Mirabai Chanu won a silver medal in Tokyo Olympics in 2020 in the women’s category of 49 kg and represent herself as an Indian weightlifter. She was born on 8th August 1994. She won many medals in commonwealth games and even won the world championship. She has got the Padma Shri award from the government of India as she has contributed to the sports.

In the earlier times, Indian girls were not allowed to go outside for the competitions. But as the time has been changing now girls are treated equally as boys. In 2018, she was awarded the major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratan Award by the government of India.

In the commonwealth games, 2014 won a silver medal under the women’s category of 48 kg weight. In 2017 she got a big achievement as she won the gold medal in the world weightlifting championship.

Mirabai biography

Mirabai Chanu was born in Nongpok kakching village which is near the Imphal city in the Manipur. The family recognized that Mirabai would be very much perfect for the weightlifting because she can easily carry heavy wood at the age of 12 as compared to her brother was not able to carry too much wood.

Mirabai Chanu was known by the name of a heavy weightlifter in the family. She is having a weight of 49 kg and her height is 4 feet 11 inches. Her family members used to sport her very much so that she can do her best in her tournaments.

Her training was started at an early age. Every person in India was impressed with her victory.

Career of Mirabai Chanu

In the category of 48kg weightlifting, she got a silver medal in the commonwealth games which was held in Glasgow. In 2016 she went for Rio Olympics but she was not successful in picking the loads under the 48 kg category in the clean and jerk section.

In the world weightlifting championship in 2017 Mirabai Chanu won the gold medal in the category of women’s 48 kg by lifting 194 kg (85 kg snatch and 109 kg in clean and jerk).

In 2018, Mirabai Chanurecord broken by lifting 196 kg in total (86 kg in snatch and 110 kg in clean and jerk) in commonwealth games. This was considered the best performance made by her. In the Asian championship, she does not win a medal in the category of 49 kg weightlifting because another person who was playing is much powerful than her. Mirabai Chanu game is fabulous.

In the world weightlifting championship 2019, she has lifted 201 kg (87 kg in snatch and 114 kg in clean and jerk) weight in the 49 kg category but she has got the rank of fourth. After four months, she represents herself in the senior national weightlifting championship under the category of 49 kg and lift 203 kg (88 kg in snatch and 115 kg in clean and jerk) weight and won the gold medal. In 2019, she has broken the record by herself.

In the Asian weightlifting championship, she won the bronze medal by the lifting 205 kg total (86 kg in snatch and 119 kg in clean and jerk) under the category of 49 kg. Mirabai Chanu was the only woman of India in the weightlifting under the category of 49 kg who has got the second rank in the Summer Olympics 2020.

2020 Tokyo Olympics

Mirabai Chanu has lift 202 kg weight total and won a silver medal in the Summer Olympics 2020. Other than getting the silver prize she was awarded 1 crore by the Manipur chief minister. She got 2 crores as an award by the Indian railway minister as well as promotion and many more awards.

Mirabai life story

She became the inspiration for other girls to do something for them as well as for their country. She proves that everyone is equal and anyone can win the medal. Mirabai was the second person who won the Olympic medal in the Olympics.

Her life is very much challenging. She has worked hard to get the Olympic medal. Mirabai told the reporters that she was having the only aim to get a medal in the Olympics of Tokyo.

When she started the weight lifting, she and her family members were too much scared but my mother never put me to step back and told the truck driver to take care of her. She was having the support of many people. She inspires women for competing in the future at the highest level.

She told reporters that she feels happiness by saying that more and more women will participate in the upcoming time. She also said every boy and every girl has a right to achieve their goals.

No game is smaller and bigger every game is to be played with full dedication and power.

Meeting of Mirabai with PM Modi:

PM Modi had a great meeting with Mirabai Chanu and other athletes who had taken part in the Olympics and bring Laurance to the country. The Prime minister has also appreciated Mirabai Chanu for rewarding the truck drivers who were playing a very important role in the early days of the beginning of their career.

The good thinking of Mirabai was she has rewarded the truck drivers when she came from Tokyo after winning games. These truck drivers used to take her to the coaching center and drop her back home. P.M. Modi appreciates every athlete for doing best in their games and even wishes them the best of luck for the upcoming tournaments.


According to the constitution made in India, every person has a right to achieve their goals whether the person is a boy or a girl. No one will force anyone to choose the stream which the other wants. Mirabai Chanu is a player of weight lifting and won 2nd prize for India in the Olympics. She is having a very simple lifestyle and reaches to her achievements. Her family members supported her to achieve her goals.

She was having an injury during the practice but she never stepped back. She has trained herself by giving her inspiration, training, and hard work. India is very much proud of her. Mirabai won many medals which shows that she was very much dedicated to her aim. At an early age, she was able to carry heavy loads of wood on her back that the other person feels so difficult to carry those goods on back.

She has started her training at an early age in her life and face so many difficulties while doing the training. Every work is having its position in every field. So, no work is smaller and bigger. It is very important to do the work with proper enthusiasm without feeling it a burden.