You must hear the success stories of many people. But do you know the secret behind their success? If not, then let me tell you, success is a delicious dish.

Everyone wants to taste it. To make this delicious dish we need our secret ingredients i.e hard work, determination, and self- believe.

If you miss even one of the ingredients, then you will not be able to make this delicious dish.

The road of success is never being easy that’s why you need determination like a running train. Ramesh Babu, better known as “Billionaire Barber” has proved that success can be accomplished by hard work, determination, and self-believe.

Ramesh Babu Barber Biography

Life for Ramesh Babu Berber was not like a bed of roses. He was born to a poor family in Bangalore. In 1979, his father said goodbye to the world, when he was just 7 years old kid. The death of his father is very excruciating for a small kid.

Ramesh Babu’s early life has seen a lot of struggle. The father left only a saloon in the name of the property on Brigade road. His uncle took over the salon because Ramesh babu was very young to take the responsibilities.

Ramesh babu’s uncle started paying 5 Rs. for this salon, daily. His Mother also started to work as a maid where she cooks and does the dusting. From that 5 Rs. and mother’s salary, the expenses of the house, school fees were very difficult to bear.

It makes me sadden that they used to have only a single meal of the day. They were able to eat good food only at festivals. It is very surprising that many people have so much, but they are not expressing gratitude and a poor family finds themselves happily in one good meal.

He has seen a lot of penuries but when he was in school, he decided that now he will work in the saloon. But his mother wanted him to complete the study. Ramesh Babu did a diploma in electronics.

It was difficult to do everything together but he did it for his family. He also did the work of selling milk and Newspaper. He used to go to the salon early in the morning and collage in the evening.

After the diploma in 1989, he started running his saloon completely and he had no experience in business other than his hard work and determination. But who knew that hard work would get him the title of “billionaire barber”.

Ramesh Babu Salon’s name is Inner Peace. This place became quite popular in Youngster. Ramesh Babu became famous for trendy hairstyles, his income increased a bit, not only that, he went to Singapore and did a hairstyling course with Tony & Guy.

How did Ramesh Babu Barber get into the car rental business?

In 1994, Ramesh Babu Berber bought a Maruti Van on a loan. He gave some installments from his savings but he did not have the money to give the last few installments.

Then “Nandini Akka” where his mother worked, gave him life-saving advice, to rent his car to the people for their personal use. This amazing advice worked for him and changed his life completely.

Initially, he rented out his car to Intel Company, and from there his journey to becoming a billionaire started. After 10 years, he had 6, 7 cars and there was a lot of competition in the car rental business. Then, new ideas pop up in his mind of Luxury cars. It had zero competition but the risk was as much as walking in the fire.

Buying a luxury car worth 40 lakhs in 2004 was really a big deal. Ramesh Babu himself was trembling from inside, but he was relieved and knew that no big thing is done without taking a risk. Taking risks is the preliminary step toward his goal.

He persuaded himself that if he could not complete his car’s loan, what would happen at most, he had to just to sell the car. But that situation never came. He was the first person from Bangalore to start a luxury car rental business and it is going really well.

How did Ramesh Babu Barbar become “Billionaire Barber”?

After this, he did not look back and started collecting expensive luxury cars. In 2011, he bought Rolls Royce. People again spoke and warned about many things but he knew what was he doing.

Yes, 4 cores is a lot of money, but not more expensive than dreams. Currently, he has around 400 + cars, in which 150 are luxury cars. Now, he is owing Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, BMW 5, 6 and 7 series, Mercedes C, E and S class, Mercedes Maybach, Toyota mini-buses, jaguar, Ford Mustang, etc. According to Networthier, Ramesh Babu Barbar’s net worth is 2 billion dollars.

His client list includes the politician as well as Bollywood stars like Amir Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Ramesh Babu’s luxury car rental business is named as “Ramesh Babu Tours & Travels”.

He charges approximately Rs. 75000 per day for Rolls-Royce. He is fascinated by the luxurious cars. Every day at 6 am, he goes to his garage to keep a check on the cars and monitoring their conditions.

He had given talks as well as he won many awards. He always keeps inspiring new entrepreneurs. He always said that if you want to taste a delicious dish i.e success, then you need all three ingredients for that hard work, determination, and self believe.

Let’s light up their personal life

This rich and famous barber lives a very simple life. You will be astonished to know that he still goes to his salon and gives a haircut of Rs. 150 because he doesn’t want to leave his roots. He has some loyal clients who take haircuts only form Ramesh babu.

This is the greatest sign of a great person. There is a bigger collection of luxury cars miniature at Ramesh babu’s house. This collection belongs to various cities and countries. He has also kept some miniatures at his office. Ramesh babu’s son is also very fond of luxury cars like his father.

Your life became magnificent when you have a partner who stood by you in any circumstances. And Ramesh babu is the lucky one. When he was in crises and everyone suggested he sell his car then his wife gave her jewelry to Ramesh babu to mortgage. Ramesh babu has two daughters and a son. Whenever he gets time, he teaches them hairstyling skills. But they are too young to learn hairstyling skills


Ramesh babu always said “Work hard. Be Humble. Anything else is just luck”. So never stop dreaming, hardworking and self believing. The only thing that can stop you is only “you”. Don’t let your dreams die. Who knows if tomorrow you became an inspiration for someone? Always work hard everyone!