Branding in business is the key to having a long-lasting image in the market. Being a known and acceptable brand is what every person or business aims for. The branding industry has become one of the biggest industries next to the media as it helps promote goods and service, driving sales.

T-shirt printing simply involves the process of promoting a brand’s identity. All across the United States of America, companies make use t-shirts as promotional materials. Companies small and large have their company name and logo boldly imprinted on t-shirts as a promotional tool. Companies also give their brand t-shirts as promotional items or gifts to loyal customers.

Also, sportswear for academic institutions from pre-high schools, high schools, sports clubs, associations, pressure groups, NGOs and more all make use of branded t-shirts, so you the market is endless.

Why T-shirt Printing Could be Your Choice to Get Started

The business of t-shirt printing, therefore, is one that has the capacity to drive home great profits to the individual whether starting small from home.

Why T-shirt Printing

Aside from the fact that the market for t-shirt printing is large, it has a simple model from the startup process that the average American can adopt with very little capital base and space requirement. There are a whole lot of businesses you can do from home but because there is a ready market in the t-shirt printing business there is a high possibility to make a good profit. Virtually every known brand today; small, medium and large print t-shirts for both their staffs and loyal customers, creating a market for you.

What are the Things to Get Started the Business

Startup Costs:

  • Heat press machine ( Gecko Heat Press machines are the most user friendly to get started for the beginners.
  • While going to decide to choose yours one, go through random gecko heat press reviews online.
  • Heat transfer vinyl
  • Vinyl cutter
  • Heat Transfer paper
  • Image Print Epson Sublimation Printing transfer paper
  • Image Right Ricoh Sublimation
  • Printer
  • Ink

Printing Method:

For a home-based t-shirt printing business, it could be best to start small, with Heat press. There are two methods to t-shirt printing and they are Screen Printing and Heat printing. For a low budget start from home, heat press would be good enough to get started. Though screen printing offers a higher quality print heat press is relatively good and acceptable in the market.

Printing Equipment

If you are running on heat press and not screen printing from home, you can basically get these machines to get started:

  • Heat press machine (Go through some heat press reviews while choosing your one and make sure you’re not taking a wrong machine.)
  • Vinyl cutter
  • Printer
  • Ink

Find A T-shirt Supplier

It is very important you get a regular supplier for t-shirts for several reasons.

  • Once you are familiar with a t-shirt supplier, you can ascertain their quality and ensure there is consistency in the quality always.
  • Over time, it makes it easier to leverage on your relationship to get t-shirt sometimes on a deferred payment basis, maybe till you have made sales.

To be a T-shirt printer, you need to get licensed and abide by regulatory rules.

How to be Successful in T-shirt Printing Business

Research your Customer and market

Yes, the market might be large, but so is the supply for the demand. So you must identify what segment of the market you want to satisfy. What is their economic status? What price are they willing to pay?
Who are your likely customers? – schools, religious bodies, corporate organizations etc.

Have a marketing strategy

How do you get the client? Direct marketing, sales promotions, giving offers or special discounts. For a small business, you cannot afford so many discounts and more but you can offer to pick up and deliver to client’s location; just be creative.

  • You can do social media marketing even have an online store etc.
  • Never give up/ Final thoughts
  • Always know that the life of an entrepreneur is a lonely one, you must be dogged, resilient and innovative always.
  • keep proper financial records.
  • Invest in machinery and maintain the ones you have well.
  • Always ensure your income is higher than your expenditure.
  • Go for the best quality T-shirt always.

Finally, there are so many ways to enter and remain in the market but you need to understand what works for you. If you must succeed in the T-shirt printing business you must always develop yourself, remain profitable and have a viable business plan/model you adopt strictly.