Here is Evan Hafer’s complete bio, including his nationality, marital status, wife, parents, career, age, job, birthday, height, and weight, as well as his gender, ethnicity, father, mother, and education, as well as his net worth, the hometown of origin, his parents’ sources of income, and other information.

Full Name Evan Hafer
Birthday Not Known
Age 45-50 Years
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Hometown Idaho
Marital Status Married
Wife Kate Hafer
Children 1 Son
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known
Gender Male
Parents Not Known
Profession CEO of Black Rifle Coffee

The CEO of the Black Rifle Coffee firm is Evan. It is a well-known and well-liked coffee brand that predominantly serves veterans. Evan has served in the United States military and is a veteran.

The Black Rifle Coffee firm was founded to provide soldiers and supporters of America with high-quality, unadulterated coffee. It did not take long for this high-end coffee brand to become well-known among military leaders and working men. Read the article below for all the information about Evan.

Evan Hafer Life and Education

Evan Hafer Personal Life

This Army veteran’s precise date of birth has not yet been made public. However, he must be between 45 and 50 years old based on how long he served in the military. Evan served in the American military for 20 years. His zodiac sign is also unknown due to the absence of information on his birth date.

The majority of his have been kept secret. His affiliation with the U.S. Service is most likely the reason that his life is now private and not accessible to the general public. He was born and reared in Idaho and is of White ancestry and American nationality. Some people claimed that Evan is Jewish.

The information is not quite certain, though, because he has not yet verified it. He was raised among manual workers. When he was 16 years old, his father had a broken back while logging. Early in childhood, Evan’s desire for the military manifested itself as a vocation.

Evan Hafer Career

He will start focusing all his attention on growing and expanding his company in 2021. Evan has spent a significant amount of 20 years—in the US Military, as was previously indicated. He was sent to assignments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Throughout his career, he has been given a variety of assignments and responsibilities.

He has held a variety of professions, including infantryman, Special Forces soldier, CIA contractor, and more. The year was 1997, and the coffee caught his eye. He brought his own coffee beans with him to Afghanistan in 2006 for his placement there.

Everyone at the military camp did genuinely like it, which inspired Evan to pursue a business career in the area. He quit the military in 2015 and started the business Black Rifle.

Evan Hafer Personal Life

Evan Hafer wife

The details about his family, have not yet appeared on the internet. The specifics of Evan’s family are unknown, however, it is assumed that he is married. He has talked about how he observed his father and grandparents making fresh coffee in the Idaho highlands.

His wife’s name is Kate Hafer, according to his social media sites.

The couple has a son together, which is a blessing. The family enjoys outdoor activities and being in nature. Evan’s family appears to be enjoying their lives, as seen by the photographs of her wife and kid trekking in the mountains.

Evan Hafer’s Net Worth

Evan’s net worth is currently skyrocketing. Online data indicates that his firm alone had total revenues of $80 million in 2019. From the $30 million in sales in 2018, it was a significant improvement. Although the precise amount is unknown, his net worth is thought to be $500,000. The sum is dependent on his company’s accumulation.

But he has unquestionably earned a sizable quantity of money via his military service. His business focuses on offering online coffee subscription services to consumers. In 2020, it was predicted that this service will have about 100,000 members.

The biggest coffee brand in the world, Starbucks, competes with his business. Each year, BRCC roasts more than 500,000 pounds of coffee.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Evan

  1. Northern Idaho was Evan’s home throughout his formative years.
  2. He has amassed a sizable wealth via his professional experience as a veteran of the military and CEO of Black Rifle.
  3. Hafer is thought to have a $100,000 net worth.
  4. He served as a staff sergeant in the Air Force.


Was Evan Hafer a Green Beret?

Yes from official sources it’s confirmed that Evan Hafer was a Green Beret which is a special decorated branch of the US Military.

What companies does Evan Hafer own?

He owns one company now named Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Was Evan Hafer Special Forces?

Yes, he belongs to green beret and served the CIA as well. This is from reliable sources.