Are you a video lover and regularly watch videos on video-sharing websites? If yes, you would have noticed that nowadays, almost every video has a thumbnail. From the biggest YouTube channels to small YouTubers with new channels, nearly every person uploads a video thumbnail.

Sometimes, those thumbnails are very interesting and force people to click on the video and search for that particular moment in the whole video. Thumbnails perfectly describe what people will watch in the video. Whether the thumbnails exaggerate things or give a real sneak peek at the videos, they have become essential.

This article will explore why almost every video content creator uploads thumbnails with their videos. Let’s get started!

Benefits of Video Thumbnails

If almost every video content creator adds thumbnails to their videos, they offer extraordinary benefits. 

Let’s explore the top benefits of video thumbnails.

  • Get Instant Attention

Nowadays, when netizens’ attention spans are dwindling, people need to pay more attention to video titles and descriptions. Instead, they focus more on visual elements, where the thumbnails are handy. 

The descriptive video thumbnails tell people everything they will explore in the video. And due to the thumbnails, many people have permanently stopped reading titles.

Moreover, thumbnails quickly get people’s attention as they become more prominent. In fact, the first thing people see is the video thumbnails. So, when your videos appear in the search results or on the feed, they get more attention if they have attractive thumbnails.

  • Give People Reasons to Play the Video

Thumbnails are not only designed to catch people’s attention. Instead, they serve a bigger purpose: give people reasons to click on the video link and watch it. Unlike video titles, you can provide more information in videos. 

For instance, if you want to upload a video podcast in which you have talked about multiple issues, you can add information about those issues and also help people know about your guests in the same thumbnail. So, with just one thumbnail, you give people multiple reasons to play the video.

  • Increase Conversion Rate

By implementing the correct SEO strategies, you can rank your websites on almost all platforms; however, if only a few people watch your videos and ignore them, they may get deranked by the algorithms because of a lack of interest by users. So, more than ranking your videos is needed to viral your content and get more views. 

You also need to improve the conversion rate. And it’s only possible when you have an attractive and descriptive thumbnail with each video.

The thumbnails of your videos provide people with the required information and develop a curiosity that forces people to watch your videos. That’s how they boost your conversion rate and get a better ranking with time.

  • Enhance Organic Traffic

Want to improve organic traffic to your videos? You need a thumbnail more than anything else. Even many videos with useless and worthless videos succeed in getting millions of views just because of their misleading thumbnails. 

However, whatever someone says, whether good or not, it shows the importance and power of thumbnails by getting millions of views.

How to Quickly Create a Video Thumbnail?

As we already know about the importance of thumbnails, now we have to go one step further. Learn to create eye-catching thumbnails. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to create thumbnails. 

This article can help you with that as well.

  • Install a Thumbnail Maker App

You don’t need to use any complicated graphic design tool to create a unique and attention-grabbing thumbnail. Instead, you only need to install a YouTube thumbnail maker application from the Play Store or App Store. That Youtube thumbnail creator application can help you quickly create all types of thumbnails you can add to your videos and take your channel to the next level.

However, before installing a thumbnail maker application, you should ensure it is easy to use and free. If the application is not easy to use, it may not help you in any way, as it will save a lot of your time.

  • Choose Template

After installing the application, the next step is to choose the template according to your video. Thankfully, most applications provide tons of templates for each type of video. You can get the built-in templates if you want a thumbnail for a vlog, travel video, landscape video, comparison video, or even a match. Upload the images and add text to the templates; your thumbnails are ready to rock. Yes, it’s much easier; you don’t need design skills to create attractive, descriptive thumbnails.


If you have a channel on any video-sharing platform and are not getting the required number of views, start creating and adding attractive thumbnails, and you will instantly start getting an outstanding response. 

You will be able to gain thousands of subscribers. So, always appreciate the power of eye-catching and informative thumbnails. Otherwise, you may need help to grow your channel.