With a $3 million fortune, American professional poker player Alan Keating hails from Bloomfield Hills. Because he has kept his personal life quiet, Keating is most known for his World Series of Poker participation.

His first big break came in 2007 when he took home $3,408 in No-Limit Hold’em event 15 of the World Series of Poker. He has also been a professional gambler for a long time.

Stay tuned as we discuss his family, profession, and net worth in this biography, as well as other significant details about him.

Name: Alan Keating
Net Worth: $9 Million
Profession: Actor, Singer, Poker.
Country: United States of America
Born: 9 March 1986
Salary (Annual): $2 Million

Early Life

On April 6, 2015, in Las Vegas, Alan Keating dealt David Sacks a terrible hand. Veteran poker player Keating was up against a bluffing foe. Keating emerged victorious in the contest. In order to win the pot, Keating took advantage of Sacks’ weak-tight play and overfolded a lot.

In his professional life, he would apply for his degree in physician assistant studies from the University of Nebraska. He had a psychology degree from the University of Maryland, which allowed him to enroll at Essex College and go on to become an assistant physician.

Private sphere

He was married to Annita Van Lersel, and the two of them had four kids together. He held part-time jobs as an office secretary and a manager of a rock band until joining the Labor Party in 1966. Meridian, Mississippi, is home to many casinos.

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Alan Keating Age

Professional poker player Alex Keating hails from Saratoga, California, and is well-known throughout the world. Exactly thirty-five years ago, on the 12th of October, 1987, he was born.


The director of US Structured Finance and a partner in the Capital and Finance Markets Division is Alan Keating. He has provided asset securitization advice to financial institutions, multinational corporations, asset managers (including private equity and hedge funds), and investment banks.

When faced with a variety of financial crises, investors and rating agencies consult him for guidance. Both the Irish Tax Institute and the Law Society of Ireland recognize Alan Keating as a member. On April 6, 2015, Alan Keating defeated David Sacks on the PokerStars circuit thanks to a pivotal hand.

Keating began playing poker ten years ago. He had to contend with a doubter. Keating significantly outperformed Sacks due to Sacks’ weak-tight tactics. He struggled to get rid of the influences of his upbringing in a DC suburb when he went to New York in 1989. He worked in mental health for six years after receiving his degree from the University of Maryland before enrolling at Essex College to complete his Ph.D. in physician assistant studies.

His final exams went without a hitch, and he earned a degree with honors. Due to her commitment to ongoing medical education, Keating has given presentations and led workshops for the American Academy of Physician Assistants in her region.

Best Winning Moments

Keating played his final live game at the Five Diamond Classic in 2015. He engaged in No-Limit Hold’em there, winning $21,074.

At the World Series of Poker, $203,155 was won.

For the World Poker Tour, $21,074 was won by him.

Keating came the closest to duplicating his live poker winnings of $58,570 in 2007 in 2010 at the 41st Annual World Series of Poker, winning $41,967.

Net Worth

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After winning his first WSOP title in 2007, Keating played in the WSOP Main Event and took home $58,570. He then played in the No-Limit Hold’em Championship and took home $3,824.

2009 ended up being Keating’s best year overall in terms of rankings. In the No-Limit Hold’em 40th Annual World Series of Poker, he participated and took home $14,413. He earned $9,015 after winning the No-Limit Hold’em title in the Bellagio Summer Dailies and finished fifth overall.

Between 2010 and 2015, Keating continued to compete in the WSOP, winning money each time. In the 41st Annual World Series of Poker in 2010, he won $41,967 in cash, and in the 43rd Annual World Series of Poker in 2012, he won $2,767 in cash.

Keating earned $21,495 at the 44th annual World Series of Poker in 2013 and $21,074 at the 2015 No-Limit Hold’em Championship in the Five Diamond Classic (WPT).

The most intensive live poker stream in history took place recently in the eight-hour 2022 Hustler Casino Live program. Poker players competing at a table with numerous Twitch streams and YouTube celebrities were viewed by more than 100,000 poker enthusiasts.

After losing a $100/$200 no-limit hold ’em cash game, Keating experienced the biggest loss in the world of poker. He typically participates in Hustler Casino Live competitions, therefore the majority of his followers were shocked when he dropped $1.1 million at a table full of amateurs.

Keating played more than 85% of all hands handed to him, but he had bad luck. He once challenged Slime to an $84,800 all-in bet with (a-Hearts)(j-Diamonds), but Slime only possessed (a-Clubs) (6-Clubs).

Keating nevertheless made several unexpected moves, such as placing a three-bet jam to $154,600 utilizing the (9-Spades) (4-Hearts). At the Hustler Casino Live Game, Mr. Beast and Alexandra Botez perform admirably while Keating loses $1.1 million.

Lesser Known Facts About Him

  • Keating played his final live game at the Five Diamond Classic in 2015.
  • Keating first came on the scene in 2007, when he won $3,408 in event 15 of No-Limit Hold’em in the World Series of Poker.
  • In the Poker Stars Spring Championship of Online Poker in 2010, he took home $245,000.


Who is alan Keating?

Alex Keating is a professional poker player from Saratoga, California who was born on October 12, 1987.

What is the current Net Worth of Alan Keating?

His Current Net Worth is $9 million.

How many Children Does he have?

He was married to Annita Van Lersel, with whom he had four children.

What is the age of Alan Keating?

He is currently 35 years of age.