Not so long ago, encryption was a technology that only technicians worried about. Now one of the world’s most popular applications, WhatsApp, sees end-to-end encryption as critical to its future, and that of its more than 1 billion users.

So why does encryption suddenly become so important to everyone? It is no secret that governments see encryption as a threat to their monitoring of suspected criminals.

App users have begun to worry about government surveillance of their lives, and are clamoring for technologies that guarantee privacy. End-to-end encryption (with perfect confidentiality, and user verification) data are generated by mobile devices and are never stored on WhatsApp servers.

The company cannot access user data even if it wants to. Of course, WhatsApp, and other busy companies integrating end-to-end encryption into their software emphasize privacy.

End-to-end encryption helps make WhatsApp communication a kind of private, and face-to-face conversation. In addition to video calling, WhatsApp users now enjoy this security feature for messaging, and phone calls as well.

Is it possible to secure the WhatsApp video call?

No. You cannot do anything yourself to secure your WhatsApp video call. Rather, you don’t have to because all the video calls, phone calls, and massages are protected with end-to-end encryption. This security is given by the App itself.

Which means neither anyone can hack your video call, nor download your private data. Encrypting video calls can give users around the world the confidence that their conversations will continue to be private, as this is the company’s latest effort to make WhatsApp one of the most secure applications.

When WhatsApp introduced this end-to-end encrypting feature in the year 2016, they told us that “We are obviously trying to live up to what our users want. We are focused on making sure voice, and video works well, even on low-cost phones”.

This means that WhatsApp is sensitive when it comes to security, privacy, and customer safety. And, nothing can stop it, be it pressure from American Government, FBI, or any other country. So, no matter what, your video call is secure with WhatsApp end-to-end encryption.

Is there any other way around?

No. But, if you need to secure your smartphone so that you absolutely don’t want to take any chance, you can encrypt your smartphone. You can buy the premium version of any software for Android, or iOS to encrypt your device.

Just don’t connect your phone to any open network. You can use good software, but all of these will only add extra security to your smartphone, not WhatsApp video call as it is already encrypted.

But, also there two vital ways to make your WhatsApp video call secure. Se, the primary point is that you cannot do anything on your own to make the video call secure because it is already secure with one of the most critical algorithms mankind has ever known.

And, every day the App maker Company is doing its best to give you better security. Although, there are two measures you can take which will help you gain extra security over your video call.

Method 1

Go to WhatsApp > click on the three dots on your screen > there click on the account > then click on the security > there you will see the App declaration which will give you enough trust > then click on the “Show security notification” on (Turn on this setting to get notification when contact’s security code has changed) > then press back > then click to TWO-STEP VERIFICATION > click on ENABLE option > enter 6 digit pin to register your number > after that type the PIN> Add Email Address > follow the completion process to keep your connection safe, and secure.

Method 2

This method is applicable to see whether both you and your contact (with whom you do video call) are encrypted. Once again, you cannot do anything on your own to encrypt the video call because it is already provided by the company. All you can do is to following some steps to make sure that you are encrypted.

Go to the profile of the contact in your list > click on the three dots > click on the view contact > click on the encryption (there you will see the message) > tap to verify) > there you will see the App declaration (read it) > call your friend, and match the number provided on the screen below the QR scan (your number and your friend’s number are same) > you can also take your friend’s QR code, and scan it through your WhatsApp QR scanner (SCAN NOW) > your friend can do the same.

Method 3

If you are using WhatsApp web, don’t worry. You are safe too. You cannot ask WhatsApp to give you security because it has already provided you with the best algorithm in the world which is a marvel, and due to this your video call is encrypted. All you can do is install a good antivirus for your computer so that you can get maximum security.

Conclusion: what about the myths and rumor

There are various myths in the market regarding WhatsApp hacking. With the right tool, hackers or attackers generally have the ability to read the contents of what you say inside WhatsApp.

Someone can grab your smartphone, and scan some codes or put any spy URL, and read the messages, listen to call, or record the videos, etc. Yes, the market already offers several types of malicious software that open this door.

“ALL OF THESE ARE GOOSEBUMPS, AND DO NOT TRUST THESE MYTHS” – who are we? James Bond? The conversations in WhatsApp have encryption end-to-end. This means that everything you send within the app is safe and inviolable. Simply nothing can interfere in your “WhatsApp life”.

This means your video call is secure, and you don’t need to do anything on your own, but taking some added steps to increase the security measures – that’s all.
I hope, you have enjoyed reading this answer.