Over time, Armstrong has had several different income sources, although his primary income right now is through his YouTube channel. He has also earned quite a lot through some commission rebuilds.

Armstrong’s ability to interact and resonate with onlookers has been critical in drawing and retaining a large subscriber base. The popularity of his YouTube channel attests to his ability to create content, attracting the attention of a diverse demographic. As a content developer, he has not only built a religious fan following but also a financial revenue stream, resulting in the estimable net worth he now possesses. Mat Armstrong is a noteworthy character in YouTube geography, with his financial standing reflecting the results of his devoted labor.

Mat Armstrong Wiki

The automotive niche on YouTube is surprisingly unexplored yet fascinating, and discussing cars on the platform would be impossible without Mat Armstrong. Armstrong was a professional BMX rider before starting his channel to share the love of riding with people from all walks of life. He is well-known on the YouTube platform for motorcars.

Thanks to his wise business transactions with sports lifts and abundant buses, Mat Armstrong has become well-known. Owing to his advanced skills and age, he is regarded by onlookers, YouTubers who specialize in cars, and even certain celebrities as a legend. He has one of the highest numbers of followers in this niche. There have been several written journal interviews, internet blogs, narratives, etc.

Real Name Mat Armstrong
Birth Place Leicester, England, United Kingdom
DOB 11 June 1993
Age 30 years
College Didn’t attend
Nationality England
Profession YouTuber

Personal life

Mat Armstrong gf

On the dawn of June 11, 1993, Mat Armstrong gazed upon this world in the vibrant city of Leicester. His journey unfolded against the backdrop of the United Kingdom, where he seamlessly intertwined his existence with the rich tapestry of British life, embracing every chapter of his story within the confines of its cultural embrace. It’s known to the public that Armstrong saw his parents separate when he was pretty young, putting him in a fiscal gutter since he was a minor. His father, Tony Armstrong, married a woman named Karen Key.

As his father was a simple handyperson, Mat had to work odd jobs from a very young age. Armstrong also loved playing football when he was a teenager. Since his exposed and audacious life brought him close to new ranges, Armstrong set up the world of BMXing relatively fast. His main passion was performing BMX tricks. At the same time, he kept pursuing his training and graduated from Lutterworth College in the country.

His family has been hypocritically named Holly Michelle Armstrong. Mat Armstrong finished his training when he was 16 — rejecting all other career options, he rode his BMX bike as a professional. He’d have continued on this path had he not started his YouTube channel soon after, which also brought him the fame, exposure, and direct opening into the automotive business world he’d have passed out on.

Mat joined Maddy Gear MGP and under them he contended in numerous professional BMX competitions not only in England but all across the world. Beforehand exposure to mechanics through his father’s work brought him fresh knowledge about this field. For the coming years, Mat didn’t only perform as a BMXer but also counseled other players in Dubai.

Mat Armstrong’s Net worth, Income, Automobile, and Business

Net Worth 2 Million- 2.5 Million USD
Annual Income around $15000 to $30000
Income Source YouTube, ads, Sponsorships

His Net Worth

Mat Armstrong’s impressive net worth of approximately $2 million-$2.5 million in 2023 indicates the pinnacle of his booming YouTube career. With over 1.96 million subscribers, his channel has become a go-to destination for a diverse audience. The secret to his financial success is the extensive material library he meticulously crafted on YouTube, including a remarkable 400 videos.


His yearly income is considered to be around $15000 to $30000. Another essential source of his income is auspices. Collaborations with brands are mutually beneficial partnerships in which he not only receives financial support but also connects his specific brand with products or services. Similar hookups’ success can be critical in increasing his net worth. In essence, Mat Armstrong’s financial success is tightly braided with his digital presence on YouTube, ad revenue, and synergistic benefits, making him a noteworthy player in the online content creation world.

Mat Armstrong Car Collection

Mat Armstrong Cars

Mat Armstrong’s car collection is one of the most distinctive among UK automotive YouTubers. Mat, based in Leicester, England, has quickly garnered popularity because of his distinct style of videos in which he buys damaged high-end vehicles and then takes his viewers on a trip to restore and alter them.

Mat also restored a 2019 Aston Martin Vantage that was involved in a front-end collision and was deemed too valuable to be fixed by the insurance company. He also creates vlog-style videos documenting his supercar experiences, such as driving his E46 M3 to the Nürburgring and his Twin-Turbo Lamborghini across Europe.

The following is a list of all the automobiles that Mat currently owns:

  • Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4: priced between $89,888 to $199,950.
  • Aston Martin Vantage: priced at $146,000.
  • Maserati GranTurismo: priced between $174,000 to $205,000.
  • BMW M3: priced at $76,000.
  • Toyota GT86: priced between $28,400 to $31,425.
  • Range Rover Vogue: priced between $52,600 to $226,500.
  • Mercedes C63 AMG: price starting at $83,000.
  • Murcielago: priced between $299,995 to $299,995.
  • BMW E24 635CSI: average price of $17,251.


Mat Armstrong successfully blends YouTube and his love for automobiles into a mutually advantageous internet marketing firm, leveraging years of e-commerce experience and a rapidly increasing YouTube channel.

Armstrong established his online store so that viewers could easily access and purchase the items featured in his captivating videos, recognizing the demand from his devoted fans. This innovative blend of content generation with e-commerce not only simplifies his audience’s shopping experience but also converts his recommendations and evaluations into concrete sales. Mat Armstrong bridges the gap between customer convenience and content consumption in the ever-changing realm of online marketing by constructing a curated marketplace utilizing his unique technique.


Who is Mat Armstrong?
Ans:- Mat Armstrong, a well-known YouTuber, has built a separate character through his astute encounters with high-performance sports cars and luxury automobiles.

How old is Mat Armstrong?
Ans:- Mat Armstrong is 30 years old.

What is Mat Armstrong’s net worth?
Ans:- Mat Armstrong’s net worth is estimated to be between $2 and 2.5 million USD.

Where does Mat Armstrong hail from?
Ans:- He is from Leicester, England, United Kingdom.