Imagine cruising down the road and being able to enjoy an excellent cross-country adventure this winter. The idea definitely sounds exciting, and you might be thinking about packing your bags. Well, we have an extensive list of essentials for traveling in hot months. Similarly, when it comes to packing clothes and accessories for the frosty days, it’s not easy to make up your mind.

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It could be intimidating to decide what and how much to keep especially when you are not ready to compromise on how stylish you want to look. Remember, lots of layers can add the unwanted bulk! Not to forget, you surely don’t want to mess up with the memories you are going to make and the pictures you will take during the road trip.

While “less is more” is what keeps you going if it’s a summer road trip, for winters, you definitely have to turn things around. You must ensure whatever you wear or carry is comfortable and warm enough. More importantly – You have to look good! Even when it comes to layers, you have to make sensible choices to stay stylish. After all, you cannot pack more than what you can squeeze into your bag.

We promise it’s definitely possible to carry a great style even when you are on the roads during winter’s death cry. And here’s all the information you have been looking for.

Comfort is Your Cover

It’s chilly out there, and you will be tempted to wear figure-hugging, warm clothes that keep you cozy as you hit the roads. But some of those clothes could be uncomfortable, especially if you are going to be driving for hours without a break.

Clothes that are too fitted can become a pain after some time, and that’s exactly what you don’t need on a winter road trip. So grab warm clothes that are also comfortable. True style is when you look and feel relaxed.

Grab a pair of jeans and pair them with a warm full-sleeved top that takes away your physical stress and feels cozy during the road journey. You can get creative with your top choice. Pick vivid colors and feel vibrant and excited. Choosing a short denim jacket over a long coat is a better idea especially if you will remain confined to your driver’s seat for a long time.

Pro at Layering

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Wearing multiple layers is another way to steal the spotlight and stay warm at the same time. Again, the key is to pick your layers wisely.

Trendy and casual looks are best for a road trip and give you a perfect chance to stay stylish – and that’s exactly why layer is the ultimate winter trend. It’s the most practical way to cover yourself up when it is freezing, and you are out and about.

Wear a turtleneck under a jacket, or a sweater, or a coat, depending on your mood. You can achieve the same warmth and style by wearing pants instead of tights under a skirt or dress.

When the mercury drops low, and your car is your only shelter, it’s important to sometimes depend on items that you may no longer use to cut some style. But that’s exactly why they are the perfect grab for you right now to stay chic.

So think about layering a full-sleeved T-shirt under a form-fitting sweater or a sheer stocking or tights under that ripped jeans you can’t leave behind.

Oh, and don’t forget those gloves!

Put a Belt On It!

You are not going to be in your cozy bed wrapped in the thickest, warmest blanket you own. You are going to be on a road trip and relying on your boring winter coat may not be the best idea right now when you want to slay with style!

While you can certainly invest in a beautiful, trendy coat, you can also give your old jackets and coats a new life by pairing them with a belt. Remember we mentioned comfort above? Cinching your waist with a belt as you put your warm coat on will not only make it more comfortable to wear but will instantly make it appear more style and trendy.

The best part: This simple trick will work with all the coats you own. You just need a matching belt that goes with your jacket style. So pick the best one and put that belt puffer coat on!

Let Boots be The Hero

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Great style in winter really boils down to your choice of footwear. Even though you aren’t ready to compromise on your style, it is okay to ditch some heels for comfort. And that’s exactly when you should pick a flat or block-heeled pair of boots.

While winters call for over-the-knee boots, they are not recommended when you are on road trip. These popular boots can become quite tricky to carry after a few hours if you are just sitting or driving.

The good news is that ankle boots or boots that cover up to the knee will do the trick here. Pick a stylish pair and flaunt it with your dress or cuffed jeans. Sneakers are equally enjoyable for both style and comfort. So pick one according to the clothing you are carrying.

Flaunt that Faux Fur

Let’s be honest. Your winter road trip it is the best time of the year when you can wear and flaunt that fur.

Well, what we love about fur is that it can be paired with anything to give it an instant uplift. A statement fur vest, a fur topper, or a fur stole over the winter coat is just perfect to stay stylish on a winter road trip. You can even find awesome fur accessories like fur mittens or collars to upgrade your winter outfits.

Sexy! Stylish! Scarves!

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If you love experimenting with your style, scarves are the best way to go about it. There are tons of different ways to wear a scarf instead of just wrapping it around your neck. Go creative or go retro – the possibilities are endless.

Tie it around your head to cover your ears and display a street-style retro look, or wrap a woolen scarf around your shoulders with a knot for a more modern touch, or just belt a bright-colored scarf over a dull, warm jacket – whatever suits your style more!

Show Stopper Head Gear

It’s quite practical to think about splurging on a warm coat or a pair of boots in winter. But since you are planning on a road trip and want to look stylish throughout, you got to think beyond that.

How about a hat? If you have never worn one and have always dreamt of pulling off an elegant look with an accentuating piece, this is your chance to go for it. Remember: There are no rules for the perfect hat. You have to try some to get your hands on the one that looks the best!


Now you have seven more things to add to your winter road trip checklist and hit the streets in style. Also, don’t forget to create some magical memories and make this adventure memorable.