There are plenty of things for families to do on a day off. It is a perfect day to introduce kids to arts and music. Such curricular activities are essential for their personality development. Parents can check online for such upcoming events in Salt Lake City. There are plenty of new things kids can learn to appreciate outdoors. How about giving them an artsy experience of a good concert? A live performance is certainly better than letting them be glued to video games. It is a perfect way to help them to socialize and connect with real entertainment. Have a look at these wonderful suggestions.

‘Fun’ means special things for children

What’s playing in SLC, Utah can make them happy

In Salt Lake City, event tickets can be bought online or at the venue where kids are allowed. Museums and libraries allow children to come in free on certain days. You may wish to check online which days kids can be taken. The line of activities for children always let families to prioritize which events they can attend.

Depending on the age bracket the children fall in, exclusive family time can be enjoyed in a venue that has plenty of stuff to offer. Maybe a free outdoor concert, watch a rehearsal in progress, walk around the beautiful gardens and even visit nearby places to eat. Temple Square is not the only venue but it is popular for many families for years together.

Introduce music to a young audience in style

With kids in tow, advance planning is advisable

There are Salt Lake City Upcoming Events that are best enjoyed only by adults. However, if you have two little girls who love ballet dancing then take them to the Capitol Theatre for a reverting performance. Recently the families who have visited this place are relieved that it has better bathrooms! Yes, kids need to relieve themselves anywhere, anytime and such a facility is so thoughtful by the organizers and venue owners.

When Sleeping Beauty was staged here, it added to the old world charm of the art décor arena. The grandeur of the central chandelier is unmistakable. Whether it is the mezzanine row or any other ring seat, the stage can be seen clearly. Unless someone is more than 6 feet tall and blocking the front view, every seat is poised for comfort. But keep in mind that the entire place was built in 1913, so a little knee pain is inevitable.

But for the kids it is ideal and a visual treat. Concert venues are excellent when they also have good ushers who are helpful in locating the seats. Imagine how wonderful it is for the students to be introduced to a performance of Man of LaMancha. It is a Capitol choice indeed!

Visit a modern theatre lined up for upbeat musicals

Super performers deserve better venues

One of the excellent ways to spend the day or evening with the family is to attend a program at the beautifully done Eccles theater. Whether it is acoustics or lighting, stage design or facilities the place rocks. The location is also very elegant where the children will enjoy a real experience.

The family car can easily get parking space at the Regent Street. If the kids are young then they may require a cushion on the seat to see properly. Before booking the tickets check online if you are allowed to get some cushion for the smaller kids. The venue allows people to click selfies with the Broadway props around. It just makes the family outing more enjoyable and memorable.

This theater can accommodate 2000 plus people but it has its own intimacy with the stage. Last year many kids enjoyed the Lion King Show. The coming attractions include Phantom of the Opera and The Sound of Music. Save the dates when they are announced for another spectacular family outing.

Exclusive theaters for children in Utah

Introduce your children to the best activities in SLC

A family outing is a must for children to develop social skills. Both schools and families are encouraged to let children of all ages enjoy performances. When they are able to enjoy arts and music they also are able to nurture hidden talent. Salt Lake City has intimate theaters for the young music buffs. They can come with their parents or schoolmates.

A cool tip: Teach the kids some theater etiquette so they do not embarrass you.