From matching sets to ruffle-trimmed dresses and backless bras, 2018 introduced us to some amazing on-trend athletic wear. Women who are into health and fitness are also into looking good at the gym. As the New Year approaches, it’s time to revisit your workout wardrobe and figure out which 2018 trends are making it into 2019.

There is no denying the fact that fitness fashion forecasts are on fire for the month ahead. With athletic aesthetics making it into the mainstream and fitness fashion forecasts including athleisure wear, 2018 was a great year for gym apparel enthusiasts.

If you are someone who practically lives in their yoga pants, and is always on the lookout for the best fitness apparel, we got you. Let’s count down the biggest athletic wear trends of the year. The fashion, the fabrics, the cuts and looks etc. were all radical to say the least.

Here are our top fitness and gym apparel trends for 2018:

Fitted Crop Tops FTW!

No fuss, no mess… just a practical option for gym lovers who want to look their best without fretting over extra fabrics. Crop tops are ideal for women who mean business in the gym, and get right to work as soon as they get there.

These short crop tops are paired with longer yoga or gym pants to create the perfect workout ensemble. Together the shorter top and longer pants elongate the look of your body, drawing the eye away from problem areas in the middle and creating a flattering silhouette. And this dress code is perfect for the gym, whether you are in the spin class or pumping iron.

Luxurious Leggings

No gym ensemble is complete without the right pair of leggings. They are a staple in all active women’s wardrobe, and often substitute for daily wear when there’s shortage of time.

Leggings are important because they offer a better range of motion, comfort and style for exercise aficionados. Yoga, weight lifting, cardio or HIIT, no matter what your perfect exercise is, the right pair of leggings can help enhance your posture as well as the effectiveness of the exercise.

2018 brought us tights with cut-outs, inserts and chic designs that are a welcome break from regular black leggings. The mesh detailing is also a cool addition and ties up on sides bring a cool personality to this workout wardrobe staple.

Woman Lifting Blue and Black Weight Ball

Sporty Monochromes

Black and white, got everything right! Exercise apparel got a major facelift thanks to stylish and sophisticated monochrome trends. There’s a major advantage of sticking to blacks, whites and greys. The singular hue makes it possible to pair up the ensemble with pops of bold color for a fashion-forward look. Think neon green and bright red paired up with an all-black or grey ensemble. Exquisite!

Powerful Prints

Dynamic graphic prints were the major disruptors for the 2018 gym apparel fashion trends. Bright florals, glorious geometrics, amazing abstracts, all these designs were tastefully incorporated into gym apparels in 2018. And surprisingly enough, it wasn’t too much at all because apparel was kept simple by pairing one printed item with a usual monochromatic look. For e.g. a bold-colored goes great with dark fitted sweats.

Layer Up, Buttercup!

We also saw a range of layer-able garments this year. And they were all so much better than the vests made popular in mid-2000’s. The jackets and vests this year were sleek, well-tailored and go well from the gym to everyday casual/athleisure wear. Wearing a waist trainer is also an excellent way to layer up and exercising while wearing it maintains your figure!

Space-Age Sneakers

Of course, who can forget the athletic footwear products we saw this year. Exclusive high-end brands like Prada and Louis Vuitton got on board the sneaker train and delivered some cutting-edge style. On the other hand, traditional brands like Adidas and Nike explored technology to create advanced cushioning and air-enabled shoes for superior comfort. These modern-shoes transition nicely between running and street-wear.

The Last Word

Gone are the days when fitness wear fashion trends were renewed once or twice a year. These days gym apparel has become an important category in clothing stores across the world. Active wear brands and retailers alike are busy busting out some amazing gym wear. And if you aren’t ready to wear them just yet, cutting-edge procedures like CoolSculpting can help you shape up perfectly.