An American businesswoman named Jeanie Marie Buss. She presently holds the position of president of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and is the only Los Angeles Lakers owner. As the general manager of the Los Angeles Strings professional tennis team, she joined the family business at the age of 19.

Later, she founded the Los Angeles Blades, a pro roller hockey team. Before taking on the responsibilities of the Lakers’ vice president, she held the position of president of the Great Western Forum.

Background Information

Birth name Jeanie Bus
Country USA
Birthplace Santa Monica, California
Birth date September 26, 1961
Gender Female
Nationality America
Age 61 years
Net worth $600 Million
Profession Sports Executive
Siblings Three (Johnny, Jim, and Janie)
Education The University of Southern California (USC
Birth Sign Libra

Who is the Jeanie Buss

Jeanie Buss is a supervisor woman and a genuine symbol in American games as she’s the little girl of the incredible Lakers proprietor Jerry Buss. Emulating her dad’s example, Jeanie turned into the controlling proprietor and leader of the Los Angeles Lakers in 2013, making her the most influential lady in the games business.

She is renowned for her fantastic work as a leader in the NBA. She’s been instrumental in driving the Lakers to numerous titles, remembering five titles for the 2000s alone.

Jeanie Buss’s Age?

Jeanie Buss Age

Jeanie Buss was brought into the world on September 26, 1961, which makes her 61 years of age. Now in her sixties, Jeanie does not appear to be slowing down and continues to be a formidable opponent in the NBA.

Jeanie Buss’s Physical Appearance

In the sports industry, Jeanie Buss is a boss lady with blonde hair and brown eyes. However, she also possesses killer looks that complement her killer demeanour.

Similarly, she is a towering presence at 169 centimetres tall, drawing attention wherever she goes.

Moreover, Weighing in at around 128 lbs, she’s significant solid areas for a definite woman who will not hold back to display her curves.

Jeanie Buss Early Life and Family

Jeanie Buss was born in Santa Monica, California, USA, on September 26, 1961, to Jerry Buss and JoAnn Mueller. She was her folks’ third of four kids. Johnny and Jim, her older brothers, and Janie, her younger sister, are her siblings. She has two stepbrothers from her dad’s relationship with Karen Demel: Jesse and Joey.

Buss struggled to adjust after the 1972 divorce of her parents. She has discussed it, revealing that she experienced emotional abandonment. She started attending World Team Tennis meetings with her father, who owned the Los Angeles Strings when she was 14. She began living with her father in Beverly Hills at Pickfair, his 18-acre estate when she was 17.

She became an expert on the estate over time and frequently led tours. She enrolled at the University of Southern California (USC) after receiving her high school diploma, from which she received an honours degree in business.

Jeanie Buss’s Relationship Status

Steve Timmons, a volleyball player, was her first husband, but they divorced after three years.

Buss claims that her love for business always took precedence over her marriage.

In addition, She stood out as truly newsworthy when she presented naked for Playboy in May 1995. Additionally, Buss was engaged to Phil Jackson, a renowned NBA coach, for four years.

Yet, they severed their commitment in December 2016 because of “proficient commitments and the geographic distance” between them. However, Buss and Jackson continue to work well together despite their breakup.

Buss announced on Twitter in September 2021 that she had been dating comedian Jay Mohr since 2017.

In case that wasn’t enough, Buss and Mohr announced their engagement to the public on December 21, 2022.

Jeanie Buss’s Net Worth?

Jeanie Buss Early Life

As the owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the most successful and well-liked National Basketball Association (NBA) teams, Jeanie Buss is well-known in the professional basketball community. Jeanie Buss’s net worth was estimated to be around $600 million as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, even though I cannot access real-time data.

Jeanie Buss acquired a critical stake in the Lakers establishment from her late dad, Jerry Buss, who bought the group in 1979. The Lakers have continued flourishing as a profitable business and on the court under her leadership. The group has brought home numerous NBA titles and kept a huge and devoted fan base, adding to the association’s general worth and monetary progress.

Besides her role with the Lakers, Buss has been involved in various other business ventures. She has been actively involved in the team’s day-to-day operations, strategic decision-making, and overall brand management, and she has held positions within the organization, such as Executive Vice President of Business Operations.

Jeanie Buss’s Professional Career

World Team Tennis, a tennis association possessed by Jeanie Buss’ dad, stopped activity in 1978 but was returned in 1981 as Team Tennis. She was 19 years of age at that point and went to the College of Southern California (USC). She oversaw the franchise for over a decade before its demise in 1993. After that, in 1993, Buss established the Los Angeles Blades, the first professional roller hockey team in Los Angeles.

At the time, Buss was in charge of the Great Western Forum, the Lakers’ home arena. While she worked at the Gathering, her impact with the Lakers developed. In 1999, she joined the Lakers as the leader and VP of business activities.

In 2005, Wearing News recorded her as one of the Main 20 Most Persuasive Ladies in Sports. Forbes called her “one of the few powerful women in sports management,” and they were right. She is regarded as “one of the most powerful women in the NBA” by ESPN.

Buss was supposed to be the governor of the Lakers and the team’s representative at NBA Board of Governors meetings, two positions Jerry held. At the same time, he was alive, according to Jerry’s succession plan. She began her tenure as the Lakers’ president in 2013-2014.

Jeanie Buss terminated Mitch Kupchak as a head supervisor and accepted Jim’s abdication from his situation as the VP of B-ball Procedure on February 21, 2017. After that, she appointed Magic Johnson as President of Basketball Operations. She later gave the senior supervisor position to sports specialist Burglarize Pelinka.

Jeanie Buss Achievement

Jeanie Buss is a unique advantage who’s taken significant actions in the games business. She paved the way for women in sports by becoming the first female controlling owner of an NBA team and has broken down numerous barriers.

She has been honoured with awards such as the Sports Business Journal’s “Game Changer of the Year” award for her leadership abilities, which helped the Los Angeles Lakers win the championship.

Jeanie’s not just about business, however – she’s likewise a humanitarian engaged with different causes and local area projects. This boss woman truly inspires me.


The biography of Jeanie Buss highlights her significant contributions as a pioneering female executive to the basketball industry. Her excursion from a youth drenched in the game to becoming the proprietor and leader of one of the most celebrated establishments in the NBA demonstrates her strength, assurance, and administration abilities. With her proceeded with contribution, the Lakers stayed a famous group in a proficient ball, and Jeanie Buss’ effect on the game will be associated for years to come.


Q1. Is Jeanie Hitched?
Ans. No, Jeanie is presently drawn into Jay Mohr, a jokester.

Q2. Who exactly is Jeanie?
Ans. An American sports executive named Jeanie Marie Buss is also known as Jeanie.

Q3. When was Jeanie Conceived?
Ans. Jeanie was brought into the world on September 26, 1961; her origin is St Nick Monica, California, US of America.

Q4. What is Jeanie’s age?
Ans. As indicated by her introduction to the world date, Jeanie is 61 years of age now.

Q5. How much money does Jeanie have?
Ans. Jeanie has total assets of $500 million as of December 2022.