Can you believe that 48 million households across America have adopted at least one dog?

Dogs of all ages deserve to have a loving family, but many people enjoy adopting puppies to maximize the amount of time they can spend with their new family members. While puppies are lovable, it’s important to remember that they require more training to adapt to your home.

One of puppy care’s most dreaded but essential aspects is teaching your dog how to go to the bathroom outside. Continue reading if you’d like to become a master at potty training.

Create a Pet Care Routine

One of the most excellent potty training tips is to get your dog on a regular schedule. This means you should try to feed them and take them outside simultaneously each day so they know what to expect.

Many new pet owners wonder, “how often do puppies poop?” Most dogs need to relieve themselves shortly after each meal. Since puppies have lots of energy and need to eat a lot, you should try to take them outside every few hours to avoid accidents.

Keep Your Puppy Under Supervision Indoors

Some helpful potty training supplies can include gates or an oversized pen and cleaning products designed to tackle dog waste. The reason why it’s helpful to keep your dog in a confined space is because you can watch them better and prevent big messes everywhere.

It’s best to keep your puppy in a room that isn’t carpeted for easier cleanup.

Use Phrases They Can Remember

Dogs are more intelligent than people tend to give credit. Your dog has the ability to understand dozens of phrases that help you have a smoother relationship. Whenever it’s time to go potty, you should look at your dog and say “outside.”

Soon they’ll be able to understand that “outside” means that it’s time to go to the bathroom.

Give Praise and Treats After Each Success

Dogs live to please their owners, so they deserve lots of praise whenever they do the right thing. Give them animated praise once your puppy has finished relieving themselves.

To incentivize them to continue going outside, you can also use treats as a reward.

Don’t Scold After Accidents

It’s frustrating to clean up after your puppy, but you must be patient and understanding. Your puppy is trying to do their best.

If you yell at your puppy whenever you stumble across an accident, you’ll only scare and confuse them. Clean up the mess and continue to focus on positive reinforcement.

Now You’re Ready to Start Potty Training Your Puppy

Potty training isn’t the most straightforward task, but it’s worth the effort. Using these tips will help keep your home clean and your puppy happy.

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