In a short time, Indian social media influencer Anjali Arora has worked hard to establish a solid financial position for herself.

Model and well-known actress Anjali Arora got her start on TikTok with lip-sync videos. She became famous and beloved due to her incredible talent and endearing appearance. People frequently wonder about her financial situation due to her growing fame. We will discuss Anjali Arora’s monthly income, net worth, and other essential assets in this post.

Anjali Arora Wiki

Birth Date and Age November 03, 24 years
Birthplace Delhi, India
Residence Delhi, India
  • Delhi Public School, Delhi
  • Delhi University, Delhi
Debut Short dance video on TikTok
Most Popular Appearance
  • Dance video on Kacha Badam
  • Acting in the Punjabi music video Temporary Pyaar
  • Lock Upp Season 1
Accolades Popular Face of the Year, Eminence Award (2022)
Religion Hinduism
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Height and weight 5 Feet 8 inches or 1.72 meters and 55 kg or 120 lbs

Anjali Arora is an Indian actress and social media influencer whose short social media videos often make headlines. Her birthday is November 3, 1999, in Punjab. She and her family moved to Delhi as a child because of her father’s business there. She finished her education in Delhi itself after that.

She has always loved acting and dancing, even in school. She received her graduate degree in Delhi, where she had completed her foundational education. Afterwards, she began posting lip-syncing videos to the TikTok app as it gained popularity in India. She has over 5 million TikTok followers due to some of her videos going viral.

Many local music firms began approaching him to appear in their music videos after she received much positive feedback from her videos. Some popular songs Anjali worked on are Supana, Temporary Pyaar, Mutiyar, Sutli Qamar, and Aashiq Purana. After TikTok was banned in India, she began creating her reels and videos on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Her Personal Life

She was born On the 3rd November 1999 in Delhi, India. She lives with her parents, Babita and Ashwini, and her brother, Vansh Arora. In addition, she owns a puppy, which is frequently featured in her social media posts.

After attending Delhi Public School for her elementary and secondary education, Anjali proceeded to Delhi University to obtain her diploma. She was involved in her school’s cultural events and had a natural talent for acting and modeling at a young age.

Digital content creator Akash Sansanwal is allegedly dating Anjali. They are frequently spotted creating content for social media sites together. Aside from this, Anjali enjoys traveling and is a passionate animal lover. Her gorgeous personality and endearing demeanor are evident in her Instagram posts.

Anjali Arora Net Worth, Income and Salary, House, Assets, Career and Achievements

Anjali Arora

Anjali is quite well-known online thanks to her remarkable talent and endearing appearance. She now commands a respectable following on social media. She has earned all those accolades for her performances and production.

Net worth ( in Dollars) $1 Million
Net worth (in Rupees) 8 Crore
Monthly Income 5 Lakh +
Annual income 80 Lakh +
Income Source YouTube, Music Videos
YouTube Income 1.5Lakh +
Miscellaneous Assets and their Valuation 60.5 lakh +

Anjali Arora’s Net Worth Growth in the Last 5 Years:

In 2023 $1 Million
In 2022 $0.8 Million
In 2021 $0.5 Million
In 2020 $0.3 Million
In 2019 $0.1 Million

Anjali Arora’s Net Worth

Anjali is considered worth $1 million, or approximately Rs. 8.3 crores. Her gross earnings include money acquired from music videos, YouTube, and other sponsored adverts. Her net worth puts her among some of the most prosperous social media influencers in India, if not the richest themselves.

Anjali Arora’s Income and Salary

Anjali Arora makes her money in a few different ways. Anjali’s estimated monthly compensation is Rs. 5 lakhs, thanks to her growing online fan base. Her income is primarily derived from Google AdSense and the music videos in which she appears.

Anjali is reportedly charging Rs. 5.5 lakhs for sponsored Instagram posts, Rs. 2.5 lakhs for each sponsored story and Rs. 12 lakhs for each video on the platform. Interestingly, she makes about Rs. 1.5 lakhs per month from her YouTube account. Anjali Arora’s yearly earnings, including all of her sources of income, exceeds Rs. 80 lakhs.

Her House

Anjali resides with her parents in their Delhi, India home. She also has an opulent home in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Anjali Arora’s Assets

A Jaguar XE valued at Rs. 48.50 lakhs and a Kia Sonet priced at Rs. 12 lakhs are among Anjali Arora’s possessions. She told her admirers on social media that she recently gave her father a brand-new automobile as a gift.

Her Career

Short lip-sync and dancing videos on TikTok were how Anjali got her start in the industry in 2017. She quickly garnered millions of followers after one of her dance videos to the song Kacha Badam went viral. In addition to her social media presence, she began her acting career in Punjabi music videos featuring well-known musicians.

Because of her acting in Punjabi music videos, she became quite well-known and popular. For Punjabi songs like Temporary Pyar and Aashiq Purana, regarded as the year’s biggest hits in the Punjab music business, Anjali was featured opposite Kaka (Ravinder Singh) in 2021. Additionally, she has been in music videos for Tere Baghi, Diler Kharkiya, and PAUNE 12. She appears in other Hindi and Haryanvi songs in addition to the Punjabi hits. For the Oh Humnasheen music video in 2022, Zee Music Company cast Anjali opposite Pranay Jha.

Anjali is a well-known digital content developer with enormous renown for her performance in music videos. With 574K subscribers, her YouTube channel, Anjali Arora, broadcasts vlogs and films about her everyday life updates. On other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Moj, she also has a sizable following.

Anjali most recently appeared as a participant on the reality show Lock Upp Season 1, where she was one of the finalists and had to spend 72 days inside the show’s set. It was a significant turning point in her career since she became well-known online because she played the game within the Lock Upp.

Anjali Arora age


Anjali received the Star Eminence Awards 2022’s Popular Face of the Year category award. She received a 2022 IWM Digital Awards nomination for Viral Queen of the Year. She received a nomination from Bollywood Life Awards for Viral Social Star of the Year. Aside from that, she was included in the top 10 celebrities that were Googled in 2022.

Controversies surrounding Anjali Arora

During her career, Anjali was in the spotlight for a few contentious reasons:

Anjali disclosed in a Lock Upp episode that she traveled to Russia and had sex with a man in exchange for money. This gave rise to online debate directed towards her.

She also revealed her affection for Munawar Faruqi, a competitor, on the show. Given that Anjali had a partner before joining the show, this got contentious. She was accused of feigning love on the show to gain notoriety.

Due to her MMS video being published on social media, Anjali also made news. She first refrained from discussing it publicly, but she has since stated that the MMS video depicts someone other than Anjali, and it became viral to make fun of her.

With her material, Anjali Arora quickly reached several professional milestones. Much of the public loves and follows her, which speaks something about the calibre of her work. She has benefited from this in her early life by becoming financially successful.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Anjali Arora’s net worth?
Ans- Anjali Arora is considered worth $1 million, or eight crores in Indian Rupees, on a conservative assessment.

What is Anjali Arora’s monthly salary?
Ans- The approximate monthly salary of Anjali Arora is five lakh rupees.

What is the age of Anjali Arora?
Ans- Anjali Arora was brought into the world in Delhi, India, on November 3, 1999. She is at present 24 years of age.

How much is Anjali Arora’s annual salary?
Ans- Anjali Arora gets paid over 80 lakh rupees a year.