critics have strongly questioned the kind of content Sofia publishes on her social pages. Her haters continually post nasty comments on her posts.

Her dressing style comes under scrutiny. They say her clothes are too loud or too revealing, for example. This was a challenging situation for Sofia, both mentally and emotionally. She also went to Instagram stories several times, talking about her haters and reminding everybody that there is no space for hate in this world but for love instead.

Last year, in addition to her Instagram ID, Sofia’s account was banned as she posted some indecent content, and the ban was lifted later on.


What does Sofiya Ansari do?
Ans:- She is an actress who has been in the movies Vahal No Dariyo (2020), Ravneet Singh: Billo’s Town (2021), and MX TakaTak Fame House (2020).

Why was Sofia Ansari’s Instagram suspended?
And:- Her sensual and daring Instagram videos and photographs have become well-known. According to sources, her account was suspended because some of her videos were judged unsuitable since they went against Instagram’s community standards.

What are the qualifications of Sofia Ansari?
And:- Sofia finished her education at Gujarat’s Ryan International School. She is pursuing her acting career after graduating from a degree program in Gujarat’s Vadodara.