Estimates place Jass Manak at nearly $ 17 million or 141.5 crores in Indian currency by this year, he is an Actor, model, singer-songwriter and musician from Punjab whose career shot off like a rocket. His hits include songs like Suit, Prada and Lehenga have made him famous all over the map and also won him a devoted following.

Estimates for 2023 put Jass Manak’s income at about 40 lakh per month. Thus this money comes from all kinds of places—endorsements, music and other businesses. If anyone wants Jass Manak’s music performance at their grand events, they need to shell out more than 30 lakh rupees. This high price tag emphasises just how valuable and special his songs are. It shows that Jass Manak’s music is considered quite precious, and people are willing to invest a significant amount to have his songs played live on their special day.

Jass Manak did not build his name by himself; he worked with a lot other big names in the entertainment world, which was an important factor in helping him become famous. Today he is one of India’s most beloved singers, appreciated by a large audience for his talent and achievements. His achievements indicate that he has worked hard, and improved himself over the years. It can be inspiring for people who want to become musicians, telling them that with effort and hard work, they too will attain their dreams.

Jass Manak Wiki

Full Name Jaspreet Singh Manak
Birth Date and Age 12 Feb, 1999
Residence Jalandhar (Punjab) India
Education ●     Hemkunt Public School, Jalandhar, Punjab

●     Punjab University, Patiala, India

Debut ●     Single: U-Turn (2017)

●     Album: Age 19(2019)

Most Popular Songs ●     Lehenga

●     Prada

●     Suit Punjabi

Accolades ‘Parda’ received the title of Best Song of the Year, in Mirchi Music Awards (2019)

Starting from a very young age, the famous Indian singer-songwriter Jaspreet Singh Manak cultivated his desire to become a performer. At an early age, he began developing his singing abilities. Before long, he was going from amateur vocalist to professional performer overnight.

To this day he is still putting out hit songs and gathering quite a fan base, making him one of India’s most popular young musicians. Every appearance at an event and every live stage performance by Jass Manak costs more than 20 lakh rupees. His success in social media has landed him a position promoting products and endorsement work for many firms, including Allen Solly. Jass Manak demands more than 15 lakh rupees to endorse each brand.

His Personal Life

Born on February 12, 1999, in Jalandhar, Under the name of Jaspreet Singh Manak popularly known as simply Jass Manak was also brought up in Mohali. When he was very young, Manak started to sing. His blend of pop, bhangra and hip-hop with traditional elements has made him famous.

He liked to sing at school celebrations and was thoughtful, as a child. His parents encouraged him at age of 15 to follow his interest in music. He found a new spark and dived into the realm of music. Punjabi singers like Gurdas Maan and Kuldeep Manak, who caught his ear with their intriguing melodies, particularly impressed him.

His parents’ names are obscure as far as his family is concerned. However, Gopi Manak is his younger brother. Besides this, Manak does charitable work. He is backing non-profit organisations that provide education for poor Indian children. Manak likes playing guitar and hanging out with his buddies.

Jass Manak Net Worth, Monthly Salary, House

Net Worth (In Dollar) $17 million
Net Worth (In Rupees) Rs. 141+ Crores
Monthly Income Rs. 25 Lakhs
Annual Income Rs. 7 Crores
Properties Owned and their Valuation Rs. 8.5+ Crores
Miscellaneous Assets and their Valuation Rs. 2.07 Crores

Jass Manak makes cool Punjabi tunes with awesome rhythms. His good looks and special voice have made music fans all over the world love him. His path is an example of skill, resolve and the importance of individual expression.

In 2023, Jass Manak is thought to make over seven million Indian rupees each year. This includes earnings from live shows, support deals and music-playing services. Jass Manak charges over 20 lakh rupees for a movie. Reports say that he is one of the best-paid singers in India.

Gains in Jass Manak’s Net Worth during the Past Five Years:

  • In 2023 — $17 Million
  • In 2022 — $16.5 Million
  • In 2021 — $15 Million
  • In 2020 — $14 Million
  • In 2019 — $12.5 Million

Jass Manak’s Net Worth

Jass Manak’s net worth is estimated at above 17 million dollars, or nearly 141.5 crore rupees in Indian currency. This figure includes all the money he makes from music and sponsors.

Salary and Income of Jass Manak

Jass Manak is thought to make approximately Rs. 25 lakhs a month. This encompasses earnings from many sources like music streaming, brand endorsements, and in-person events. He charges Rs. 30 lakhs for live stage performances and appearances at events. Furthermore, he demands Rs. 20 lakhs for his roles in films.

