Indian YouTuber Nishchay Malhan, nicknamed Triggered Insaan, is well known for his roasting and comedic videos. He performs live streaming and gaming on his second channel, for which he has gained popularity nationwide.

Triggered Insaan is a famous YouTuber known for his roast videos, but the most notable aspect is the non-usage of abusive language or demeaning words. Many YouTube creators create roast videos using foul words and abuse to entertain the audience. On the other hand, Triggered Insaan refuses to use such a method. You won’t find a single abusive word in any of his videos. His uniqueness as a roaster attracts and puts a positive impression on his audience. Audiences love him for the way he creates entertaining roast videos without a single use of any offensive word.

Triggered Insaan Wiki

Nischay Malhan, better known by his stage name “Triggered Insane,” belongs to New Delhi in India. He is a YouTube personality born in a family with other YouTubers, such as Abhishek Malhan and his sister Prerna Malhan.

He had been fighting against a severe depression in the eleventh grade but still managed to complete his studies after that and was working for some time as an engineer. Nonetheless, he opted to pursue his desire to become a YouTuber.

Triggered Insaan started his YouTube journey on July 17, 2014, with funny and roast videos, which became popular quickly. Having more than 20 million subscribers puts him on the list of the top 20 Indian YouTube stars that draw audiences both within India and beyond the country. His fame has seen him become quite popular, but he keeps his personal life away from public attention. It is rumoured that he is probably single, according to earlier interviews.

Birth date and age 14 November 1995; 27 years
Birthplace New Delhi
Education Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi
Most popular videos
  • TikTok Try Not To Laugh/ Cringe Challenge vs My Sister
  • Thara Bhai Joginder Roasted Me- Bawandar Diss Track Reply
  • Awful “5 Minute Crafts” Food Hacks!! I Actually Tried Them
  • Roast Master Creator of the Year (at The Creators United Award Ceremony 2023)
  • Youtuber of the Year (at The Influencex Awards 2023)

Triggered Insaan Net Worth, Salary, YouTube Income, Assets

Name Nishchay Malhan (popular as Triggered insaan)
Profession YouTuber
Net worth $2 Million
Net worth in Indian rupees Over 16.6 Crore
Monthly Income 20-24 Lakh
Yearly Income 4 Crore +
Income per video 8 lakh +

Triggered Insaan Net Worth

Triggered Insaan Net Worth

According to information from certain websites, Insaan Nischay’s net worth as of 2023 is over 16.6 crore Indian rupees, or $ 2 million. He is one of India’s up-and-coming YouTube stars, and it appears that he will rank among the richest in the nation in the next few years. According to the sources, Insaan Nischay’s monthly income is between 20-24 lakh rupees.

His two YouTube channels, from which he derives most of his revenue, both bring him a respectable quantity of money. Triggered Insaan Nischay earns about 8 lakh rupees per video, depending on the number of views. His money comes from a variety of corporate commercials, sponsored promotions, and live concerts in addition to YouTube. The annual salary of triggered Insaan Nischay is more than 4 Crore INR.

Nishchay Malhan’s Salary and YouTube Income

Nischay Malhan, also known as Triggered Insaan, an Indian roaster, makes between Rs. 20 and Rs. 24 lakh per month in salary. His projected monthly income from YouTube ranges from  $21k to $22.3k.

This originates from his two YouTube channels, Triggered Insaan and Live Insaan. His YouTube income is based on the number of times his two channels’ videos are seen; these two channels receive between 101 million and 109 million monthly views.

His Assets

One of the top YouTubers in the nation, Nischay Malhan, aka (Triggered Insaan), leads a lavish lifestyle. He recently bought a massive house in Delhi. It was his dream home as well. The house is still under some final preparations before the Malhan family could shift there. Triggered Insaan’s mother, Dimple Malhan, recently posted a vlog on her YouTube channel where she gave us a tour of the stunning house Nishchay bought. The home boasts incredible features and is incredibly beautiful at first glance.

He recently bought his dream car, which is a Jaguar in a beautiful white colour. The car is valued at around 92 lakhs at present. About a year ago, he also bought a Tata Harrier in black valued at around 24 lakhs.

Nishchay’s Journey to being a YouTuber


Triggered Insaan spent six months as an intern in a private company before launching his YouTube channel. Later, he quit his work to pursue his passion for filming videos. He was inspired to start his first YouTube channel, “Nischay Malhan,” where he posted his programming videos. He made programming his career because, in addition to loving programming, he also enjoys playing video games.

