Actress and adult model Brandi Love is American. The XRCO and AVN Hall of Fame both include Brandi Love as a member. She runs several premium subscription services, which currently account for most of her income. She is the granddaughter of Jesse Livermore. On March 29, 1973, Brandi Love was born in Dearborn, Michigan.

Tracey Lynn Livermore is Brandi’s biological name. The well-known stock trader Jesse Livermore, who is credited with creating day trading, is her grandfather. The 1923 book “Confessions of a Stock Operator,” which described Jesse’s amazing ascent to extraordinary fortune, his extravagant indulgences, and his last collapse, helped to further his notoriety.

Brandi Love Wiki

Full Name Brandi Love
Birthdate and Age March 29, 1973, 50 Years Old
Birthplace Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Education Central Michigan University
Profession Adult Star
Horoscope Arise
Ethnicity Mixed(England, German)

Brandi Love, originally named Tracey Lynn Livermore, came into the world on March 29, 1973, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Growing up in a conventional household, she pursued her studies in biology at Central Michigan University. Following her graduation, she held several positions, such as graphic designer and proprietor of a personalised wine and cigar company.

Entry into Adult Films: In 2004, Love, then thirty-one years old, made her debut in the adult film industry. Her performances as MILFs and her polished, adult appearance helped her become well-known. Love’s career soared, and she starred in multiple pornographic films released by various studios. In just one year, Brandi Love’s net worth rose by 100% as a result of her move.

In addition to her work in adult films, Love is well-known for her campaigning on behalf of issues facing the adult business. This sabbatical significantly reduced Brandi Love’s net worth. She has fought against piracy and for the rights of performers. She also started her website so she could have greater authority over her brand and content.

Brandi Love Wiki

Her personal life

By shorting the market during the 1901 Panic, Brandy Love’s grandfather, Jesse Livermore, then 24 years old, made his first million dollars in 1901. He later went on to profit greatly from the Panic of 1907 once more. Jesse Livermore was among the wealthiest men on the planet at the end of the 1920s.

When Jesse Livermore peaked in 1929, his net worth was $100 million. That equates to about $2 billion in the present. What’s more amazing is that he traded his own money to make that wealth. He did not work for a big company, nor did he oversee the money of another individual.

Due to Brandy Love’s success in the adult sector, She was able to make appearances in mainstream media, such as podcasts and radio interviews. Discussions and arguments around adult entertainment have been triggered by her candour about her personal and professional life. Because of the publicity she received, Brandi Love’s wealth increased annually by 25%.

Love wed Chris Potoski in 2008; he went on to lead BangBros, an adult entertainment firm, as CEO. The couple has been transparent about their nontraditional relationship in the adult business and have a daughter.

Brandi Love Net Worth, Car Collection, Film Production, Achievements

Net Worth (In Dollar) $15 Million
Net Worth (In Rupees) Around Rs.124 Crores
Monthly Income $280,000
Salary $30k per DVD
Dance Income $6000 per show
Assets $9 Million
Cars 12 Cars

Brandi Love, an American porn star, is worth fifteen million dollars. Every year, Brandi Love makes $3 million from her videos. In addition, Brandi has a production company that produces a variety of sexual content, including virtual reality. Amateur actress Brandi Love hails from the United States. She started working in the adult film business in the early 2000s, and her roles have made her more well-known.

Brandi Love’s Net Worth

Brandy Love’s Net Worth is around $15 million. She is an adult film actress, she is getting paid thirty thousand dollars for two days of work. She received $50,000 per DVD (one-day shot) for outdoor shoots. Additionally, Brandi danced in several well-known nightclubs, including Playboy. Her dancing performances brought in $6,500 a night, plus an extra $1,000 in tips.

Car Collection

Brandi Love has a great collection of Luxury cars a few of them are listed below:

  • BMW 6 Series – Worth Around $99,900.
  • Alfa Romeo – Worth Around $46,575.
  • Tesla Model S – Worth Around $113,240.
  • Volvo V60 – Worth Around $71,250.
  • Mercedes-Benz S- S-Class – Worth Around $115,650.