Jass Manak’s salary is estimated to be around Rs. 7 crores annually. His huge social media following enables him to work with numerous brands, such as Allen Solly, He costs Rs. 15 lakhs for product launches and endorsements.


Jass Manak lives in a ritzy neighbourhood and splurges on the finer things. He is to be found among India’s spanking new aristocratic families. He lives with his family, and has a really good home that completes every detail from its linking balcony (which has an exciting view) to the beautiful corridors.

He also owns a luxurious home in Jalandhar worthed at an estimated US $ 1 million. With his lifestyle, he’s another immaculate-looking specimen of manhood adding to our stockpile. From our point of view, his life must be both comfortable and elegant.

Jass Manak Car collection

Jass Manak enjoys purchasing high-end vehicles, and he is the owner of several costly vehicles. Let us now discuss Jass Manak’s collection of automobiles.

  • First place The “Range Rover,” the most costly vehicle in his collection, costs 1.95 crore rupees.
  • “Mitsubishi Montero” is No. 2. He paid about 66.55 lakh rupees for this car.
  • “Toyota Fortuner” is No. 3. The automobile is 42.50 lakh rupees in price.
  • In addition to vehicles, he enjoys purchasing incredible motorcycles. He owns a “Royal Enfield,” which costs 1.80 lakh rupees.


A frequent participant in humanitarian efforts, Jass Manak is a great fan of charities that offer deprived Indian schoolchildren the chance to get an education.


Lehenga, a popular song by Jass Manak, became popular on the Global YouTube weekly list as well as the UK Asian Music list. This appealing song was even nominated for a 2019–20 Mirchi Music Awards Listener’s Choice Independent Music Category (INDIES). Notably, last year at the 2019 Mirchi Music Awards his song Prada took away one of music’s most prestigious prizes: Best Song Of The Year. Streamed 500 million times on the Gaana app, this is an incredible achievement.


He is a famous singer. Now let’s see, How many followers he has on different platforms:

  • Instagram – Around 8.7 million followers.
  • Twitter – Around 19k followers.
  • Facebook – Around 1.6 million followers.


Manak’s popular song “Lehenga” gained international popularity and became a main attraction at opulent Indian weddings. However, Maninder Buttar—who rose to fame with the hit song Sakhiya—claimed that Jass had plagiarised his Lehenga.

Through his musical career, Jass Manak has achieved great success and recognition. His net worth is commensurate with his contributions to this business and accomplishments.


In 2017, Jass Manak made his debut as a singer with the single ‘U-Turn.’ He also released ‘Without You’ in 2018 but it was Prada (one of India’s most streamed hit songs) that finally launched him onto stardom. Apart from providing vocals for ‘Rabb Wangu’ and ‘Bandook’ in the Punjabi film Sikander 2, he released his album ‘Age19’ last year. Then, Lehenga reached number five on the Indian charts and twenty-second globally in weekly YouTube music.

Jass Manak, one of Punjab’s most famous musicians on YouTube managed to cement his position in the spotlight. He is closely tied to the well-known record label Geet MP3, which was established in 2016. Songs from albums such as No Competition, which was released on August 19, 2020, and other releases (on February 13) kept people mesmerised. On September 19, 2021, he released his third album entitled ‘Bad Munda.’ A little over one year later he released the fourth album ‘Love Thunder.’ His hits are Butterfly, Shaka Laka Boom Boom, Tera Mera Viah, Saiyaan and Naam Jatt Da.

Besides just performing, Jass Manak is also a good songwriter. He has also written songs for the albums of Nishawn Bhullar and Karan Randhawa. In 2019 he demonstrated his skills as a songwriter with Surma Kala (for Jassi Gill) and Naam Jatt Da (Gippy Grewal). For the film Tufang he has just written a new song entitled ‘Teri Main Hogyi.’

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How rich is Jass Manak?

Ans: Jass Manak is said to be worth around 17 million dollars, or 141.5 crore in Indian rupees.

Just how much does Jass Manak make each month?

Ans: Jass Manak takes home about 25 lakh rupees a month.

Age of Jass Manak?

Ans: He will only be 25 years old in 2024.

How much does Jass Manak receive yearly?

Ans: Jass Manak’s total earnings in a year are more than 7 crore rupees.

How many people follow him on Instagram?

Ans: He is one of the best known singers in the Punjabi world. He now has 8.7 million Instagram followers.