He subsequently launched his second YouTube channel, “Yes-Yes-Bhai,” where he produced short roasting and reaction videos. He altered the name of his channel to “It’s Nischay” before finally naming it “Triggered Insaan” after uploading a few videos.

On November 10, 2017, Nischay Malhan launched his full-time YouTube career and his second gaming channel, “Live Insaan.” He currently has more than 1.1 Crore subscribers on this gaming channel.

The reaction of Triggered Insaan’s family to his passion

Triggered Insaan family

Initially, Triggered Insaan anticipated what he might encounter if he told his parents about his passion for making YouTube videos immediately. Because of this, he hid his YouTube channel and videos from his family. They just had a vague understanding of what he was doing. He kept his plan from his parents until his videos started to gain a lot of attention online and became famous.

It’s lovely that his mother and father have supported his work wholeheartedly. Suppose you’re a big admirer of this clever streamer. In that case, you might want to check out some of the videos in which his family members have participated. His mother even has a YouTube channel where she uploads her unique recipes of various Indian cuisines. Triggered Insaan is unquestionably luckier than most streamers who have attempted to convince their parents to support their dreams.

Triggered Insaan YouTube Career

There is a large following of Triggered Insaan’s fans who have known him since Nischay Malhan created a page on his YouTube Channel. Boasting an array of engaging content from skits and roasts to commentaries on popular trends, he is one of the leading figures of the internet era and enjoys several million subscribers. While gaming is still an essential aspect of his content, Nischay has broadened his portfolio by including reaction videos to engage his audience with his commentary on current topics and events.

Nischay stood apart because of his ability to be versatile and inventive outside gaming. His comedy videos display a unique ability to approach things differently. He began with several aliases but eventually settled down as TRIGGERED INSAAN in India’s leading YouTube team. Though at one point, he was thinking about leaving his job to make a YouTube channel, nowadays, he is followed by millions.

However, one distinguishing feature about Nischay is his affinity with his audience. He makes them feel valued through live sessions, Q &A videos and interactions with the fans, which shows that the person is genuine and ordinary. It attests to the degree of attachment shared between him and those who appreciate and adore him.

Nischay Malhan as a Brand Ambassador and his Brand Collaborations

 Nischay Malhan became India’s newest brand ambassador of Intel gaming. Nischay excels not only in roasting but is also a popular gamer who attracts millions of audiences with his gaming skills. The union of Triggered Insaan and Intel is aimed to encourage a new generation of gamers nationwide to follow their passion and realise all of their gaming potential.

He collaborated with Netflix to produce the hilarious video “Dasvi,” which stars Abhishek Bachchan and the illustrious Triggered Insaan. In the video, Triggered Insaan returns to the 10th board test battlefield and faces the same difficulties. Students challenge him to demonstrate that becoming an artist is as tricky as passing examinations.

Triggered Insaan partnered with Spotify to create “True Story Bro!,” where he expertly tells funny and spooky stories, creating an immersive audio experience. The initiative succeeded with over 1 million downloads and a notable position on Spotify rankings.

His latest controversy

The owners of the famous YouTube channel Slayy Point blamed Triggered Insaan for copying their content, even the titles and video segments. Triggered Insaan, in his reply, clarified that he doesn’t even watch other Creator’s videos to prevent any copying, even by mistake. He further expressed his Heartfelt sorrow over the blames by people he considered friends.

When Fukra Insaan (Nishchay’s brother) and Elvish Yadav were in big boss, Elvish had blamed him for running a negative PR against him of 25 lakhs. Sourav was seen supporting Elvish rather than Fukra. Hence, Triggered unfollowed Sourav. But lately, at an event, they were seen together clarifying their audience and reassuring them that they are still friends.

Triggered Insaan’s Achievements

Nischay Malhan

Triggered won the ‘Roast Master Creator of the Year’ at The Creators United Award Ceremony 2023. He won the ‘Youtuber of the Year’ award at  The Influence Awards 2023. Triggered considers his 24-hour live charity stream as his biggest achievement. It was a great success due to his followers, who showered him with love and support. Triggered felt proud of his loyal fanbase.


What is Triggered Insaan’s salary and net worth?
Ans:- He earns around 20-24 lakhs monthly, net worth $2 million.

What is Triggered Insaan’s real name?
Ans:- His real name is Nishchay Malhan.

What is Triggered Insaan’s height?
Ans:- He is 185 cm or 6’1″.

What is Triggered Insaan’s latest car name?
Ans:- His latest car is a Jaguar F-Pace.

Who is Triggered Insaan’s brother?
Ans:- Abhishek Malhan (aka Fukra Insaan) is Triggered Insaan’s brother.