Famous British industrialist and philanthropist Dean Kronsbein has had an inspiring life. His tale shows how he overcame hardship, worked tremendously hard, and succeeded enormously. Dean is a self-driven, independent and a multi-million company owner.

Dean is the founder and chairman of the Ultrafilter Holding AG Group in Zurich, Switzerland, which produces high-efficiency filters for the filtering of liquids, technical gases, and compressed air. Although his company has grown significantly and currently operates in 54 countries with a staggering £87 million in revenue, Dean’s life hasn’t always been simple.

Dean Kronsbein Wiki

Name and age Dean Kronsbein; passed away at 61 years
Birth Date April 12, 1961
Birth Place Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Death Date 31st July, 2022
Cause of Death When his yacht was off the coast of Sardinia, the ship struck some rocks.

Dean Kronsbein is the son of Maureen and Dirk Kronsbein and was born on April 12, 1961, in Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Dean’s parents divorced in 1972 when he was just 11 years old; his mother stayed in England while his father moved back to Germany. Dean’s mother is British, while his father is German.

Dean attended St. James’ Independent School in Grimsby after Matthew Humberstone Secondary School in Cleethorpes. Still, it soon became apparent that Dean would need to start working once his father left the home and stopped providing financial support.

Dean started seeking work and immediately secured a position as a glass collector at The Wellow bar in Cleethorpes, spending every evening until closing time collecting and washing glasses.

Dean Kronsbein’s Net Worth, House, Car and Assets

British millionaire was killed when his yacht collided with vessel owned by  Silvio Berlusconi | Daily Mail Online

Net Worth Estimated £52 million
Car He owned a Bentleys
Assets – £5 million country home near Ross-on-Wye

– Four-bedroom villa in Sardinia

Biggest achievement Founded the Ultrafilter Holding AG Group (Zurich, Switzerland)
Philanthropy Donated 1 million medical grade IIR face masks (worth £1m) during Covid-19.

While on holiday, Dean Kronsbein used to work on a potato farm, and this is how he started being an entrepreneur. One day, as he observed difficulties in moving heavy potato bags from the supermarket, his brain sparked with an ingenious concept of potato delivery service. He bought another used bicycle and began carrying the same day freshly picked potatoes locally, where his customers’ demand soon grew.

Early on, Dean’s success sharpened him into a proficient phone caller, as he was not afraid to make cold calls. In order to increase his earnings, he re-invested his profits in a mobile DJ company called ‘Road Runner’ that played Motown music in elementary institutions.

Although Dean’s focus on entrepreneurship rather than academics was hurting his education, Dean’s growing business commitments also started to affect him in a negative way due to time constraints and financial problems. Having little time to concentrate on his studies prompted his mother to send him away to his father in Germany for a better education.

Dean Kronsbein Net Worth

According to media reports, Dean Kornsebin is thought to be worth about £52 million. In 2006, Dean started Ultrafilter Holding AG Group (Zurich, Switzerland) based on pure determination to succeed and belief that he could succeed in life.

His passion for creating superior performance-quality products made him establish sales and manufacturing subsidiaries in America, UK, Germany, Scandinavia, France, Switzerland, China, and Indonesia.

Currently, the ultrafilter group has a yearly turnover of 87 million pounds annually, serving customers from industrial and process industries all over 54 countries worldwide.

Dean Kronsbein: the founder of a Multi-million Company

Mr Kronsbein set up his firm Ultrafilter Medical, which is a multi-million-pound company in Ross on Wye, producing medical masks for NHS workers and other highly specialised medical equipment.

His House

His family has a £5-million Cubberley House near Ross on Wye and a four-bedroom villa in the suburbs of Porto Cervo. He then went ahead and purchased a four-bedroom villa in 2020.

His car

Dean loved vehicles, especially Bentleys, and owns some pretty classic cars. One of the examples was when Dean was a student at the university; he had a chance to restore an MGC sports car, but when he got married, accompanied by his kids, this car appeared relatively small – there was a reason for him to trade it. Bentleys would come in handy since they would help accommodate Dean, being 6 ft 2″ tall; thus, the same would be considered a proper car brand.

Since then, Dean has owned a Bentley and has been an active member of the Bentley Drive’s Club, donating the services of his estate to The Club and raising funds through such charitable events as the main one, which attracts more than one thousand visitors to Herefordshire and assists local tours.

Personal life

Dean’s first wife was called Sabine Bauer. Together, they had two children who were born in 2003 and 2006 respectively. The family stayed together in Germany for more than twenty years, and Dean always wanted to live in England.

Born in England, Dean had also always cherished the distinction between German and British cultures. As such, he remained excited to be returning home to Great Britain – forever renowned as being highly loyal and patriotic at heart.

Dean started living in cities at the age of 17, yet he likes to recall how fresh air and freedom characterise life on the farm. In 2017, Dean and his family began exploring the English countryside. They found a house and moved to Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire.

Dean Kronsbein’s Tragic Demise

Dean Kronesben, aged 61, who had lived there until seventeen together with his wife Sabine, 59 years old, and 27 years old daughter Sopha, were on board the ship on 31st July 2002 when the captain allegedly decided to move away from the other By medics, he got out of the water, and the scene found him dead.

Authorities confirmed that the guy incurred fatal injuries after the 70 ft Amore yacht hit rocks near Porto Cervo, Sardinia. His wife and daughter suffered severe injuries as well. It is said that they were transported to the hospital and then transferred to a specialist unit in Sassari city.

Dean Kronsbein achievements

dean kronsbein life

Dean Kronsbein’s life was characterised by successes in a significant way and by huge properties. He is credited for establishing Ultrafilter Holding AG Group, which is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, from where he managed to reap enormous profits. His company specialises in the production of highly efficient filters for compressed air, technical gases, and liquids.

The firm operates across 54 countries and has an annual turnover of about £87 million. Dean’s dedication to producing excellent performance and quality products made him set up sales and manufacturing outlets around the world, servicing industrial and process industry customers on a global scale.

Dean Kronsbein Controversy

It had been debated as to how Dean died in the yacht accident. Some believe it was due to a heart attack after the yacht crashed. However, the autopsy reports say that his death resulted from several spinal injuries and severe chest trauma due to the massive ground impact after the yacht collided.


What is Dean Kronsbein’s Net worth?
Ans:-  Dean Kronsbein net worth is estimated to be around £52 million.

How did Dean Die?
Ans:- Dean Kronsbein died after his yacht crashed into rocks off the coast of Sardinia.

Dean Kronsbein’s favourite car?
Ans:- Dean’s favourite car was a Bentleys.

Dean Kronsbein house?
Ans:- His family owns £5 million Cubberley House.