It is only when you build a consistent brand on Instagram you will be able to grow your followers base on the platform. However, creating brand awareness is not easy.

You will need to make sure that the content is not random or disjointed. This will confuse your audience and most importantly, if not drastically, it will cause losing followers.

If you want to prevent this, you will need to focus on creating relevant and compelling content as that is what will help you to maintain consistent brand value, awareness and aesthetic on your Instagram account and make your posts more appealing and productive.

In order to create a consistent brand, you will have to determine what it should look like. For that, you will need to consider several things such as:

  • Your brand personality
  • The brand values
  • The ways in which your employees and customers define your brand and
  • Whether you are bold, gritty, playful, or adventurous.

This type of insights will help you in the better creation of content and brand consistency. Typically, it should be clean and organized and everything included should reflect the traits, personality, and values.

The usefulness of brand aesthetic and personality

There is a lot of importance to focus on ensuring that you maintain brand aesthetic and brand personality.

  • Usually, the brand aesthetic will make it easy for your brand to become meaningful and recognizable. This means when some users see your picture in their Insta feed they can immediately know that it is yours, even without having to see the company name.
  • Another usefulness of brand aesthetic is that it will give a bold presence in the feed. If you simply focus on the on-the-go lifestyle of the audience and feature fun images in your posts, it will surely drive more engagement.

Once you are done with determining the personality and aesthetic of your brand, you will need to design, define, determine and refine your content so that it matches your brand in the perfect manner. This will even apply to the color palette that you use in your photos.

Brand aesthetic, however, does not just apply to visuals only but in the narrative of the brand as well. Therefore, you should make sure that you maintain a proper aesthetic in your brand narrative by including convincing stories, high-energy images, and more intuitive videos in your captions.

The advantage of this approach is that:

  • It will make your brand far more relatable
  • The users will have more faith in your brand
  • You will not have to pay for Instagram views and
  • You will have again in the number of new followers.

Therefore, you should never deviate from your brand value, aesthetic or personality and do everything possible to ensure these are retained.

Grow your follower base

Everything in Instagram oils down to growing the follower base. However, this takes some serious time and energy as well as a very strong strategy to follow.

At times, you may be drawn to take the easiest way out and buy Instagram followers but be warned, these followers are more often than not fake. Do not do this because:

  • This will never actually drive engagement which is really what you want and
  • Recent API changes in Instagram will automatically delete such followers.

You will need our posts to be seen by the users and to do that purchasing follower is not a feasible, prudent and cost-effective approach.

In order to build a following the right way here is what you should do and focus on:

  • Make sure that your username is recognizable as well as searchable. People will not be able to follow you if they cannot find you. Therefore, fill out your bio by including who you are and what you do. Remember, this is the last thing people see before they make their decision whether or not to follow you.
  • Start posting as soon as your profile is optimized. It is actually a good idea to put at least 10 to 15 high-quality posts in your feed before you actually start engaging people. This will prevent the users from unfollowing you which they will surely do if they visit your account and find your profile empty.
  • After that, start following those accounts that interest you and perfectly relates to your business. You should consider Instagram just like a community and look for other businesses or influencers in it in your area who may enjoy your product or service. When you start following accounts, Instagram will also suggest the other related accounts that you can follow.
  • When you follow an account, do not end it there. Instead, interact with the content. This is actually the most normal way to draw the attention of other users to your own Instagram account without making you look spammy. When you follow and interact with other Instagram accounts, the owner of the account will get a notification. This, in turn, will prompt them to check out your account. They may even start to follow you. When you engage with the contents of other accounts or that of your followers, make sure that you always appreciate them by responding to their comments. This will help you to build a strong relationship with your followers as they will know that you value them and their comments.
  • You must also encourage others to share your content. You may even invite brand ambassadors to share your account or you can collaborate with other similar accounts. This will raise the number of your followers significantly as the followers of them will be added to your follower count.

Lastly, make sure that you promote your Instagram on other social media channels. You can do this by including an Instagram social share button on your website.

When you share your Instagram posts on other social platforms you will have a larger social audience to tap, direct to your site and drive more traffic, sales, and business revenue.

Sometimes, this is the fastest way to gain more followers for your Instagram account.