Who doesn’t love a silky smooth skin on their body? Especially if you want to have that bikini body ready or if you want to rock that short dress you need to make sure that you remove all the unwanted hair from your body to look as flawless as possible.

While beauty parlors give amazing hair removal services, it can be difficult at times to go there on a regular basis owing to the high rates which they charge for the waxing service.

So are you planning to find an alternative solution to the problem? If yes then this is the right place for you to be.

Home waxing is a rage nowadays only if you know the correct way to do it. With the numerous home waxing kits that are available in the market, it is not really difficult to buy one and do it on your own.

However, it can get risky and cause injuries if you do it in an improper way. So here is a step by step tutorial you are going to know how to perfectly use the home waxing kits without any kind of hassle.

The Step By Step Guide To Do Home Waxing

Know How It Works

  • Waxing is going to keep your skin smooth and supple for a couple of weeks after which the hair will grow back again from the roots. It is not a permanent hair removal solution in any way.
  • You can remove hair from any body part that you want except some of the sensitive regions. So it just removes the hair from that part of the body.

Know The Various Kinds Of Waxing Kits Available

  • There are mainly two common types of home waxing kits that you can buy from the market. The first one is the strip waxing. The strip wax contains wax pellets and special paper. The pellets need to be melted and applied on your skin in order to remove your hair. This one can be a bit tricky.
  • The second one is hair removal creams. These creams are easy to apply and will remove the hair after a particular time. But the crème based waxing kits don’t remove hair from the roots which are why the hair tends to grow back faster than the other technique. So choose your product wisely.

Guide To Do Strip Waxing From Home Waxing Kit

  • For this method, you will first need to take out the contents of the box. You will find a packet that contains the wax pellets and another packet which contains the special paper strips.
  • You will need a bowl or a heater to heat the wax pellets and a knife to apply it with.
  • Put the wax pellets on the heat source and as soon as it starts to melt take the blunt knife and pick up a portion of the melted wax and apply it on a really small portion on your arm to see if it has any side effects.
  • Note that the wax is going to be warm but make sure it is not too hot so as to burn your skin. If it does not sting or if you do not face any other kind of irritation then take out a generous amount of the wax and apply it evenly on the surface of your skin.
  • Make sure that the layer is not too thick. Just apply a fine layer to see that the region is covered.
  • Up next take a strip of paper and put it on top of the hot layer of wax on your hand. Press on the paper, and with one firm tug pull it.
  • Make sure while you are pulling the paper you don’t fumble, you need to pull the paper at once and with force in order to remove the unwanted hair from the region.
  • Repeat the same step if all the hair has not been removed from the region. Make sure you apply to small sections only as applying to a large area at one go will cause the hair to come out as patchy and the results are not going to be great.
  • Make sure right after you have pulled out all the unwanted hair from that particular body part, you apply a generous amount of aloe vera gel. This is going to soothe your skin and prevent you from getting any kind of breakouts.
  • Note that a temporary redness is common after doing a hot wax at home. So don’t be alarmed if you see it in your hand.

Guide To Do Cream Waxing At Home

  • Cream waxing is a relatively easier but more of a temporary solution to waxing at home.
  • Inside the box, you will find a container that has the cream and you will find an applicator or a spatula.
  • The first thing that you will need to do is to spread the cream evenly on the region where you want to remove the hair. You can do this easily with the help of the applicator that would be given to your along with the pack.
  • Once you have spread it on your skin, you will need to look at the watch. Usually, on the pack, it will be written how long you need to keep the cream, but in case it’s not written make sure you don’t keep it more than 5- 7 minutes.
  • After the time has lapsed you need to take the sharp side of the spatula and remove the cream in long stroking motions.
  • Many times the spatula will be not enough to remove the stubborn hair. In such cases take a piece of cloth and dip it in water.
  • Squeeze the excess water out of the cloth and swiftly rub it in one direction, against the hair growth across your skin. You will see all the unwanted hair on the wet piece of cloth.
  • You are not allowed to use any kind of fragrant thing on your skin after removing your hair with the help of cream. This means you cannot use any kind of does or perfumes; you cannot use any kind of lotions or soaps, keep in mind you don’t mistakenly use any of the above things.

So this was a really easy step by step guide on the best way to remove your unwanted hair at home with the help of the home waxing kits.

If you are having difficulty finding the home waxing kits, then make sure you check out all the big departmental stores and parlor supplies stores in your region. If you still don’t get then, you can order them online.

They are completely safe to use so if you have been scared so long about the side effects of them then rest assured, your skin is going to be perfectly fine.

Make sure you pay extra attention to this tutorial if you plan to do the home waxing alone as missing any step can prove to be fatal for your skin.