Film Production

Presently, Brandi Love’s production company stands among the world’s largest producers of adult films. Every year, her company creates more than 70 films. A single film typically costs $50,000 to produce, including actor pay. Selling each of these films for $500k means that Brandi makes ten times her initial investment back.

Net Worth Timeline

  • Brandi Love Net Worth 2023 – $15 Million
  • Brandi Love NetWorth 2010 – $9 Million
  • Brandi Love Net Worth 2000 – $2.7 Million
  • Brandi Love Net Worth 1995 – $1 Million
  • Brandi Love Net Worth 1990 – $25,000

Other Ventures

In addition to being the chief financial officer, Brandi co-owns two multimedia businesses. In 2008, she successfully launched her memoir, “Getting Wild Sex from Your Conservative Woman.” In addition, she started a legal support group for parents employed in the adult film industry called “Parents in Adult.” She has also made appearances on “The Tyra Banks Show” and “The Howard Stern Show.”

Brandi Love Net Worth


The following are a few of Brandi Love’s professional accomplishments:

  • Tyra Bank Show 2006.
  • Autobiography 2008.
  • AVN Award Nomination 2013.
  • NightMoves Award 2013.
  • Spokesperson and Public speaker 2013.
  • XBIZ Award.
  • Best Actress XBIZ Award 2018.


Even though Love is well-known, her career has not been without controversy. She gained notoriety in 2021 when her scheduled guest appearance at an event was cancelled because of her involvement in adult entertainment, igniting discussions about discrimination and free expression. Brandi Love’s net worth has been somewhat impacted by this.


Love launched her website,, in 2004 to launch her career. She began performing for Los Angeles production firms in 2008, and the producers were interested in her performance. Throughout her career as an adult film actor, her roles in MILF and “Hot Wife” movies helped her reputation. Together with Gail Harris, she founded the multimedia company Naked Rhino Media in 2006, which produced pornographic films.

Since then, Brandi has appeared in productions for Wicked Pictures, Brazzers, Tom Byron, Hustler Video, and others. 2008 saw Love publish her autobiography, Getting Wild Sex from Your Conservative Woman, which was a tremendous hit for her. Love established “Parents in Adult,” a group that provides legal help to parents employed in the adult film industry.

Love and her spouse, along with Hugh Hefner, were invited to discuss open marriages during a 2006 Tyra Banks Show appearance. Love has been asked to speak as a representative at numerous events. Dr. David Knox, a sociology professor, was quoted regarding love;

“Brandi is a very organised, captivating speaker. She has been enthralling the audience with her talks on adult lives in my human sexuality class for the past two years.” Brandi Love has a $15 million net worth as of December 2023.


Love, a self-described Republican and conservative, “voted for Bill Clinton back in the day” and backed Donald Trump. She has contributed pieces to the conservative web journal The Federalist.

After participating on multiple panels at a Florida conference, Love was kicked out by the conservative student organisation Turning Point USA in July 2021. Conservatives condemned Love’s admission to a conference with children, emulating the Groupers, a group of white nationalists, while Federalist co-founder Ben Domenech criticised the prohibition. Love criticised the restriction, saying it was an instance of cancelled culture. She later stated to Newsweek that she would support Florida governor Ron DeSantis’ bid for president in 2024 if Trump chose not to run again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Brandi Love’s estimated net worth?
Ans: An estimate of Brandi Love’s net worth is $15 million.

What is Brandi Love’s age?
Ans: Born on March 29, 1973, Brandi Love is fifty years old today.

Who is Brandi Love?
Ans: American actress, producer, and director Brandi Love works in movies. Her full name was Tracey Lynn Livermore. She rose to prominence in the industry as one of the most well-liked and recognized artists.

What is Brandi Love’s height?
Ans: Brandi Love stands 1.70 meters, or 5 feet 7 inches, tall.

Where is Brandi Love from?
Ans: American citizen Brandi Love hails from Dearborn, Michigan.