Virginia Giuffre is a social activist (advocate) for victims of human trafficking who are American and Australian. Virginia Roberts/Louise Giuffre is her full name. She was born in Sacramento, California, on August 9, 1983. She is 38 years old as of 2022 and stands about 5 feet, 8 inches tall. She is estimated to be valued at roughly USD 500,000 overall.

We will discuss her net worth, her personal life, her parents, her age, her height, her relationships, and other intriguing and secret information in this post.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Name Virginia Giuffre
Full Real Name Virginia Roberts/Louise Giuffre
Country USA
Nationality American and Australian
Age 38 years old (2022)
Birthplace Sacramento, California, U.S.
Date of Birth (Birthday) August 9, 1983.
Net Worth (2022) (Roughly around $5 Million)
Father Name Lynn Roberts
Mother Name Sky Roberts
Husband Name Robert Giuffre

Early Life

Virginia Giuffre was born Virginia Louise Roberts on August 9, 1983, to parents Sky and Lynn Roberts in Sacramento, California. When she was four, the family moved to Loxahatchee in Palm Beach County, Florida. Giuffre’s younger brother exists. She reportedly came from a “troubled environment” and was assaulted by a close family member when she was seven years old.

On Panorama in 2019, she stated, “I was just so mentally traumatized already at such a young age, and I got away from it.” Giuffre claimed to have transitioned from “an abusive circumstance, to being a runaway, to living in foster homes,” according to the Miami Herald.

At 14, she lived on the streets, where she claims she only encountered “hunger, suffering, and [more] abuse.” Later, in Miami, she suffered abuse from trafficker Ron Eppinger, age 65. Giuffre spent around six months with Eppinger. According to reports, Eppinger managed the modeling firm “Perfect 10,” which served as a cover for international trafficking. He was arrested after an FBI raid, and he eventually admitted guilt to counts of money laundering, interstate prostitution, and transporting aliens for prostitution.

Giuffre was reconciled with her father at the age of 14 and went back to live with him. Her father assisted Giuffre in landing a position at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, where he managed maintenance.

Media coverage and appearances

virginia giuffre life

Giuffre participated in a special episode of Dateline NBC where Savannah Guthrie and other victims Anouska De Georgiou, Rachel Benavidez, Jennifer Araoz, Marijke Chartouni, and Chantal Davies discussed the Epstein scandal. On September 20, 2019, the “Reckoning” program aired on television.

Giuffre was questioned for the 60 Minutes Australia investigation that aired on November 10, 2019. In the show, she talks about how Epstein and Maxwell forced her to have intercourse with Prince Andrew three times in 2001: once in London at Maxwell’s Belgravia home, once in New York at Epstein’s estate, and once on Little Saint James with many other females and the Prince.

Giuffre also spoke with the BBC in October 2019 for a Panorama episode titled “The Prince and the Epstein Scandal,” which aired on December 2, 2019, in which she discussed her experience of being trafficked by Epstein to Prince Andrew. Giuffre made a direct plea to the audience during the broadcast, saying, “I ask the people in the UK to come up behind me, to help me fight this struggle, to not accept this as being alright.”

Virginia Giuffre Net Worth 2022

As of 2022, Virginia Giuffre’s net worth was about $5 million. One of America’s most well-known and vociferous supporters is Virginia Giuffre. She receives compensation for each case in the range of 2 to 3 crores, which includes her investments in real stocks and other assets.

Additionally, she bills the Brand $10,000 for endorsements. She is a famous American/Australian campaigner who offers support to victims of trafficking. She is a victim of Jeffrey Epstein’s trafficking organization.

She is a leading advocate for Americans who are Rich. Victims Refuse Silence, a non-profit organization, was created by her in 2015 using her Net Worth.

Personal life

virginia giuffre family

Giuffre resided in the Glenning Valley neighborhood on Australia’s Central Coast of New South Wales for 11 years after her 2002 marriage to Robert. The family moved to the country in November 2013 and stayed for several years, first residing in Florida and then, in 2015, in Colorado.

According to reports from 2019, Giuffre, her husband Robert, and their three kids—two sons and one daughter—lived in Cairns, Australia. She relocated to Ocean Reef, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, in 2020 with her family.

Some Lesser Known Facts about Virginia Giuffre

  • In 2001, she took part in Jeffrey’s trafficking.
  • Though, she recruited underage girls with the help of Haley Robson.
    To obtain justice, she fought the case against him.
  • Haley left Jeffrey in the meantime since her relationship with him upset her parents.
  • On August 10, 2019, the wealthy businessman’s body was discovered in Manhattan Prison. Nevertheless, the sources supported the fact that he killed himself.
  • Virginia Giuffre said that he had strong political connections too.


Who are Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s parents?

Father’s name is Lynn Roberts, and the mother is Sky Roberts.

What is Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s Net Worth?

In 2022, Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s Net Worth will be $ 5 Million.

What does Virginia Roberts Giuffre do?

Virginia Giuffre is a social activist (advocate) for victims of human trafficking who are American and Australian.