Manual labor is one of the hardest and energy draining jobs one can ever do. When your energy is high, you not only complete tasks fast, but your brain becomes alert throughout the exercise. That means accidents can rarely happen, all because of good nutrition.

In many energy-consuming industries where work entails human labor, such as construction, manufacturing, oil, and gas, the cost of a tired, hungry, or distracted laborer has devastating effects. Take the case of the UK; skipping a meal causes the economy over £300 million each year.

The figures are up there because hungry workers are less productive. In the US, several studies point out that when workers are not well-fed, there are chances that most will call their workstations to seek a day off due to illnesses -short or long-term. Most ailments are due to poor or inadequate nutrition. Reports also suggest that most contractors lose out when their workers’ minds are less alert due to poor nutrition.

Mental sluggishness translates to lost innovation, low output, and accidents at work. Therefore, decision-makers in a company or employers must consider their laborers’ dietary needs even when the laborers themselves cannot. That will ensure optimal productivity and fewer or no accidents at work due to a lack of poor nutrition. As a result, companies will experience good returns.

What are The Best Meal Plans When Performing Hard Physical Work?

Soy rich in proteins

The strength and energy of a person who engages in strenuous work are equivalent to the food they feed on. Therefore, a healthy and all-inclusive meal plan turns such a laborer into a workhorse leader. You should ensure your workers get plenty of protein. Sustainable soy is a healing satellite that the body sends to the tared fibers and muscles after intense strain on body muscles. Soy, rich in proteins, helps generate new, bigger, and stronger muscles.

When you engage in energy-depleting work without a good influx of proteins, your muscles will start deleting and depleting your strength. According to The United States Department of Agriculture, someone who works out vigorously or engages in hard labor should consume 0.6 grams of protein for every pound of weight daily. Foods rich in proteins besides soya include grass-fed beef, salmon, and chicken. Please insist that they should have these on their menu.

• Eat Carbohydrates

You need the energy to perform hard work. When your body needs energy to do such work, it turns to calories for fuel. When performing such tasks, it requires approximately 85% of calories, whose source is carbohydrates. Some foods contain bad calories, such as sugar or potatoes.

Such foods will only supply energy for a while and then a hard crash that leaves you feeling down. While sugar is good, ensure you insist on foods rich in good carbs like old-fashioned steel-cut oats, whole grain pasta, beans, and brown rice. The Harvard School of Public Health suggests that such carbs will keep one energized for an extended time.

• Add Enough Calories


According to the USDA, men between 19 and 50 who engage in hard labor or exercise vigorously should consume as much as 3000 calories daily. It helps them to maintain their energy level every day. Desist from eating only two meals that supply 1500 calories each per day.

That will slow your metabolism leading to extreme bouts of low energy between those meals. Instead, ensure that these are spread throughout the day so your body receives a steady influx of energy. Ensure your workers eat at least three square meals daily and snacks between working hours.

What Does a Laborer Need to Eat For Dinner?

A person engaging in energy-consuming work should combine proteins and carbohydrates for dinner. These foods ensure your body has sufficient energy and proteins to help generate new cells. For dinner, one should consume various foods, like pan-roasted salmon, almond-crusted halibut and vegetable curry, grilled chicken breast with spinach, tomato sauce, green beans, or even steak and brown rice.

What’s on Your Cup For Breakfast?

Cup For Breakfast

Breaking the fast, or breakfast, is essential for any contractor or laborer. One should consume healthy carbs before checking in for the day’s work. Healthy food should be low in fats and sugars. Consider these options for breakfast:

  • Scrambled egg, a banana, and spinach and toast
  • Gluten-free protein balls
  • Watercress smoothie
  • Avocado and peach porridge

A good contractor or decision maker in a company must ensure their men at work eat well, and they should meet all their nutrition needs. A strong and healthy workforce will never disappoint your company. On the other hand, workers should take lots of fluids to be hydrated. They should also maintain basic hygiene to avoid diarrhea and other related diseases. Ensure workers never skip meals and get treated whenever they fall sick or injured at work. Finally, it would help to work with a dietitian for the best dietary strategies for all at work.