Famous sisters from both America and Africa are known as Diamond and Silk. They go by the names Rochelle Richardson and Lynnette Hardaway. Popular bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers are Lynnette and Richardson. When Lynnette and Richardson, two creative ladies, began to support Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016, their group Diamond and Silk became well-known.

You all now know who Diamond and Silk are, though. However, how much do you really know about this incredible team? These two are how old? What about Twitter, their income, and their genres?

Perhaps Diamond and Silk are still complete strangers to everyone.

Right? No need to worry; fortunately, we’ve gathered all the information you needed regarding Diamond And Silk’s Twitter account, earnings, members, and a lot more!

Band Name Diamond & Silk
Also known as Diamond & Silk
Founded Year 2015
Net Worth $5 Million
Origin American
Members 2
Income Source Social media personalities, political activists
Years Active 2015-present
Genres World
Nationality American
Notable work The Viewers View
Political party Republican (2015–present)

Democratic (until 2015)

Original Name Ineithia Lynnette Hardaway (“Diamond”)

Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway (“Silk”)

Place of Birth Fayetteville, North Carolina
Father’s Name Freeman Hardaway
Mother’s Name Betty Willis Hardaway
Siblings Three
Known For Commentary in support of President Donald Trump
Religion Christian

Diamond and Silk Biography

Richardson (Silk) and Lynnette (Diamond) are both sisters. The members’ birthdates are still a mystery. The little that is known about these individuals indicate that they were born in 1970 or 1971. Additionally, Freeman Hardaway and Betty Willis Hardaway are their parents. There are three siblings living there, but only these two are interested in fame and fandom.

Prior to endorsing Donald J. Trump’s presidential candidacy in 2016, Lynnette and Richardson were Democrats. However, after hearing former president Donald Trump on television, they both made the decision to switch parties.

What Happened To Diamond And Silk On Fox News?

The Fox News channel dismissed Diamond and Silk back in 2019. They were dismissed from that well-known station because they had been distributing misleading information regarding COVID-19. The pair first joined Fox Nation in 2018. Additionally, they offered to host live streams and discuss various social concerns with them. Unfortunately, their entire career on that station was ended as a result of their one error.

What Happened To Diamond And Silk Twitter Account?

Diamond And Silk were banned from Twitter a few years ago for disseminating incorrect information regarding the coronavirus. Instead of raising awareness about COVID-19, they claimed that remaining indoors could make us ill. Diamond and Silk’s Twitter account was momentarily suspended, but it is still online.

Diamond And Silk Net Worth 2022

Diamond and Silk Biography

The Diamond And Silk combo is thought to have a combined net worth of roughly $5 million, according to reports from 2022. Their podcast and other platforms, for which they operate, are used to estimate their net worth. After expressing their political views on social media, Diamond and Silk experienced tremendous success. They criticized the Democratic Party while endorsing former president Donald Trump.

These two women insulted numerous Democrats after the election. They utilized video evidence against them, claiming that they were deleting history for their own gain. Later, they compelled former president Donald Trump to terminate Robert S. Mueller II, who was looking into Russian meddling, in 2016.

Donald Trump’s first campaign to which Diamond And Silk contributed was Stump for Trump Girls. They subsequently launched the Ditch and Switch show. They coerced the Democrats into developing a website so they could assist voters all across the world. After putting in so much effort, the pair participated in numerous Donald campaigns. Additionally, after some time had passed, Donald Trump spotted them for the first time and asked them onto the stage.

You only know about this amazing team from their videos, book, and interactions with former President Donald Trump, right?

The podcast for Diamond and Silk is now available, which is wonderful news! You did hear correctly. They will give us genuine news from real America on their podcast. No spun content is present on their entire website.

In their daily podcast, the highly skilled hosts Lynnette and Richardson invite politicians and ask them the open-minded questions that everyone wants to ask.


  • They have over 650,000 followers on Twitter, 1.5 million on Facebook, and over 140,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel.
  • They give people the opportunity to see them live for $50 for each ticket.
  • On November 2, 2016, Diamond and Silk traveled to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, for the Trump campaign for the 2016 US Presidential election.
  • Diamond and Silk garnered widespread attention during the 2016 US presidential election. Again, Facebook said in April 2018 that Diamond and Silk were not sage to the community

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Many Followers Do they Have On Their Twitter Account?

A: they have more than 650,000 followers on their Twitter accounts.

Q: Are Lynnette And Richarson Twins?

A: No, they are not twins. One of them is older.

Q: What Does Diamond And Silk Mean?

A: Diamond (Lynnette) and Silk (Richardson).

Q: Do they Have A YouTube Channel?

A: Yes, Diamond And Silk have their YouTube channel as well.

Q: What’s Diamond And Silk YouTube Channel Name?

A: Diamond And Silk YouTube channel name is the same, Diamond And Silk.